bandodromomazatlanWith a show of fireworks, Mazatlán’s sky was illuminated to close the ‘Bandodromo’, a new attraction that came to Mazatlan to stay.

Led by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, Saturday night took place the official closing of ‘Bandodromo’ on ‘Paseo Olas Altas’, who despite having generated some suspicion in its conception, can meet its goal, be a family space of fun for visitors and local community.

bandodromocarlosfeltonMr. Carlos Felton emphasized that Mazatlan as the importance that represents as tourist destination in Mexico has the obligation to continually reinvent itself, so much as the ‘Par Vial’ (double line) and ‘Bandodromo’ were two initiatives because of its success is likely to improve and implement next year.

“What surprised us is seeing families in the ‘Bandodromo’, as initially thought was going to be for young people, but adults and families won the space, as you could see how children walking or on their tricycles and bicycles enjoyed music and fun alongside their parents. Also presented was the influx of people in wheelchairs so this became what we really wanted, a family destination.”