Mazatlan hosted the seventh Mexican Regional Dance Congress

Mazatlan hosted the seventh Mexican Regional Dance Congress

In the middle of a great colorful, music, tradition and having as main stage the Olas Altas Avenue yesterday afternoon was inaugurated the seventh National Congress of Mexican Regional Dance where are participating dance schools from Guanajuato, Michoacan, Mexico City, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Sinaloa.

The National Congress of Mexican Regional Dance is taking place in Mazatlan from June 7 to 10, where folkloric and artistic exhibitions will be presented with the purpose of promoting tourism through the richness of folklore and Mexican culture.

Mexican Regional Dance

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all participants hope you enjoyed your stay!

Photo: courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa

Music Day Mazatlan 2018

As every year, the Mazatlan’s Historic Center will vibrate with the intensity, joy and melodies of the long-awaited Music Day Mazatlan 2018, an event organized by the Cultural Institute of Mazatlan with the support of the Historical Center Project, which seeks in a family environment celebrate the music and its different genres.

From classical music, rock, pop, tropical, electronic, blues and alternative rock is what you will enjoy in different scenarios that will be distributed in the Mazatlan’s Historic Center and Olas Altas Avenue from 19:00 hours.

Music Day Mazatlan 2018

Enjoy Music Day Mazatlan 2018!

Coast and Copper Canyon Tour

Would you like to have the opportunity to practice ecotourism and at the same time enjoy the contrast between the desert and the sea?

Coast and Copper Canyon Tour is what you were looking for!

In the past Tianguis Turistico Mexico that was held in the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, the Director of Tourism Promotion of the port, Julio Birrueta, announced the upcoming opening of the Coast and Copper Canyon Tour that will be an attractive tour that will connect the coasts of Sinaloa with the Chihuahua mountains.

On the Coast and Copper Canyon Tour you will have an excellent option to practice ecotourism and sports tourism as well as enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Pacific and the mysticism that surrounds the Chihuahua desert.

For the launch of the Coast and Copper Canyon Tour some improvements were made to the “Chepe” train and two types of units were designed: Executive and Tourist, both will have access to the Bar, the Urike Restaurant and the Terrace where you can admire the breathtaking views offered by the tour.

Coast and Copper Canyon Tour

Discover the Coast and Copper Canyon Tour and let yourself fall in love with the natural beauty of Mexico!

Glass Floor Viewpoint Must Visit Attraction in Mazatlan

Mazatlan's LighthouseOne of the new attractions that you must visit if you live or will be visiting Mazatlan is the new Glass Floor Viewpoint located on the top of the largest natural lighthouse in the world.

Located at the southern end of the beautiful bay of Mazatlan on 157 meters of altitude you will find the Cerro del Creston, which is a prominent natural formation that shelters on its top the Lighthouse of the port and where recently built a Glass Floor Viewpoint to contemplate the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Mexico.

The Glass Floor Viewpoint is a structured bridge with metallic profiles oriented to the west and 20 meters long, 10 of them are covered with flagstone and the other 10 with tempered glass reinforced with a polymer, 3 crystals and 2 intermediate plates of safety laminate. To get there you will have to make a walk of approximately 30 minutes (the time may vary according to your physical condition) composed of a footpath and stairway where at different points you will find rest areas that will allow you to have an extraordinary vision of the beautiful views offered by this natural attraction.

From the Glass Floor Viewpoint you will have a unique view of the bay of Mazatlan, from its Historic Center, Paseo Olas Altas, North Beach and its islands that are protected by the flora and fauna found there.

To get to ‘Cerro del Creston’ you can go by bicycle or public transport. If you prefer to take a taxi or go in your car, at the foot of the hill you will find a parking area.

Do not forget to bring liquid to hydrate and comfortable shoes that give support and grip as some parts of the route are irregular. The ideal time to make the ascent and descent are in the early hours of the day or before nightfall and remember that Mazatlan enjoys a warm climate, especially in summer. Also for your comfort the path lighting is activated automatically after sunset.

Glass Floor Viewpoint Thing to do in Mazatlan

Mazatlan’s Glass Floor Viewpoint, an attraction that will surprise you!

Photography: Miguel Ulivarria

Announce New Cultural Innovation Center of Mazatlan

New Cultural Innovation Center of MazatlanIn coming days will begin the creation of the Cultural Innovation Center of Mazatlan (CICMA), which will be located in the Historic Center where Bank Banorte used to be, whose financial group donated the property to contribute to the conservation and promotion of the Historic Center project of Mazatlan.

The Cultural Innovation Center of Mazatlan (CICMA) will be structured on two levels, on the ground floor will be placed the artistic robotics rooms, virtual reality, 3D art station, dance, music, film, theater, the dialogue rooms, space for art and diversity, gallery of temporary exhibitions and space of tourism and community.

On the top floor there will be the workshops of ideas and ingenuity, plastic arts, audiovisuals, ecology and nature, the technological literacy classrooms, international education, entrepreneurship, the craft of art and history and a permanent gallery of the history of Mazatlan.

The CIC Mazatlan project seeks to strengthen the sense of belonging and identity of the Sinaloenses to become a point of reference and entertainment for the national and foreign tourism.

Congratulations for these great projects that come to strengthen the cultural and tourist offer of Mazatlan!

Mexico and its tradition of the Three Wise Men

Mexico and its tradition of the Three Wise Men

One of the traditions of Mexico most deeply rooted in the central and southern part of the country is the celebration of the Three Wise Men.

The Three Wise Men Day is commemorated on January 6 and is a long awaited date for the youngest of the Family since it is customary that the Three Kings of the East: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar leave gifts for the children in their homes.

KingcakeThe celebration of the Wise Men goes back to the first years of evangelization of the New World where the story tells that Three Kings, guided by a bright star and mounted on a camel, a horse and an elephant, took their journey to adore the Baby Jesus and bring him gifts: gold for being king, myrrh for being a man and incense for being God.

Later after the opening of gifts, family and friends gather to share the traditional Rosca de Reyes (kingcake) accompanied by a chocolate or atole drink. Each guest must split their own portion of the kingcake since the one who has the fortune to take the doll (a plastic representation of the Baby Jesus) will have good luck all year and will have to offer a party with tamales and atole on February 2, Day of the Virgin of Candelaria.

Know and enjoy the traditions of Mexico and do not miss the opportunity to try our traditional Rosca de Reyes!