Have you ever dreamt of having a perfect wedding, at the perfect location, with the perfect services and not much stress? The Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel offers you the perfect mix of all of the above. Catering to groups of up to 600 people, we are sure to help in creating the wedding you have always dreamt of. Take advantage of our professional catering team, wedding and event planner, in-house Chef-Baker, service staff, location, facilities and 60 years of experience in planning; all coming together for your very own destination wedding.

Bored of those traditional business retreats?, Stressed from being unable to travel with family and keeping your business afloat?, Looking for a place to go with your employees where you can have a fun retreat while still being able to accomplish company goals? The Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel is the perfect location for you to accomplish all of the above. Whether it be sitting in your room over a hot cup of coffee as you look out at the scenery and answer some emails, or sitting in a conference room for a company pep rally, we are sure to meet any and all of your needs. All of our property offers you complimentary fiber-optic Wifi, We have multiple conference room for small meetings (6) to large scale conferences (600), our concierge office is sure to assist with any specific printing or office needs.

Relax – Sit on the beach, by the pool or on your own personal balcony, go to our SPA and get pampered or go to our clinical SPA and get rejuvenated all while getting treated to one of our pool/ beachside snacks. Indulge – Enjoy 5 star service complimented by a world renown view at any of our 5 Restaurants and create an unforgettable memory of any date. Amaze – Even the most difficult of tourist can easily be amazed by any of our shows, facilities and amenities, or travel to a nearby tour to learn about the over 2000 year old history of the territory or the 300 year old port and all of our art and historic district.