Hotel Playa Mazatlan receives “Distintivo H” from the Secretariat of Tourism

Hotel Playa Mazatlan receives “Distintivo H” from the Secretariat of Tourism

Hotel Playa Mazatlan recibe Distintivo HCommitted to the standards of quality and service that our clients deserve, in recent days Hotel Playa Mazatlan was awarded in its 18 consumer centers with the “Distintivo H”, recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health according to the Mexican Standard that regulates the quality standards of hygiene and technical conditions of food handling of the consumption centers.

Our Operations Manager, Lance Vient, said that this is a recognition of the effort that has been made over 24 years to maintain this distinction and is a clear example of what we want to give our guests. He also expressed his pleasure for the valuable human resource that remains in the hotel, people who share the same vision of providing a first class service to our visitors.

During the ceremony was attended by Arturo Peraza Muñoz, General Director of the hotel; Nicolas Villalpando, Food and Beverage Manager; Raul Dueñas Cueto, Executive Chef; Humberto Gonzalez, assistant manager of food and beverages; Trinidad Osuna Lizarraga, director of Social Tourism of the Sectur, among others.

Congratulations to the Playa Mazatlan Family!

Visit the Mammoth of Ecatepec in the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan

Visit the Mammoth of Ecatepec in the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan

Mammoth of Ecatepec in MazatlanFor the first time residents and tourists of the port of Mazatlan will have the opportunity to enjoy the archaeological exhibition ‘Mammoth, the giant of Prehistory’ at the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan from May 17 to July 26.

The remains of the Mammoth were located in 1996 during the construction of a water tank in Ecatepec de Morelos, State of Mexico. It is estimated that it weighed approximately ten tons and was 10,500 years old. The skeleton rescued and restored in 80% has an approximate weight of two and a half tons and during the exhibition it reaches a height of four meters.

Gibran de la Torre, in charge of the Museum of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, said that thanks to the efforts of the INAH, the INAH Sinaloa Center, the City Council of Mazatlan and the Social and Cultural Action Commission of Cabildo, this exhibition could be brought to the port.

So we invite you to not miss this great opportunity and travel to Prehistory with the Mammoth of Ecatepec.

Come to Mazatlan and know the largest Jelly Tank in Mexico

Come to Mazatlan and know the largest Jelly Tank in Mexico

A new attraction awaits you in Mazatlan, the largest Jelly Tank in Mexico where around 800 species of jellyfish canyon ball and moon jellyfish are exhibited, which you can admire in Mazatlan Aquarium through two acrylic windows.

This new attraction opened in this holiday period and promises to be one of the favorites, so on your next visit to Mazatlan remember that the Jelly Tank’s Mazatlan Aquarium will be waiting for you.

Jelly Tank Mazatlan Aquarium

Beach Clean-up Days during Holy Week in Mazatlan

Beach Clean-up Days during Holy Week in Mazatlan

In these next Holy and Easter Week Hotel Playa Mazatlan invites you to join the Clean-up Days that will be held from Hotel Pueblo Bonito to the Hotel Emporio where collaborators from the different hotels of Mazatlan’s Golden Zone and community in general will join in a huge collaborative work to encourage the residents and visitors of the port to keep our beaches and seas free from contaminants.

Be part of the Beach Clean-up Days promoted by the Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan (OAP) in conjunction with municipal authorities and hoteliers and promote Mazatlan as a sustainable tourist destination and free from contamination.

The appointment will be:

  • April 12 – Lenten Cleaning
  • April 19 – The Holy Cleaning
  • April 26 – The Easter Cleaning

Where the cleaning team will be divided into two, one will depart from Hotel Pueblo Bonito and the second from Hotel Emporio to meet in a mid-point at Hotel El Cid.

For a cleaner Mazatlan, let’s all work as a team!

Mazatlan lived a Carnival of Cleanliness in its Beaches

Carnival of Cleanliness in MazatlanWith great pride and a special recognition to the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, the Operator and Administrator of Beaches and collaborators of the hotels: Pueblo Bonito, Luna Palace, Pacific Palace, Oceano Palace, Star Palace, Mision, Quijote Inn, The Local, El Cid, Freeman, Inn at Mazatlan, Costa de Oro, Royal Villas, Ocean View, Holiday Inn, Las Flores, Hotel Playa Mazatlan, Ramada, Emporio and Monfort College who joined the titanic work of go and clean 3.5 kilometers of beach and with their commitment and work made it possible the Carnival of Cleanliness in Mazatlan.

During the tour, 212 kilograms of waste were recovered, such as plastics, cigarette butts, unicel, aluminum, screw caps and hazardous waste.

Visit us on our Facebook Page to have access to videos that were taken during this clean-up day as well as the opportunity to continue to insist on the importance of maintaining clean our beaches; allows with your example, both you and your family and friends can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in clean beaches and with the consciousness to be respectful with the environment that surrounds us.

A great success the Mazatlan Carnival 2019

A great success the Mazatlan Carnival 2019

Thank you Mazatlan International Carnival 2019Achieving not only a great call in each of the events that were part of the Mazatlan Carnival, greater inclusion, the return of certain traditions and privileging family entertainment; as a resounding success evaluated the municipal authorities, mazatlecos and tourists to the Mazatlan International Carnival 2019 ‘Equinoccio, the Rebirth of the Senses’ achieving with this to remain as one of the best carnivals throughout Mexico.

Coronations with guest artists of great recognition in Mexico and abroad, the participation of ‘Banda El Recodo’ celebrating its 80th Anniversary, Carnival parades with 33 impressive and beautiful allegorical cars where reflected the professionalism and talent of the artists Rigoberto Lewis, Jorge Osuna and Ocean Rodriguez, ‘comparsas’ whose joy, dances and costumes dazzled all the attendees, a spectacular Naval Combat that every year dazzles with its novelties and what to say about one of the biggest dance floors in the world, having as a perfect frame the pier of Mazatlan and being completely free, is part of what the thousands of Mazatlan and tourists who gathered at the Pearl of the Pacific enjoyed.

We extend our gratitude to all those who privileged us with their visit and we are waiting for you at the Mazatlan International Carnival 2020 from February 20-25.