comunidadextranjeraIn a simple but emotive ceremony took place in recent days the official donation from the Community of Americans and Canadians living in Mazatlan of eight wooden and iron benches in the presence of Mazatlan Mayor Alejandro Higuera and the Director of the Institute for Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, Raul Rico, which were placed in front of the emblematic Angela Peralta Theater and the Municipal Arts Center.

raulricoMr. Raul Rico thanked this gesture of friendship and affection towards Mazatlan by foreign residents and highlighted the enthusiastic attitude of Jackie Peterson, deceased American partner who was a tireless promoter of the arts.

donacionFor his part, Mr. Henry Jarratt also reminded Mrs. Peterson and how he and his wife got in touch with Mr. Raul Rico to manage this grant project that now is a reality.

Each donated benches have the name of its sponsor and one of the disciplines of the CMA, whose design was conducted by Victor de Rueda and its elaboration of Jorge Medina and Anselmo Carvajal.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan joins the gratefulness expressed by Mr. Alejandro Higuera and Raul Rico, for this significant sample of affection from our foreign community to Mazatlan.