Five sites of Sinaloa receive the distinctive of Stately Towns

Five sites of Sinaloa receive the distinctive of Stately Towns

In a ceremony headed by the Governor of the state of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez and his Secretary of Tourism, Rafael Lizarraga Favela, five sites of Sinaloa were awarded with the distinctive Stately Towns, recognizing their traditions, cuisine and culture that will lead to develop their tourist vocation.

With the distinction were awarded the Choix, Imala, Copala, Concordia and El Quelite, which opens a great opportunity for tourism. Each of these towns clearly represents fresh and different alternatives for domestic and foreign visitors.


Congratulations and when you travel to Sinaloa, discover the beauty that shelters its Magical and Stately Towns, an experience that you have to live.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

In a few days, families from all over the world, particularly from the United States and Canada, will celebrate Thanksgiving, a date where the entire family and close friends gather around a great banquet to thank God for the blessings, experiences and rewards received during the year; without doubt, one of the most traditional celebrations and expected by many.

On Thanksgiving Day, celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, families prepare a succulent turkey-based banquet, accompanied by its cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and the traditional pumpkin dessert. Also, different parades take place in the main cities of the country that attract millions of people and also is a date that marks the beginning of the shopping season with its traditional “Black Friday”.

To all our compatriots, visitors and residents who celebrate this special date, Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, hoping that the love, joy and good food will accompany you on this holiday.

And for all those who still do not know where to celebrate, here we give you an excellent recommendation:


The Good Weekend in Mexico

The Good Weekend in Mexico

In the last few days you have seen on the internet, television and advertisements a variety of publicity related to the Good Weekend, but… Do you know what is the Good Weekend?

The Good Weekend is an initiative of the Federal Government and private sector that seeks to reactivate the Mexican economy by encouraging the consumption of goods and services in a weekend where shops and businesses place spectacular discounts at months without interest.

In the Good Weekend companies from all sectors participate placing offers and discounts on clothing, furniture, footwear, services, entertainment and more.

To know how to take advantage of the Good Weekend in Mexico that will be held from 18-21 November, the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (PROFECO, for short) invites citizens to not be surprised and:

Compare similar products in different establishments to make the best purchase.
Identify your needs and buy only what you really need.

Do not spend beyond your repayment possibilities; otherwise, your creditworthiness may be affected in the future.

And you, are you ready for the Good Weekend?

For more information visit the official website of the Good Weekend
The Stone Island celebrates 80 years of its foundation

The Stone Island celebrates 80 years of its foundation

Today inhabitants of the community “Stone Island” proudly celebrated 80 years of its foundation with the traditional mañanitas, wind music, traditional breakfast and a parade that was headed by the queens of the community through the main streets of the island.

The Stone Island founded in 1936 offers to its residents and visitors a natural walk on which extend miles of unspoilt beaches along coconut plantations.

Its fine sand and the tranquility of its waves make it the perfect place for young and old, being able to enjoy water sports, catamaran or banana rides, swim in its tranquil waters or take a walk in the warm and long beaches.

If you are visiting Mazatlan, do not miss the opportunity to know the Stone Island, where a refreshing coconut drink and a delicious “Pescado Zarandeado” will welcome to the Pearl of the Pacific.

Mazatlan a tourist highlight destination

Mazatlan a tourist highlight destination

As part of the Fiesta Amigos Mazatlan which is held every year in the Pacific Pearl, the tour operators rated the port as one of the destinations that quotes at 200%.

Mazatlan, recently listed by the Federal Ministry of Tourism among the five favorite destinations in Easter and Summer 2016, represents today strong sales for travel agents and national wholesalers, since from three years to date, the joint work that has been done to improve security and the tourist offer of the port is giving its fruits.

The Fiesta Amigos Mazatlan meets in this edition 22 years of coming performing, event that allows to thank to the tourism market issuers to the destination.

Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016

Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016

From October 6 to December 16 will take place the XXIV edition of Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016 with the participation of 1,416 artists from Spain, Cuba, Canada and Mexico who will offer a total of 88 events in emblematic scenes of the port as the Angela Peralta Theater, Museum Casa Haas, Rubio Gallery, Angela Peralta Gallery, Christian Church, Church of San Carlos Borromeo, Plazuela Machado, downtown streets and alternative spaces in some neighborhoods of the city.

During the Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016 you will be able to enjoy literary activities, theater spectacles, music and dance events and for the first time the local and foreign public will appreciate the artistic manifestations of the International Cervantino Festival through the projection of 18 shows.

Furthermore, as already a tradition within major events will have the participation of the Sinaloa Symphony Orchestra of the Arts (OSSLA) beside the Tenor Jose Manuel Chu under the baton of director guest, Enrique Patron De Rueda; also will feature the intervention of the Classic Ballet Company of Sinaloa, the Camerata Mazatlan and Delfos Contemporary Dance to close with the long-awaited performances of The Nutcracker and Christmas Gala.


Welcome to the Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016!

Tickets on sale at the box office of the Angela Peralta Theater from 9:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 19:00 hours or through the online system Cultura Mazatlan