touristattentionmoduleIn order to provide the best service and attention to all visitors who visit the beautiful port of Mazatlan during the summer holiday period, the Ministry of Public Security and Traffic Municipal put into operation five modules of attention to the tourist located in strategic areas of the coastal walk.

The attention modules are located at Del Mar Avenue at ‘Universidad de Occidente’ level, next to Valentino’s disco, in the Shield of Sinaloa in Olas Altas and the Monument to the Fisherman and Continuity of Life; in them you can get information about the various tourist sites in the city, its history, places of interest, orientation, reception and care of lost children, among other services.

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forcleanermazatlan2015The Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, accompanied by Vice President of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies, Carlos Berdegue Sacristan, gave the green light to start the program “For Cleaner Mazatlan, Summer 2015″ which has as aim to clean daily the Mazatlan beaches to give a better image to tourists.

“For Cleaner Mazatlan, Summer 2015″ is born from the joint action between the tourism businessman and municipal authorities, which involved 50 people who will be responsible for daily cleaning beaches from Valentino’s to Cerritos and where they also have the support of the equipment of machines of sweepers and garbage collection.

forcleanermazatlanThis work will be realized for six weeks where the salary of the participants shall be provided by the businessman as well as the municipal authority.

Likewise there was announced that cleaning will be reinforced in the “Glorieta Sanchez Taboada” some other beach areas and the Stone Island; in order to attend to the citizens’ complaints that have been received by the visual pollution presented and contribute to the good image that should give Mazatlan to its visitors.

Congratulations with this kind of initiative and call to the whole population and tourists not to throw trash in the street or on the beach, respect the signs and have a responsible attitude towards the environment, thus not only contribute to keep Mazatlan in the taste of tourists but moving towards a sustainable life plan.

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playa_gaviotasThe Department of Ecology and Environment of the City through the Committee of Clean Beaches (Playas Limpias) seeks to obtain the Blue Flag Certification for Playa Gaviotas with the aim of positioning Mazatlan as a sustainable tourism destination internationally.

The Blue Flag Certification is a badge that has become the most important worldwide, which is awarded by the non-governmental, non-profit organisation the Foundation for Environmental Education (FFE) for the sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Other Services.

Having this flag would allow to Mazatlan to position itself as a destination of great level that seeks to continue to grow in an orderly and sustainable manner, for which the coordinated work of authorities, hoteliers and service providers is needed because within the requirements are:

  • Sampling of the quality of the water.
  • Appropriate disposal of trash.
  • Daily cleaning of the beach.
  • Signaling.
  • Monitoring.
  • Zoning of land and water activities.
  • Creating access for people with special capabilities.
  • Showers, restrooms, among others.
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As part of the 360 years of its founding, El Rosario Sinaloa prepares a series of activities to celebrate this cultural tradition that characterizes it.

So we invite you to know the activities that will be part of the celebration and be part of the foundation of the ‘Real de Minas de Nuestra Señora del Rosario’ in a healthy and completely familiar environment.

El Rosario Sinaloa will celebrate its 360 anniversary
Friday July 31
Motorcycle tour "Route the Rosarazo 2015" and presentation of the animator "Chenchito".
Sunday August 2
06:00 - Triathlon in the "Laguna del Iguanero".
Monday August 3
10:00 – Pictorial exhibition of artists at the City Hall.
17:00 - Parade of tractors and horses through the main streets of the city.
18:30 - Celebration with a giant cake in the Municipal Esplanade.
20:00 - Singing Contest.
Thursday August 6
17:00 - Presentation of the book "Composition of Land and Hispanic Trends settlements in the coastal strip, Culiacan, Chiametla, XVII and XVIII centuries" of Gilberto Lopez Castillo.
18:30 – Ribbon cutting of the Expo Magic Village in the "Laguna del Iguanero" where will be displayed handicrafts, food and traditional sweets.

The activities will conclude with an artistic and cultural festival enlivened by Nartoomid Barraza, winner of the “Me pongo de Pie” program and a festival of lights.

