Onca Explorations

Onca Explorations

oncaexplorationswhalewatchEvery winter thousands of humpback whales make a trip of over 5,000 kilometres from the cold waters of the west coast of North America where they feed, to the tropical Mexican Pacific waters where they breed and give birth to their young.

This natural spectacle is a chance to live in Mazatlan through Onca Explorations, mexican agency dedicated to the design and operation of nature trips and expeditions for observing wildlife.

oncaexplorationsdolphinsOnca’s expeditions are specially designed to live the true nature and essence of northwestern Mexico with a team of experienced guides, plus when traveling with Onca Explorations a percentage of your payment is intended to cover campaigns and environmental education, and programs for the conservation and monitoring wildlife.

So if you want to stay away from big cities and crowds and live a truly natural experience, Onca Explorations is the best choice for you by offering:

  • Humpback Whale Watch (the whale watching season in Mazatlan begins oncaexplorationskayakDecember 15th and ends on April 15th, January and February being the best months for the activity).
  • Swim with Dolphins in their natural habitat (includes basic snorkeling equipment).
  • Bay, Kayak and Snorkel in Islands (Mazatlan’s Bay and its unique archipelago of islands and islets make it one of the best places to swim and to do snorkel).
  • The Labradas: Petroglyphs (they are the only petroglyphs registered in a beach zone along the whole American continent and constitute one of the most ancient artistic expressions of the north of Mexico).

Come to Mazatlan and discover its riches through Onca Explorations, a truly natural experience!

For more information or reservation visit: http://oncaexplorations.com/site/
Pino Suarez Market

Pino Suarez Market

First opened in 1899, the Pino Suarez central market has been continuously operating for more than 110 years. This classic warehouse-style vaulted metal and glass structure covers a full city block. It is one of the most visited spots in Mazatlan, so don´t miss it.

Shopping Time

Shopping Time

seashellcitymazatlanOne of the most fun and that you should do on your next visit to Mazatlan, is to go to shopping. Here we will give you some tips and recommendations that will make your day shopping, an experience, unforgettable.

etnikaCrafts. What better souvenir to take a piece hand carved that takes implicit the creativity and dedication of our craftsmen. From handicrafts made of clay, to sea shells, wood, silver; in Mazatlan you will find a wide range of options, including:

  • Sea Shell Museum. Opened in November 1979 in the Golden Zone of Mazatlan, in the Shell Museum you can admire a splendid collection of shells, snails and marine remains on display in this room, and you can also buy beautiful handicrafts made mainly of marine products.
  • Casa Antigua. Located in a 19th century mansion in the historic center of Mazatlan, offers a unique space for silver, paper mache and clay, where visitors can admire and purchase crafts from Mazatlan and other parts of Mexico such as Chiapas, Oaxaca and Nayarit.
  • nidartgalleryEtnika House. It is an art supply store offering unique and original articles to its visitors, from accessories, handbags and home decor. Through excellent service, Etnika House is classified in Tripadvisor as the best place to go shopping in Mazatlan. The appointment is at 50 Sixto Osuna st, Centro.
  • Gandava. Located in 616 Constitution st, Centro, in Gandava you will find international and Mexican crafts, handmade musical instruments, jewelry and decorative arts.
  • Nidart Gallery. Nidart is a nest of craftsmen founded in 1992 by Rak and Loa as a family workshop to showcase and sell their artwork leather and clay. Located one block from the Angela Peralta Theater, Nidart Gallery offers ceramics, magnets, leather masks, fountains, sculptures and crafts.

marketJewelry. If it comes to jewelry, the Golden Zone has a variety of options for all tastes and budgets. Gemstone jewelry, silver, based on marine products and other local materials, the Golden Zone has a large number of high quality shops.

If besides quality looking fashionable and fun jewelry, Plazuela Machado is another good option for you, since the nights of Saturday around the square are placed booths offering different alternatives and at a very good price.

