gatorboysanimalplanetThe production team of the famous “Gator Boys” of the Animal Planet channel moved to the beautiful port of Mazatlan, Mexico to be part of the rescue of a crocodile that was stranded on the beach Dolphin where with help of the professional equipment of Aquarium Mazatlan, reached their objective.

“Gator Boys” is a series of U.S. television that follows the adventures of a group of crocodile hunters led by Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle aimed to safeguard crocodiles before they are caught and killed by hunters in many sometimes sell their skins and meat.

gatorboysDuring its visit in Mazatlan, the production program conducted rescue activities of crocodiles and snakes in various locations and rural area of Mazatlan, swimming with sharks, filming on “The Diver”, the “Cave of the Devil”, diving oysters, among others.

Notably, during the visit in Mazatlan that made the production team Gator Boys, in a meeting held with the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, were distinguished as Tourism Ambassadors Mazatlan for the invaluable work they do to promote the task of preserving and protection of animals as well as to spread the natural beauty of the places they visit.

Gator Boys is a program that has established itself as one of the most watched cable channel and the premiere of its new season will be this Sunday, so here we share a preview of what was filmed in Mazatlan: See the Video