Weekly Program Service from January 30 to February 5, 2022

Will you be visiting Hotel Playa Mazatlan this week?

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We share with you our service schedule that covers from January 30 – February 5, 2022.

Restaurant Program service January 30 - February 5 Hotel Playa Mazatlan

Activities Program January 30 - February 5 Hotel Playa Mazatlan

In this section you will be able to check the service hours that each of our restaurants, snack centers, bars will be managing and what our guests like the most are the live shows that are offered both in Restaurant “La Terraza” and in Salon Venado.

We remind you that some of our restaurants require prior reservation, so upon arrival at the Hotel in Reception ask for the hours to carry it out.

Schedule your holidays with us and take advantage of our Promotions!


Mazatlan will begin the arrival of cruise ships under strict security protocols

Mazatlan will begin the arrival of cruise ships under strict security protocols

On August 24 will officially begin the arrival of tourist cruises to the port of Mazatlan with the arrival of the ship “Panorama” of the Carnival shipping company, where 4,500 passengers travel in addition to the crew.

The municipal authority has defined all the health and logistics protocols that will be followed during the visit of the cruise ship since it will take care from the request for vaccination certificates, passenger limit in tourist and taxi transport, capacity and organization of tourist tours to avoid crowds between tourists and the local population, among others.

Crucero Carnival Panorama llega a Mazatlán

With the arrival of the Carnival cruise ship, the cruise activity in Mazatlan is officially reopened, which was suspended for almost two years due to the health emergency that the world has suffered.


We introduce you to our first clients after the reopening of the Hotel

We introduce you to our first clients after the reopening of the Hotel

Amigos Playa Conchita Castillo y Javier ValleAs we had shared with you Mrs. Maria del Socorro Castillo and her husband Mr. Javier Valle were our sponsors at the reopening of Hotel Playa Mazatlan on July 8th. Having their valuable support and loyalty for more than 15 years increases our commitment not only with them but with all our guests who have made our hotel their second home in Mazatlan.

Mrs. Conchita and Mr. Javier are considered Amigos Playa and in their multiple visits we can share innumerable anecdotes full of emotion. Thanks to them today we have the opportunity to meet their beautiful family because the tradition of visiting us has been inherited to their generations.

And do not forget that you can share through our social media all your photos, videos and stories lived with us.

It will be an honor to also recognize your loyalty.

This was the reopening of Hotel Playa Mazatlan after several months in pause

This was the reopening of Hotel Playa Mazatlan after several months in pause

On July 8th, Hotel Playa Mazatlan experienced one of the most anticipated moments, its official reopening after several months in pause due to the pandemic by the Covid-19. During these months we worked hard on certifications and remodeling to be ready for this “new normal” that has only prompted us to be better and more careful in matters of health and safety.

Our first guests, Mrs. Maria del Socorro Castillo and her husband Mr. Javier Valle from the state of Coahuila, were in charge of cutting the ribbon for the reopening and amid music and typical dances, under strict security protocols is how we announce that: We are back!

We are OpenIt is important to take into account that for reasons of the pandemic the Hotel will be offering its services only at 65% of its capacity, so there are already dates where we do NOT have availability, so before planning your stay with us consult our Availability Calendar 2020.

With all this, Hotel Playa Mazatlan is ready to offer you memorable experiences in a safe and guaranteed environment.

We invite you to schedule your stay in advance and take advantage of one of our promotions:

Specials and Deals Week 3 July 2020

New Protocols Hotel Playa Mazatlan

New Protocols Hotel Playa Mazatlan

Hotel Playa Mazatlan is a Company that has been at the service of our guests/clients for more than 65 years, and thanks to your preference and loyalty we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the companies with the longest standing tradition in the Mazatlán. Over the course of these years we have obtained various certifications and training that permits us to offer you a higher quality of service, security and hygiene. It is for this reason that our satisfaction score and ranking from our guests is one of the most recognized in the tourism industry.

