momos_dreamsBefore more than 200,000 people “Dreams of Momo” took over the Mazatlan’s levee, leaving look sculpted works of Jorge Gonzalez Neri, Jorge Osuna, Francisco Igartua and Graciano Grande, as well as companies Monofaber and Luz Feliz, who filled in colorful, light and joy the First Mazatlan’s International Carnival Parade 2015.

mazatlanqueenAt exactly 17:30 hours started at the Monument to the Fisherman the First Mazatlan Carnival Parade 2015 structured in four sections:

Carnival Queen, with the insignia of the Phoenix as a symbol of imagination.

Queen of the Floral Games with the Firebird expressing the grace and harmony of dance.

Queen Children, with the Bird Papageno dedicated to the music.

King of Joy, with the Thunderbird.

floralgamesqueenqueenchildrenAmong the special guests was attended by Vanessa Huppenkothen, model, journalist, entertainer and presenter on Televisa Deportes; Flyweight World Champion Pedro Guevara; Alejandra Garza, singer and actress of TvAzteca and a Brazilian batucada.

Also a total of 21 carnival groups (ten of them in competition) that with joy, music and choreography kept the mood of the audience.


Do not miss the Second Mazatlan Carnival Parade, next Tuesday 17 from 16:30 starting from Mazatlan Aquarium. See you there!


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crownedqueenmazatlancarnival2015Converted into a Phoenix and dressed in beautiful royal apparel, Rocio IV was crowned on Saturday night as the Queen of Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015 where the night of fire and fantasy brightened the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium.

120 contemporary dancers on stage and members of ACHE study performed to the audience Momo trip to Earth after being expelled by the Gods of the Olympus for bad behavior and criticism. Magical beings danced with clamor for our high sovereign accompanied by her royal princesses: Joselyn, Karla, Melissa and Fernanda, to be crowned by the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, accompanied by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez.

Later, the romanticism, interpretive and vocal quality of the Mexican artist Marco Antonio Solis “El Buki” accomplished what few artists at a coronation night, cramming the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium and to sing more than 16,000 fans. Tracks like “Se va muriendo mi Alma”, “A dónde vamos a parar”, “Tú Cárcel”, “Morenita”, “Si te pudiera mentir”, among others, made vibrate the public and Rocio IV enjoyed the performance of “El Buki” who have sung to her ear and did sing a duet with him.

During the coronation also recognized Jorge Gonzalez Neri with Carnival Award for Artistic Merit on completing 25 years of experience in creating allegoric cars and puppets that adorn Mazatlan’s levee and to Maria Elena Rodriguez and Libia Zulema Farriols to meet 50 and 25 years respectively being crowned Queen of the Floral Games of Mazatlan’s Carnival.

This evening do not miss the Coronation of the Queen Children and stellar presentation of the songwriter Espinoza Paz in Olas Altas!

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kingofjoyBefore thousands of people of Mazatlan and tourists in an impregnated evening of joy, music and fun held the Coronation of King of Joy Francisco Garay and his Majesty Prince of Joy Pablo Navarrete in a majestic party where the main musical cast were “El Chapo de Sinaloa” and German Montero.

crownkingofjoyAround 22:00 hours multicolored lights gave way to honor of Jose Ramon Salas “El Chino” on the 25th anniversary of his reign, while in the midst of an allusive show American Indians appeared between applause Prince of Joy Pablo Navarrete.

germanmonteroThat’s when the singer German Montero took the stage to delight audiences with hits like El Corrido de Mazatlan, No pasa nada, La Buenona, El Golpe Traidor, between others giving guideline to the arrival of Francisco Garay who hands of the Carnival Queen, Rocio Uribe, was crowned King of Joy Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015.

elchaposinaloaBy the end of the party, was ‘El Chapo de Sinaloa’ that lifted the spirits of the audience through his ballads and corridos, leaving a good impression on the first day of Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015.

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The IT Director of the City of Mazatlan with the Director of the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, Salvador Sanchez Enciso and Raul Rico, presented this morning the official APP Mazatlan Carnival 2015: Carnaval Mazatlan.

This application lets you follow closely the greatest festival of the port as it has calendar, menu, locations, videos, photographs and addresses. Has link to the major social networks and YouTube where live events will be transmitted.