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Located in Central Mexico is a tropical getaway equipped with all the attractions human beings can imagine: zip line, rock climbing wall, concert venue. The latter is called the Venado Show Room which is located inside the playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel. Starting august and ending March, Hotel Playa Mazatlán will be hosting Playapalooza a rock festival based off the legendary lollapalooza.

What is Lollapalooza?

Lallapallooza is a rock festival reoccurring annually that features the major players in rock, heavy metal, punk, hip hop, dance, and even comedy acts. What’s more, the event serves as a launching pad for non-profit charities to solicit donations with the help of artists and the carefree vibe emitted from the legendary rock festival.  What began as a farewell tour for an alternative band, Janes Addiction, has evolved rapidly into a modern day Woodstock. However, unlike Woodstock which took place in a fixed location, Lollapalooza visits a different city every two days so that everyone can take part in the fun. These festivals will typically draw more than 160,000 people over a two to three day period.

Come Enjoy the Sun and Fun

In order to bring Lallapalooza directly to your beach front paradise, we have created Playapalooza for our beloved guests. At Playapalooza, guest can expect to hear a myriad of genres including American Rock, Mexican Rock, Contemporary Rock, Rockabilly, Glam Rock, and Country Rock. International talent will be flown in to play alongside local talent. The ultimate goal is to establish “Venados” Show Room within the main stream music community.

Come on by!

We can’t wait for you to come on by and share the music, sun, and fun. One look at our sandy beaches, and rusty sunsets, and you’ll wish to stay forever. Feel free to reach out to us at Hotel Mazatlan to learn more.


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premiomeritoempresarialrestauranteroFor the first time in 23 years the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (CANIRAC) award with the Restaurant Management Merit Prize to a restaurant Sinaloense placed as an example of a dynamic and modern business culture with recognized leadership and a great vocation for service at the national level; we refer to the very famous restaurant “El Meson de los Laureanos” nestled in the rural village of El Quelite, Sinaloa.

The Restaurant Management Merit Prize is the highest quality recognition that the CANIRAC grants to members of the restaurant economic activity, which have contributed, researched, innovative and/or promoted the culinary art, distinguished in the hygiene management in its operations, excellence in service and the high quality of food that they sell.

All the winners are selected by a panel of distinguished personalities of the restaurant industry and national cuisine as well as suppliers, consultants and authorities.

We extend a warm and sincere congratulations to all those who are part of “El Meson de los Laureanos” and especially to its founder and director Dr. Marcos Gabriel Osuna Tirado for the delivery and effort that throughout the years have permeated to make this restaurant and rural village “El Quelite” on one of the icons of Sinaloa that should not miss to visit.

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dronestagramThe use of drones in photography over the past decade has become the way that photographers can immortalize scenes that twenty years ago would never have imagined and although previously were only associated with military surveillance, nowadays they manage to obtain perspectives of natural wonders without exploring.

It is response to this need for exploration and fascination for the second consecutive year “Dronestagram” in collaboration with “National Geographic” announce the winners of the photography contest realized from drones, which is divided into three categories:

  1. Landscapes.
  2. Nature.
  3. “Dronies” (selfies captured from a drone).

If that weren’t enough, it is recognized with the award for the most popular photography who manages to get the highest number of “Like” from the Internet users (most of them specialized in photography and video with drone).

clavadistamazatlanIt is a pride to announce that more than 5,000 photographs submitted by professional and amateur photographers from around the world, “Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada” located in Mazatlan, Sinaloa and captured by the young mazatleco Alejandro Ochoa won third place in the “Award for the most popular”.

This photograph captures the challenge facing every day “Divers of Mazatlan” to find the exact time and point to throw from the Square towards the sea and come out alive.

Alejandro Ochoa has 30 years and is currently devoted to photography and video recording. Part of the Ambassadors Project, which is a selection of 43 people around the world who the organizer site “Dronestagram” gave them a drone for six months with the commitment to record videos and take photos of emblematic sites. Alejandro decided to pursue promote Mazatlan through its Malecon, the Carpa Olivera and the Cerro de la Cruz, was where organizers discovered his photography and incited it to take part in the contest.

It is a pride for Hotel Playa Mazatlan to publicize this kind of news that placed to Mazatlan in the eyes of the world!

