turtlesOne of the most extraordinary experiences that can be enjoyed in Family in the beautiful port of Mazatlan is the Release of Sea Turtles and this is thanks to the efforts and preservation program that directs staff of Mazatlan Aquarium.

With a lot of expectation and samples of wonder and joy, yesterday afternoon, authorities of Mazatlan Aquarium in the company of dozens of tourists and residents of the port participating in the release of 700 baby olive ridley and black turtles, of which the above mentioned represent a great achievement for the institution as it was just 2 months ago when the eggs of black turtles were found on Del Mar Avenue.

aquariumturtleprogramPrior to the release, Jose Barron Hernandez, Coordinator Aquarium Turtle Program, explained to the presents the differences that have each of these two species and noted that of the 8 species of turtles in the world, 7 live in the Mexican beaches and sadly of every 100 released, only one or two make it to adult stage.

The next release of the turtles will have this Saturday as part of the program of the Great Marathon Pacific Mazatlan 2013. The appointment is at 5:00 pm in front of the monument to the Sea Lions.

Attends with your Family and promotes the conservation of our wildlife!