cocteldecamaronIn the frame of the North Zone Canirac Meeting 2013 held in the city of Durango, Mazatlan restaurateurs took a gastronomic sample which each showed off their specialties based on seafood.

pescadofritoThe participating restaurants were: Fish Market, Jungle Juice, Mil Amores, El Muchacho Alegre (The Happy Guy), Lauren’s, La Puntilla, La Costa Marinera, Pancho’s, Root’s Café, La Palapa del Mar and Sport Golden Star, who mounted a pavilion for 600 people in the Constitution Corridor of the Historic Center, which inaugural act was preceded by the Secretary of Tourism of Durango, Christian Tohme Hernandez and leaders of Canirac in Durango and Mazatlan, Ignacio Orrante and Ricardo Velarde respectively.

Some of the dishes that were served during the gastronomic sample were the pate of fish, shrimp pate, marinated marlin, sierra ceviche, Hawaiian ceviche, oysters, among others.

shrimpmazatlanDuring the sample was outlined the importance of take advantage of the advances that have had both states in terms of connectivity and security, for what to stimulate each of the attractions that offers each state will be a priority to take advantage of the Mazatlan-Durango superhighway opened a few weeks ago by the Federal Government.