The Mazatlan’s Tourist Assistance and Protection Center Coming Soon

The Mazatlan’s Tourist Assistance and Protection Center Coming Soon

As part of the improvements that are being made in the port of Mazatlan in front of the arrival of the Tianguis Turistico 2018 which will take place in the city from April 16 to 19, the state authorities announced the next opening of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (CAPTA) whose objective will be to give security guarantees to the tourist as for example, resolve situations due to bad service or abuses on the part of the service providers, support them in attention, etc.

With the installation of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (CAPTA) Mazatlan wants to tell its visitors that they will have an institution specially designed and made for them, where they will provide full support to make their stay pleasant and exceed their expectations.

Sinaloa present in the Fourth National Fair of Magical Towns

Sinaloa present in the Fourth National Fair of Magical Towns

The Magic Towns of Sinaloa: El Fuerte, Mocorito, El Rosario and Cosala will be present in the Fourth National Fair of Magical Towns organized by the Government of the State of Nuevo Leon from November 17 to 19, whose objective is to provide a space to exchange best practices and show the handicrafts, tourism, cultural representations and sale of tourist packages of each Magic Town.

Magic Towns of SinaloaDuring the 3 days, visitors will learn about the wealth that each Magical Town protects and will have the opportunity to learn about the tourist options through the program “Viajemos Todos por Mexico” created by the federal government to encourage national tourism.

El Fuerte: located to the north of the state of Sinaloa, this magic town is characterized by its historical, architectural and natural heritage which is a legacy of the indigenous communities that inhabited it. These patrimonies can be appreciated in the Plaza de Armas, the parish church, the Municipal Palace, the Mayos ceremonial centers, among others.

El Rosario: small town located 65 km south of Mazatlan was one of the most prosperous regions in northwest Mexico in the exploitation of precious metals such as gold and silver. Inside some valuable pieces of its cultural heritage we can find the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, made of quarry carved under a Baroque Solomonic style, in its interior it shelters one of the jewels of the Christian art in Mexico: its baroque altarpiece bathed in gold.

Mocorito: placed in the north-central region of the state and inhabited by the Mayo people, in Mocorito you will be able to visit the Plaza Miguel Hidalgo located in its historic center and whose most emblematic buildings are in front of it, the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, the civic square, the Cultural Center, Alameda Park, among others.

Cosala: located in the central region of Sinaloa and whose mining past left its bonanza in its attractive architecture, offers visitors prehistoric art displays (such as cave paintings and petroglyphs), tours where you can appreciate beautiful houses that adorn the urban landscape of town as well as the sober beauty of the temple of Santa Ursula. In addition to this, the Ecological Reserve of the Mineral of Our Lady, its legends, traditions and gastronomy exalt its wealth.



The Institute of Culture invites you to enjoy ArtWalk, a free self-guided walking tour where you will have the opportunity to visit galleries, studios and live with different artists who live in Mazatlan and whose talent is reflected in their artworks.

ArtWalk takes place on the first Friday of every month during the months of November/2017 – April/2018 in the Historic Center of Mazatlan from 4:00 – 8:00 pm.

Painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, stained glass, mosaics and jewelry are part of what you can admire and purchase if you decide to do so. Balloons and banners mark each location.

Mapa ArtWalk Camino del Arte

Calendar of Events Mazatlan International Carnival 2018

Calendar of Events Mazatlan International Carnival 2018

Mazatlan International Carnival 2018 ‘Patasalada: The Circus of the Talents’ is just around the corner, so we share with all our readers the official calendar of events so as not get lost all the previous activities and those that will take place during the great holiday of the Mazatlan’s port.

Calendar of Events Mazatlan International Carnival 2018

We wait for you from February 18 to 23 at the Mazatlan International Carnival 2018!

Stories Make the Best Souvenirs

Stories Make the Best Souvenirs

In a meeting led by the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Marco Antonio Garcia Castro, and the General Director of Marketing and Mexico Tourism Board (CPTM), was officially presented the Communication and Tourism Promotion Plan of Sinaloa where for the first time is launching a comprehensive communication program in the United States and Canada to promote the unique experiences offered by Mazatlan and the state of Sinaloa.

This is the time for Mazatlan to shine!

Photography: Miguel Ulivarria Foto Arte

Video: VisitSinaloa Channel

Arrived in Mazatlan Patasalada: The Circus of the Talents!

Yesterday night, the spirit of the International Mazatlan Carnival 2018 flooded the majestic Angela Peralta Theater with the presentation of the candidates who will compete for the highest award of the holidays of the port and that in its edition 120 will take as motto, Patasalada: The Circus of the Talents!

With a joyful spirit and colorful choreographies allusive to the circus show, officially started the preparations for the Mazatlan International Carnival 2018 Patasalada: The Circus of the Talents!, which will be held in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico from February 8 to 13, 2018.

In this edition the Mazatlan Carnival will pay tribute to the men and women who have nurtured the history of Mazatlan, such as: Pedro Infante, Lola Beltran, Cruz Lizarraga, Genaro Estrada, Martiniano Carvajal, Winnie Farmer, Enrique Alonso, Lupita Castro, Jose Angel Espinoza “Ferrusquilla, Ramon Lopez Alvarado, La “Nana” Ramirez, Guillermo Sarabia, Rigo Lewis, among other distinguished mazatlecos.

Each reign will be represented by some symbol of our state:

King of Joy – ‘The Shrimp’ as Sinaloa is one of the leaders in its production and whose quality allows it to be distributed in different parts of Mexico and the world.

Queen Children – ‘The Sailfish’ the biodiversity of the state allows the abundance of this species.

Queen of the Carnival – ‘The Deer’ symbol of the geography of Sinaloa.

Arts – ‘The Mango’ symbol of the creative force of the earth.

Patasalada The Circus of the Talents

So now you know, Patasalada: The Circus of Talents! will fill the Mazatlan International Carnival 2018, We are waiting for you!