Seafood. If you are interested in taking a sample of the cuisine of our port, in the center of the city one finds a section of women selling fresh seafood and dried shrimp packaged and ready for your trip. Best known as the ‘changueras’, you will find good seafood at a competitive price. Pino Suarez Market also is another excellent option to buy seafood.

pinosuarez_marketMazatlan Souvenirs. There are a myriad of places that offer a souvenir of Mazatlan. Some of our recommendations are:

Paseo Olas Altas (high waves) placed various stalls with souvenirs from Mazatlan, from a key chain, clothing and pieces carved in wood. Pino Suarez Market, the Golden Zone and the Historical Center are other places that should be on your way.

Clothing. Mazatlan offers a wide range of clothing brands recognized internationally as craft. On your next visit, do not forget to stop by Galleries Mall, Gran Plaza Mall, Pino Suarez Market, City Centre, Golden Zone, where you’ll find sizes, prices and tastes for the whole family.

lacomerSupermarket. One of the preferred options for our tourists who have the opportunity to stay in a room that is equipped with a kitchenette, is fill their super in the ‘Mega Comercial’, since the vast variety of products and proximity to the hotel zone, makes it an excellent choice.

onilikanLiquors. If you’re looking for handcrafted liquors of Mazatlan, Onilikan is what you’re looking for.

Located in the Golden Zone of Mazatlan, Onilikan manufactures five products containing alcohol, 100% natural, made exclusively of mango and blue agave from Sinaloa. During your visit you may be offered a tour for the facilities which will explain the production process is carried out as well as you can taste and buy the products they manufacture.

Stone Island

Stone Island

stoneislandpierThe city of Mazatlan, known as the Pearl of the Pacific for its beautiful beaches, the excitement of its people and its rich marine life and cuisine, is located northwest of Mexico and is the second most important town in the state of Sinaloa.

The beauty of this port is framed by countless natural attractions, within which stands the famous Stone Island offers miles of virgin beaches with lush vegetation and diversity of seabirds.

The Stone Island located south of Mazatlan and about 5000 inhabitants offers one of the largest coconut plantations in the world. To get there you can make a short trip by boat or by road, but well worth the experience to live in typical boats outboard engines where you can see the cliffs and the majestic natural harbor lighthouse.

stoneisland_palmtreesAmong the activities available during your stay in the Stone Island include: taking ground transportation for a trip around the island, walks on virgin beaches, camping, horseback riding, water sports (jet skiing, surfing, the traditional banana), sand games (volleyball, soccer) and certainly can not fail to enjoy its quiet beaches and gentle waves of the sea.

The gastronomy of the island is another charm that should take and who have settled many restaurants where the main dish is Fish Zarandeado, a variety of seafood prepared with the seasoning of the port and the traditional coco drink.

We can not fail to mention the ecological aspect of the island where you can see many species of marine and terrestrial fauna and a nourished typical local flora, such as mangroves, wild flowers, fruit trees, among others.

Go to Stone Island and learn and explore all the attractions is an experience to live and enjoy when visiting in Mazatlan.

Be left to wrap for the beauties of our port and know a bit about the wealths of Mexico.


Vive Mazatlan, Vive Mexico!

Las Labradas

Las Labradas

In a small port called Barras de Piaxtlain the town of San Ignacio, to the south of Sinaloa’s state, is located on the beach a beautiful archaeological site called “Las Labradas”.

“Las Labradas” is a set of petroglyphs dating from the IX and X. These abstract expressions represent the testimony of hundreds of years of symbolic tradition elaborated in stone by the ancient native of the American continent. Their importance is that they are a testament to the beliefs of the ancient inhabitants, of the real and sacred.

“Las Labradas” Toltec origin are artistic expressions that were carved into solid and sharp stones, it is known that the religious leader of the Toltecs, who was the guardian of tradition and social stability, carved into the rock what it saw in dreams and visions. To the surprise of many, “Las Labradas” are in an excellent state of preservation in spite of the environment to which they are exposed, because it is a work that you can admire in the sea shore.

The National Institute of Archaeology and History has conducted research on petroglyphs in the region and is considered one of the most important rock art in the America continent where you will find diverse forms carved of plants, flowers, fish, humans and zoomorphic.

Vive Sinaloa and discover the wonders that keep our state!