In addition you can obtain information from any incident that occurs, the transfer time from one place to another and taking photographs to be users appear automatically in real time. As if this were not enough, you can download the tourist guide of Mazatlan and the calendar of events of the six days of celebration that will live in the port.


Lives closely Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015 “Momo’s Dreams”!

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standsmaleconmazatlanThe Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, announced already started the installation work of the area stands will be available for families who come to see the two parades of Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015.

These stands will be located along the boardwalk, between Fisherman’s Monument and semaphore of the Mazatlan Aquarium. They are completely Free! And council staff, perfectly well identified, will help families in the allocation of places from 12:00 hours.

standsmazatlancarnivalFor its part, the Families who choose to place chairs in the street of seawall may do so freely, as this year, the lease of chairs was not authorized for any company.

Remember that the First Carnival Parade will start from 17:30 hours on Sunday February 15, starting from Fisherman’s Monument to Rafael Buelna Avenue.

The Second Carnival Parade starts from 16:30 hours on Tuesday 17 February, starting from Mazatlan Aquarium to Olas Altas.

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gastronomicsampleTomorrow, Thursday February 12 at the ‘Plazuela Machado’ will celebrate the opening of the Gastronomic Sample of Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015 where each restaurant will offer three special dishes, will be attended by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, Queens Carnival and public authorities, where from 3:00 pm until midnight there will be musical entertainment in the kiosk of the square.

The dishes will be on sale starting Saturday at 2:00 pm and the fun begins on Friday with performances by versatile groups from 2:00 to 5:00 pm and from 9:00 pm to 2:30 am there will be ‘banda’ and DJ’s.

We wait for you in Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015 “Dreams of Momo”

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On Friday February 6 the Afal Corporate Group made the announcement that its fast food franchise Carl’s Jr. will soon open new branches in Mazatlan to serve the community ‘mazatleca’ and the hundreds of tourists who visit the port to throughout the year.

The three new branches will be located in the Avenue Ejercito Mexicano, Rafael Buelna and in the Golden Zone and it is expected that one of them also has the service of alcoholic beverages.

Afal Corporate Group currently operates 38 restaurants in the states of Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa and Jalisco, and thanks to the opening and good results shown in Mazatlan, born the project of new branches in the port.

So if you like fast food and want a delicious burger, we invite you to visit the Carl’s Jr. branch that is closest to you.

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The Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015 is approaching and preparations are almost done, so now begins the countdown to the greatest festival of the port.

Since months ago, hundreds of workers and artists working against the clock to complete the costumes, sets, templates, floats and other details that will make this event an epic edition for the ‘mazatlecos’ and visitors as quality shows, innovation, joy and beauty is what awaits you from 12 to 17 February in Mazatlan.


If you haven’t booked a place, what do you expect? Do it Now!

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maleconmazatlanThanks to the work, coordination and vision have made public authorities, hoteliers, tourism entrepreneurs and citizens of Mazatlan, 2014 was a record year for the tourism industry, therefore, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Board of Mexico, Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, announced that Mazatlan will be included in the official campaign of Mexico “Live It To Believe it” 2015 which is directed to 24 markets worldwide.

The campaign “Live It To Believe it” will highlight the improvements of each destination in a completely new concept. For Mazatlan the coordination in promotion plans and the combination of a renewed Mazatlan has generated favorable numbers for the port, placing it as one of the spoiled destinations of the country.

Curiously, in recent days the mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, officially opened the placement of palm trees and lights along the Malecon (considered one of the longest in the world), which impregnates a touch of freshness and beauty that only Mazatlan can offer.

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Baja Style Cultural Corridor

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In order to create new spaces of cultural expression where young promises could expose their art and ideology, opens in Mazatlan the Baja Style Cultural Corridor, where every Wednesday you will appreciate the exposure of jewelry, paintings, watercolors, photographs and more of young creators of Mazatlan.

The Baja Style Cultural Corridor, a space for art, is located in Mazatlan’s Golden Zone, facing the Ocean Palace Hotel, which opened its galleries every Wednesday from 10:00.

The cultural promoter of this initiative, Irmalicia Lizarraga, commented that “in Mazatlan is experiencing a major cultural movement, many young people are focusing on artistic creation, not everyone has the opportunity to present their work as spaces that exist are insufficient, it was decided to encourage the new generation that is working in the arts, offering more space where the contact with the public is direct and opened”.

We invite you to give a walk through the Baja Style Cultural Corridor in Mazatlan and discover the art through the vision of our new talents.

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