Due to the current health pandemic, Hotel Playa Mazatlan had been certified by the Secretary of Tourism of the State (SECTUR), with the “SANIDAD” (Sanitary) program, a certification that permits us to guaranty our guests, that they will be met with highest and most strict hygiene procedures from the moment when you arrive at the hotel; you will find that these measures allow us to help in the prevention of the propagation of COVID-19 within our facility. For these reasons, we ask that you consider the following requirements before you travel:

  • The use of Facemasks and gloves inside our facility (by our guests), will be required; as stated by the Health and Center for Disease Control of the State. Please remember that at this time it is important that you travel responsibly, and always consider the security and health recommendations made in order for you to have a safe and satisfactory stay.
  • Temperature checks will be made in the following locations: at arrival, within common service areas, when arriving or leaving the hotel from any of its entrances; we will appreciate your cooperation.
  • Any temperature equal to, or higher than 37.5°C(99.5F), is considered a potential symptom of COVID-19, for which reason, at that moment in time, we will request the support of a medical representative; the doctor will then decide what steps need to be taken.
  • There will be disposable gloves and Facemasks available to all of our guests at the concierge desk, front desk, most of our restaurants and guard shack.
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  • The Hotel provides a Sanitization Tunnel for our guests and employees, as well as sanitization mats and the entrance to the hotel and our common areas, for your continued use.
  • Your suitcases and luggage, will be disinfected at the moment of your arrival; using viricide authorized by the regulatory health institutions.
  • The room will have a sanitary seal, which, guarantees that the room has been disinfected via the nebulization system.
  • Various points of sanitization will be presented around the property, for use by our guests (they will provide hand gel, disposable paper towels, viricide solution, pedal operated trashcan, facemasks and gloves) in strategic locations around the hotel.
  • Elevator capacity will be affected, maximum number of users will be reduced to two people at a time (when not related, or travelling together). Guests staying in the same room, may use at the same time, as long as social distancing requirements are being met.
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  • Use of inflatables will not be allowed in the pools, as well as the use of personalized mugs and/or containers by our guests, inside our bars.
  • The maximum amount of users in the pools, Jacuzzi and spawill be limited. Use of the spa will be under previous reservation at the concierge. By official disposition of the Mazatlan government, the gym that the hotel has, will be out of service, until further notice.
  • There will be restrictions in group activities, only activities that do not implicate physical contact will be authorized.
  • All of the Hotel Playa Mazatlan team will utilize Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’): gloves, facemasks and shields (pending their responsibilities).
  • The maximum capacity for our restaurants will be reduced to 50% in accordance with the social distancing guidelines (2m/6.6 feet) established by the Health Department of the State of Sinaloa. In our main restaurant “La Terraza”, assisted Buffet service will be provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner) by our service team.
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  • The Tejabanes Snack Bar (main pool area) will offer direct to client service pool side, by our wait staff.
  • The table settings (silverware and napkins) in our consumption areas will be provided by the hostess once you have been seated.

These are some of the measure that will be taken by the Hotel Playa Mazatlan during this pandemic period. Our purpose is to always provide a pleasant and comfortable stay, providing excellence and warmth in our service; we know that with your support and following these guidelines, we will host you with an unforgettable experience

Thank you for trusting in the Hotel Playa Mazatlán Family!

Sincerely, General Management

* These measures can be updated according to the recommendations issued by our government and health authorities without prior notice.

Bulletin Update COVID-19 June 25 2020

Bulletin Update COVID-19 June 25 2020

June 25th, 2020.

Dear clients, Friends and Commercial Partners:

Over the last few weeks we have been working non-stop on the training and remodel of the property, to meet and exceed all of the processes that guarantee the safety and security of all of our installations. This has forced us to defer our opening, establishing a guaranteed opening on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020.

Over the next few days we will be accelerating all of the infrastructure projects that we need have in place to ensure the most reliable and comfortable stay and use of our operational areas for our guests.

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Any changes in reservations made for stays during this new period,  will need to be made or consulted with your travel agent, or through our direct contact numbers:

(669)989-0555 or toll free from USA: 1 800 762 5816 and CANADA: 1 866 547 5447

Our hours of operation will again be: Monday – Friday, from 08:00 – 20:00 hrs, Saturdays from 8:00 – 14:00 hrs and Sundays 08:00 – 14:00 hrs. 

Please note that we will be waiting to host you with all of the charisma and hospitality spirit that recognizes the Hotel Playa Mazatlan.

Likewise, we want to share our Safety and Hygiene Protocols that we will be implementing against COVID-19.



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