mazatlanprizeforliterature2014A great show was what was experienced last Friday at the Angela Peralta Theater in the frame of Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2014, as during the Evening of the Arts to applause and cheers was awarded the Mazatlan Prize for Literature 2014 the writer, editor, journalist, novelist, translator and Mexican essayist, Rafael Perez Gay, for his literary work “The brain of my brother.”

It was the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, the Rector of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Juan Eulogio Guerra, and of the members of the jurors: Juan Jose Rodriguez, Braulio Peralta and Ignacio Trejo Fuentes, who received his award, Rafael Perez Gay, who was moved by this prestigious award.

susanazabaletaAfter words of thanks, the curtain opened and gave passage to the Zarzuela Show Olé Guapa! where the Choir Guillermo Sarabia, Camerata Mazatlan, the Arts Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Enrique Patron de Rueda, the Fernanda Guerra Dance Company and renowned Mexican singer Susana Zabaleta, merged their talents to provide all the audience an unforgettable evening.