Mazatlan is one of the Mexican ports that has a program for the Conservation and Release of Sea Turtles and where we are fortunate to receive the olive ridley turtle, specie in danger of becoming extinct.

Release Olive Ridley Turtle in MazatlanOfficially the Sea Turtle nesting starts on June 1 and ends in November, making its release between the months from August to December.

One of the institutions that has supported and promoted this program of Conservation and Release of Sea Turtles is Mazatlan Aquarium, where from 1991 with the support of the Municipal Police of Mazatlan, Civil Protection, Veterans Firefighters, Cobras Group, Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, Local citizens, Tourists, Volunteers and the Media have been surpassing the number of species released and expanded the awareness of this noble work.

The program of Conservation and Release of Sea Turtles begins with the visit of the olive ridley turtle to lay eggs on the beaches of Mazatlan. During the nesting period numerous nocturnal tours are made to detect nests and collect all the eggs deposited in them. They are then taken to the facilities of Mazatlan Aquarium where they are artificially incubated and finally released at birth.

The time of the release is an experience that you should not miss; this is done regularly at night to expand the success of survival of this marine species. In our city Mazatlan Aquarium staff involves the society by allowing them to be part of this special moment and before doing so they are given a conversation of awareness to all participants.

So if you ever come across a Sea Turtle, do not bother, but on the contrary, do your bit for protect and conserve the biodiversity of our planet.