boardwalkmazatlanMazatlan, an eternal favorite of those who look for a warm and hospitable environment, nestled in the Mexican Pacific and recognized by its natural beauty, tourism of adventure, nightlife, culture and gastronomy; sharpens the details to receive next November the first shipping that will represent the return of Cruises to this beautiful tourist Mexican port.

tourismpolicyAs part of the efforts that have been carried out to show the world a cleaner and safer Mazatlan, on October 9 was held a meeting work headed by the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Manuel Cordova Celaya, and where was attended by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Alejandro Higuera Osuna, the Undersecretary of Public Security of the State, Hector pulmoniaManuel Castillo Medina, the director of API Mazatlan, Alfonso Gil Diaz, the delegate of SEMARNAT, Jorge Abel Lopez Sanchez, representatives of roads, presidents of chambers of commerce and associations of hotels, tour operators and transporters of the port, which undertook to form working groups, who within their responsibilities, will improve cruise tourist attention.

Some of the topics that will be given higher priority are:

  • mazatlanboardwalkPublic Security.
  • Physical conditions of the public transport (pulmonia and taxis), which affordable prices will offer and there will be health insurance for the traveler.
  • Modules of Attention and Tourist Information, which they will install in the Historical Center and main tourist attractions of the port.
  • The vendors and timeshare will organize more efficiently to avoid feeling harassed by tourists.
  • A clean Mazatlan is another crucial point that both, the authorities and society, must work and continue to push, as this is the only way to highlight the architectural and natural beauty that Mazatlan has.

Tmazatlanhe return of Cruises to Mazatlan has been an effort of all who believe that Mazatlan has much to offer its visitors and is undoubtedly one of the best travel options in Mexico.