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Today inhabitants of the community “Stone Island” proudly celebrated 80 years of its foundation with the traditional mañanitas, wind music, traditional breakfast and a parade that was headed by the queens of the community through the main streets of the island.

The Stone Island founded in 1936 offers to its residents and visitors a natural walk on which extend miles of unspoilt beaches along coconut plantations.

Its fine sand and the tranquility of its waves make it the perfect place for young and old, being able to enjoy water sports, catamaran or banana rides, swim in its tranquil waters or take a walk in the warm and long beaches.

If you are visiting Mazatlan, do not miss the opportunity to know the Stone Island, where a refreshing coconut drink and a delicious “Pescado Zarandeado” will welcome to the Pearl of the Pacific.

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Mazatlan a tourist highlight destination

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As part of the Fiesta Amigos Mazatlan which is held every year in the Pacific Pearl, the tour operators rated the port as one of the destinations that quotes at 200%.

Mazatlan, recently listed by the Federal Ministry of Tourism among the five favorite destinations in Easter and Summer 2016, represents today strong sales for travel agents and national wholesalers, since from three years to date, the joint work that has been done to improve security and the tourist offer of the port is giving its fruits.

The Fiesta Amigos Mazatlan meets in this edition 22 years of coming performing, event that allows to thank to the tourism market issuers to the destination.

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Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016

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From October 6 to December 16 will take place the XXIV edition of Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016 with the participation of 1,416 artists from Spain, Cuba, Canada and Mexico who will offer a total of 88 events in emblematic scenes of the port as the Angela Peralta Theater, Museum Casa Haas, Rubio Gallery, Angela Peralta Gallery, Christian Church, Church of San Carlos Borromeo, Plazuela Machado, downtown streets and alternative spaces in some neighborhoods of the city.

During the Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016 you will be able to enjoy literary activities, theater spectacles, music and dance events and for the first time the local and foreign public will appreciate the artistic manifestations of the International Cervantino Festival through the projection of 18 shows.

Furthermore, as already a tradition within major events will have the participation of the Sinaloa Symphony Orchestra of the Arts (OSSLA) beside the Tenor Jose Manuel Chu under the baton of director guest, Enrique Patron De Rueda; also will feature the intervention of the Classic Ballet Company of Sinaloa, the Camerata Mazatlan and Delfos Contemporary Dance to close with the long-awaited performances of The Nutcracker and Christmas Gala.


Welcome to the Cultural Festival of Mazatlan 2016!

Tickets on sale at the box office of the Angela Peralta Theater from 9:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 19:00 hours or through the online system Cultura Mazatlan
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Welcome to the Season Potosinos Express 2016-2017 of the Mexican Pacific League!

It’s a pleasure to have you back in one of the most important Professional Baseball League in Mexico.

During this season enjoy the dynamism, strategy, power pitching and hitting of each of the teams: Aguilas de Mexicali (Mexicali Eagles), Hermosillo Naranjeros (Hermosillo Orange Growers), Yaquis de Ciudad Obregon (Yaquis de Obregon), Mayos de Navojoa, Cañeros de Los Mochis (Los Mochis Sugar Cane Growers), Tomateros de Culiacan (Culiacan Tomato Growers), Venados de Mazatlan (Mazatlan Deers) and Charros de Jalisco (Jalisco Horsemen).


who will give their best level to achieve the desired title of Champions and have the opportunity to represent Mexico in the next Caribbean Series to be held in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa from 1 to February 7, 2017 taking the new stadium of Tomateros de Culiacan (Culiacan Tomato Growers) as a scene.

We invite you to visit the official calendar of the professional baseball team of Mazatlan “Venados de Mazatlan” (Mazatlan Deers) and live the Mexican Pacific League.

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Mexican Independence Day September 16

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miguelhidalgoycostillaThe night of 15 to 16 September throughout Mexico celebrates the anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence of our country, where the story goes that in the early morning of September 16 the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in the company of Ignacio Allende and Juan Aldama incited the population of Dolores (now Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato) to rise up in arms against the Viceroyalty of New Spain, to the cry of “Viva the Virgin of Guadalupe”, “Down with bad government”, “Viva Fernando VII” .

cryofdoloresThis event known as the “Cry of Dolores” is commemorated every year throughout Mexico, for which local authorities embellish the Government Palace and surrounding areas with patriotic motives where prevail the colors of the Mexican green, white and red.

fireworksmexicanholidayThe Cry of Independence festivities begin the night of September 15, where thousands of families gather to enjoy Mexican food, Mexican folk dancing and regional music. Shortly before midnight, the Mayor of each city and the President of Mexico in the Zocalo of Mexico City, go out to the balcony of the Government Palace to give the Cry of Independence reminding all those who gave their lives fighting for freedom of the country, later ring the bell and wave the Mexican flag. Then, a multicolored rain flooded the sky with an impressive fireworks display.

militaryparadeThe holiday extends until the September 16 with the traditional military parade, which is expected with great enthusiasm for Mexican families.

We invite you to be part of our patriotic celebrations and say with us Viva Mexico!


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carlosfelton_raulricoangelaperaltatheaterWith an investment of 5 million pesos, the Angela Peralta Theater of Mazatlan will begin a new stage of rehabilitation and equipment; this was announced by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton and the Director of the Institute of Culture, Raul Rico Gonzalez.

