Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee is your guarantee that whenever you make a reservation with us, you’re buying at the best price.

If you find a better price, we’ll beat it!

We’ll give you the lower price, then subtract the difference from your rate.

Remember our price includes all taxes, some on the internet quote a rate before (19% tax).

Please click on CHAT, WHATSAPP, SOCIAL MEDIA or DIAL from USA: 1 800 762 5816 or CANADA: 1 866 547 5447. If after hours, you may email us with your information at website@hotelplayamazatlan.


To apply the warranty before you make your reservation online you must send by email the following information:

  • Contact details (full name, email address, telephone number and country/city).
  • Information for your reservation (Dates, Number of rooms, Number of guests: adults, juniors (13-17 years) and under 12 and the package that you want to reserve: All-Inclusive or European Plan – Room Only).
  • Copy of screen shots or site where you viewed or quoted the cheapest fare.

A sales agent of Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel crosschecks the details and will respond by email within a period no longer than 24 hours (only working days are taking into account).

Note that to apply the guarantee will be checked that it is the same hotel, same room type, same package, same dates, same number of guests, same currency, same rate restrictions for the entire stay, taxes, fees, management costs and other service costs than the other webs charged to the reservation.

The “Best Price Guarantee” does not apply if the most economical rate found is the result of the application of rates unpublished, confidential, they require a username and password to be able to see the rate indicated, or made with discount code or voucher; as corporate discount rates, group rates, rates of events or meetings, any type of checkbook, etc.

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