Summer Solstice in Mexico June 20Next Saturday June 20 the Summer Solstice will begin in Mexico, do you know what this means? Here we tell you.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year that occurs when the Sun reaches its highest point of elevation above the horizon, which is scheduled to occur at 4:43 p.m. This natural phenomenon differs depending on where you live.

In Mexico, the light of the Sun will remain for approximately 13 hours and 25 minutes making it the day where we will have the greatest sun exposure of the year.

Although the Northern Hemisphere receives more sunlight on the Summer Solstice, this does not mean that the first day of summer is the hottest.

As astronomer Robert Howell explains, Earth’s atmosphere and ocean act as a barrier to heat, absorbing and radiating sunlight. Although planet earth will absorb a large amount of the sun’s rays from the solstice, it will take several weeks to release that energy; it is as if you compared it to an oven, which takes a few minutes to reach its temperature. For this reason, the hottest days of summer coincide between the months of July and August to what we usually know as the heatwave.

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