Being the art and culture one of the crucial activities to Mazatlan and the Angela Peralta Theater a social and economic trigger for the Historical Center of the port, the funds received by the Federal Government will allow:

  • The replacement of 300 seats in the orchestra area (with more than 20 years of service).
  • The strengthening of lighting and theatrical projection.
  • Incorporation of a new equipment to create scenic atmospheres.
  • The change in the air conditioning system.
  • Acquisition of multimedia equipment.
  • Perform annual preventive maintenance.

The Angela Peralta Theater about to turn 25 years of operation is one of the most beautiful and unique in its kind in our country and declared Historical Heritage of the Nation since 1990.

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Thanksgiving Day

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What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday of the United States and Canada that is celebrated every year with the aim to give thanks for all the good you have and ask and share blessings and good wishes with family and close ones. This tradition was born as a harvest festival, is why many of its symbols revolve around the field and crops (pumpkins, scarecrow and vine leaves).

History of Thanksgiving – The First Thanksgiving


To know its origin we will go back until almost 400 years ago with the arrival of the first settlers from England to the United States who had strong religious beliefs but that on having been opposed to the beliefs of the Anglican church had to undertake the journey in the Atlantic Ocean to escape of the gallows, settling in what is now the state of Massachussets in the colony of Plymouth Rock.

Their first winter in the new American world was very hard, went hungry and cold and more than half of them lost their lives. The following spring the Wampanoag Indians volunteered to help teach them how to plant corn and other foods, as well as hunting and fishing.


In the fall of 1621 the settlers gathered abundant harvests of grain, barley, beans and pumpkins and therefore decided to make a great feast to which were invited the Great Chief and 90 Indians of the Wampanoag tribe. This day was historically named by the Americans as The America’s First Thanksgiving.

The origins of Thanksgiving Day in Canada can also be traced back to the early seventeenth century, when the French arrived in New France with the explorer Samuel de Champlain and celebrated their successful harvests. The Frenchmen of the zone used to have holidays at the end of the harvest season and continued celebrating during the winter, and even shared their food with the natives of the region.

When is Thanksgiving? – Thanksgiving Date

At the beginning George Washington proposed the date of November 26 as a Thanksgiving Day, but later Abraham Lincoln defined the celebration of this date the last Thursday of November.

thanksgivingdinnerThanksgiving Activities

The Thanksgiving is an expected date by thousands of people who come together to make a completely family party. One of its main symbols is the menu composed of the traditional roast turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and pumpkin dessert.

During this day spectacular parades are also held in the most important cities of the country and is the predecessor of “Black Friday” day in which the shops offer incredible discounts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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aguachileplayamazatlanThe Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rafael Lizarraga Favela, announced that according to a survey conducted by the Office of Strategic Communication (leading consultant in tourist monitoring), the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa was ranked fifth favorite destination for Mexicans to vacation in the last summer season 2016.

During the summer holidays, the “Pearl of the Pacific” received 475,000 visitors, ranking above important destinations of the country as the Riviera Maya, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Chiapas. It was further explained that from July 16 to August 21, Mazatlan received on average about 14,000 tourists daily, which resulted in an economic benefit for the port of Sinaloa of 2,700 million pesos.

Undoubtedly these positive results for Mazatlan force the State Government, business sectors and service providers to redouble efforts to further improve the tourist offer of the port and thus exceed the expectations of its visitors.


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mazatlanbreathalyzerprogramIn order to create awareness among citizens to prevent road accidents caused by drunk driving, the Town Council of Mazatlan launched the program “My Breathalyzer: Driving without Alcohol” which consists in the application of breathalyzer tests where they will be as follows:

1. Breathalyzer test: Technology for the measurement of milligrams of alcohol per liter in exhaled air.

2. If the evaluated citizen results with a maximum value of 0.39 mg/l, you’ll get an urge not to continue drink alcoholic beverages.

3. If the evaluated citizen exceeds 0.40 mg/l shall retain his vehicle, which will be sent to the municipal pension. The citizen may go home freely.

4. If the evaluated citizen is with a value equal or greater than 0.65 mg/l will proceed in the same way with your vehicle and a relative will be called in order to be in charge of the transfer of the citizen to his home, while this happens, the person in question will remain in shelter.

With these new settings, they will stop to issue fines, the only payment to be made will be in the case where the unit is retained (the citizen involved must cover the drag and stay in the municipal pension).

Through these initiatives Mazatlan joins the “Drive without Alcohol Program” which aims to raise awareness of the citizenship of the importance of complying with the comprehensive plan of road safety, since according to studies realized by the National Center for Injury Prevention (CENAPRA) one of the causes of mortality in Mexico are road accidents caused by drunk driving.

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fourthnavalzoneWith the aim to safeguard all vacationers who are visiting the port of Mazatlan during the summer holiday period, the Fourth Naval Zone of the port reported that from this week until 21 August will be working with the Operation Summer 2016 in which the participation of Civil Protection, Ministry of Public Security, Federal Police and the Red Cross will provide security to the citizens by land, sea and air.

This time there will be two modules: one in Ramada Hotel and another close to Stone Island and keep the tours through the main tourist areas of the port.

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