Mexico wants to capitalize on the recent visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to try and lure Chinese tourists to visit their country.

Xi, who visited the famous Chichen Itza in Mexico, appeared to be doing a photo op to spark a mass influx of tourists from China, the world’s largest tourism spender.

Xi and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto toured archaeological sites in Yucatan and spoke about expanding their commercial ties. The Chinese leader said he trusts that some of the 400 million Chinese tourists who will travel abroad in the next five years will find Mexico’s ancient ruins and resort cities alluring. Xi’s three-day stay in Mexico has been used to pump for an increase in Chinese visitors. On Tuesday, Mexico boasted of a 35 percent increase in Chinese tourists in the first four months of the year. On Thursday, the Tourism Department said it wants to increase flights from China and put up more Mandarin signs in key areas, hoping to make China the No. 1 source of Asian travelers to Mexico.

Source: Talktravel