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The Venados de Mazatlan (Mazatlan Deers) Club Board presented to the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez and the City Council the project for the construction of the New Stadium in Mazatlan estimated for 17,000 fans.

The design of the project, led by Carlos Valenzuela Cadena, consist of three levels, a capacity for 17,000 fans and terraces with the possibility of expanding its capacity for special events, areas of cabins and VIP stands, cabins for mass media, commercial areas, snacks and restaurants. In addition it is contemplated that this new stadium meets the highest international standards, taking into account prevailing wind direction, altitude of the sea, studies of sun movement, geographical orientation, among others.

The New Baseball Stadium of Mazatlan would be located next to the Multipurpose Center (CUM) with which would have an efficient use of parking and green areas.

With this new stadium is projected to attract world championships of baseball, Caribbean Series and various events that will support the reactivation of the economy of the port.


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When you think in Mazatlan Aquarium the first thing that comes to mind are animals, shows and lots of fun… but would you like to know what makes Mazatlan Aquarium beside making yourself spend unforgettable moments in family?

One of the main objectives of Mazatlan Aquarium is the protection and conservation of nature, using teaching-learning process fun and with the quality that supports the group of experts and professionals who work in this place; which subsequently it is reflected in the exhibitions, shows and educational programs that offer to the public.

On this time we would like to share with you the journey that lived with the sea lion “Luguer” rescued within walking distance from the beaches of Mazatlan in a pile of stones and entered on 13 February to Mazatlan Aquarium facilities.


This sea lion arrived weighing 50 kilograms, with severe stomach problems, light strokes and a strong infection. After a few weeks of intensive care, balanced diet and weighing 100 kilograms, it could be released on 26 May this year.

Nowadays Mazatlan Aquarium works on a Stranding Network in coordination with the Harbour Master, seeking to make in the best conditions the major number of possible rescues.


So now you know, in your next stay in port, you have to visit Mazatlan Aquarium and leave you amazed with the beauty that Mother Nature gives us.

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mazatlanmaleconIn the coming days between Valentinos and Memorial to the Fisherman will be placing provisionally double signs on palm trees in order to create an environment of safe coexistence between people who use the Malecon of Mazatlan; thus was announced by the Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Mountain Biking, Carlos Suarez.

What is looked with this initiative is to see how people react. The intention is to leave it permanent and formalize the Bike Lane, making the seawall a safer area.

In this first stage will be placed 20 circular signals and 2 regulations in the points start-end of the “Coexistence Way”. Half of the sidewalk of the Malecon which is located by the sea, it will only be used by pedestrians, people who exercise or walk with their pets, while the other half located on Del Mar Avenue will be used by cyclists or people who walk on wheels.

Notably, at the same time that starts with signaling, will begin an awareness campaign.

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Birds Island Mazatlan

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One of the natural attractions that you will find when visiting the heavenly port of Mazatlan are its Three Islands, ecological and recreational space for visitors.

The Three Islands of Mazatlan has been named by the species that inhabit them or lived and its names are: Birds, Deer and Sea Lions Island.

The most visited island is the “Deer Island” characterized by its beautiful and extensive beaches and is considered one of the best places for snorkeling.

Not so famous but with exuberant vegetation we have the Birds Island, which you fall in love for the magnificent view of Mazatlan’s bay.

To the Three Islands you can arrive by boat, kayak or catamaran.

Whatever the medium you choose, do not forget to visit the Three Islands of Mazatlan, a natural attraction of the Pacific Pearl.

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distinctivemodernizamazatlanairportThe upward trend that is taking the Mazatlan International Airport “Rafael Buelna” thanks to its increased airline connectivity and to investments that recently were realized to place it at the forefront of other international airports; the airport operators are receiving training to acquire the Distinctive Moderniza issued by the Ministry of Federal Tourism.

The Distinctive Moderniza is the highest recognition awarded by the Ministry of Tourism and supports the adoption of best practices and distinction Tourist Model Company.

With this the Mazatlan International Airport seeks to increase its profitability and competitiveness, offering its services in an effective and modern way to enable it to meet the expectations of its customers.

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Next year the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa will vibrate with the best of one of the most popular sports in Mexico, baseball, as from 1 to 7 February the capital of the beautiful state will host the Caribbean Series 2017 where the winning teams of professional winter leagues of the countries that are members of the Confederation of Professional Baseball in the Caribbean (CBPC): Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Mexico face off in a sports tournament where talent and teamwork is impregnated in the field.

For its part the Club Tomateros de Culiacan officially presented the program for the Caribbean Series 2017 where there are contemplating cultural and recreational events for families who gathered at this sports festival.

So now you know, plan your trip with time and be part of the Caribbean Series 2017!

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moduloprofecoOn the occasion of the upcoming holiday period “Summer 2016″ the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer in Sinaloa (PROFECO, for short), in conjunction with SECTUR Sinaloa (Federal Secretariat of Tourism) and Mazatlan Town Hall, have prepared an Operation through which in closer and coordinated cooperation will work to provide better services to the tourists that are visiting the port of Mazatlan respecting and asserting their rights as consumers.

Both PROFECO as SECTUR are two of the government institutions that are to support the tourist at all times as what there is had contemplated the installation of Consumer Services Modules at Del Mar and Rafael Buelna Avenue and bus terminals.

The Delegate of the PROFECO in Sinaloa mentioned that one of the items that will be caring is that public transport dealers, stores, shops and tourist service providers perform an adequate commercial behavior, respecting prices and promotions offered to tourists.

So if you plan to travel out it is essential that you bring all the information in order that the tourist service providers do not surprised. Remember that PROFECO is to support you.

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“Travel by Mexico” starts in Sinaloa

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The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rafael Lizarraga Favela, announced that the national program “Travel by Mexico” will begin in late August or early September in the beautiful state of Sinaloa through which will promote the ports of Mazatlan, Altata and Topolobampo as well as the Magic Towns of Mocorito, El Fuerte, Rosario and Cosala.

“Travel by Mexico” is a program promoted by the Government of Mexico that seeks to benefit low income people; designing vacation packages with preferential rates for thus know the tourist diversity that encloses Mexico.

For this first stage is expected the visit of indigenous children from the center of the country, who for the first time would know the sea in the port of Mazatlan and is also planning a visit to the Culiacan’s Theme Park.

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With the participation of a large number of attendees from Mazatlan, Mexican Republic and foreign tourists, last Saturday 11 July was lived in fullness Music Day Mazatlan 2016 where numerous groups of pop, jazz, reggae, rock, classical, among others, shared their best melodies in an evening full of fun taking as perfect frame the traditional Historic Center of Mazatlan.

Relive with us Mazatlan Music Day 2016!


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picorivera_mazatlanAuthorities of Mazatlan and Pico Rivera, California signed Twinning Covenant with which both cities undertake to establish business relationships and investment projects that allow the generation of jobs and development.

To the event developed in the council room of the port, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, handed over the keys of the city and naming as a distinguished guest to the Mayor of Pico Rivera, California, David Armenta.

Both Mayors highlighted the productive impact that will have this twinning, contemplating realize important negotiations for the month of November with entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, musicians, representatives of the construction and entertainment industry.


Congratulations to Mazatlan and Pico Rivera!

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