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Starting November and ending in March, Hotel Playa Mazatlan and Gaudet Productions will present a highly entertaining night of stand-up comedy in the Venados showroom. This season will attract some of the top performers in the US and Canada. Many of the performers have appeared on prime time TV and famous comedy clubs all around the world. Following the immense success of the first season, Hotel Mazatlan hopes to surpass itself this year, and it seems likely they will.

Where it Takes Place

Hotel Mazatlan’s legendary Venados showroom has hosted a wide array of Hollywood celebrities. The unique design and state of the art sound equipment is unparalleled anywhere else in central Mexico. What’s more, the hotel management team provides delicious food and drinks to all its guests.

Who Attends

Hotel Playa Mazatlan is excited to welcome back Kat Simmons, amongst many others to the Venados show room. Anyone flocking to Hotel Playa Mazatlan can expect an amusing show to take place during their stay. To see a schedule or book a ticket click here.

What to Expect

Anyone attending an event at the Venados showroom can expect a wonderful, exciting evening, full of entertainment and fun. After a night of entertainment, guests can cool off at our beach or the pool. Perhaps the show wasn’t enough excitement for you? Well then, give our zip line or obstacle course a try. Don’t believe us? Give us a call or come on by.






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On both August 6th and August 13th, Luis Thomas will hit the Venado Show Room to entertain the guests of Hotel Playa Mazatlan. Luis Thomas’ legendary La Caricatura de las Estrellas (cartoon of the stars) involves lampooning and satirizing the often obnoxious behavior of celebrities. Thomas performs in English to make his act palatable to the guest of the Hotel Mazatlan, so no translation is necessary.

How Luis Thomas Started

Just like any other future star, Luis Thomas took a leap of faith and left for the big city to earn international stardom. He severed his studies in communication to pursue stardom in Mexico City. With the help of his father and an actress who noticed his potential, Yolanda Andrade, Thomas went on gain widespread fame for his singing, dancing and acting. Here he developed his comedy routine which involves him acting like a cartoon of the stars, a caricature of celebrity existence.

The Venado Show Room

Guests visiting Hotel Playa Mazatlan will not be disappointed by the abundance of attractions available for their entertainment. Alongside the sandy beaches of Mazatlan, guest visiting the hotel will enjoy the zip line, obstacle course, and pool equipped with a swim up bar. What’s more, guests looking for excitement or a taste of the arts, will no doubt be satisfied by our list of impressive performers who frequent the Venado Show Room at Hotel Playa Mazatlan.

Learn More

To book a ticket for the performance click here. We host the Playapalooza from March to August in order to encourage international talent to perform at our hotel. Feel free to give us a call if you have any specific questions. At Playa Mazatlan a representative is eagerly awaiting your call.

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Hotel Mazatlan is located in central Mexico on the eastern shore. Mazatlan is an area riddled with impressive sites, rich heritage, culture, and an abundance of tourist attractions. Indeed, guests can expect to lounge by the beach, catch a show, Wale watch, or make a trip to ancient Mayan periods in order to gain a glimpse into the past.

Whale Watching

If you consider yourself a biologist of sorts, then Whale watching in Mazatlan is a must. Pursue your Moby Dick accompanied by a team of biologists and oceanographers equipped to locate the undisputed alpha of the sea, the Whale. Indeed, the pursuit of a great leviathan is just one of the many attractions one can consume while in Mazatlan.

Canopy Adventure

For those adrenaline junkies out there, the Huana Coa Canopy & adventure should be right up your wheel house. Indeed, the most exciting experience for adventure sport enthusiasts. But it also doubles as a history lessons as adventures journey 130 years back in time as they descend into the Amazon rainforest abyss.

Mazatlan’s Cathedral

This is a destination geared more to the art crowd then the adrenaline junkies. The Mazatlan’s cathedral exemplifies the economic and social influence of the Catholic Church has had on Mazatlan. At the cathedral the Bishop of Mazatlan resides where he looks over his flock. Mazatlan’s cathedral boasts a highly innovative architectural design, a full service organ, and a beautiful mural depicting the holy trinity surrounded by angels and other heavenly beings (just to name a few).

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