telescopemazatlanOne of the most beautiful tourist attractions that have Mazatlan “The Pearl of the Pacific” is undoubtedly its Malecon (boardwalk), considered one of the longest in the world where you can appreciate majestic sunsets, beautiful beaches, historical monuments and hear and feel the rolling waves and the sea breeze.

That is why if you live in the port or you will visit Mazatlan we invite you to use the two new telescopes located in the Coastal Walk (close to Monument to the Family and esplanade ‘Sanchez Taboada’) that allow to contemplate in the day the Mazatlan Bay, the “Three Islands”, the stone of the Sea Lions, some urban areas and other parts of the boardwalk.

Mazatlan authorities announced that it has the proposal to place two others in Olas Altas close to the Monument to ‘Pedro Infante’ and another where is the ‘Carpa Olivera’.

Live Mazatlan and discover the richness of the “Pearl of the Pacific”!

Cost for their use is $5 mexican pesos.
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seatradecruiseglobalThe Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rafael Lizarraga, reported that during the next meeting of the Seatrade Cruise Global to be held during the month of March and where there will come authorities of SECTUR, API and a Mazatlan’s delegation, will seek to materialize the return of the rest of the cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, since the confirmation of the return of Disney Cruise Line represents a strong vote of confidence in the safety of this port.

The Seatrade Cruise Global (formerly known as Cruise Shipping Miami) is the premier global event of the cruise industry which takes place every year on the city of Miami, Florida. In it Mazatlan’s delegation seeks to maintain a strong and close relationship with the shipping companies who already visit us and at the same time ensure that new and those who had left to visit the port, return to Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, majestic tourist and fishing port located in the northwest of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean, is a perennial favorite for those looking for a beach holiday destination with warm weather, rich and vast gastronomy and with the singularity of having a beautiful Historical Center where the art and culture are part of the soft swaying of the waves.

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Disney returns to Mazatlan

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The Disney Cruise Line announces its return to Mazatlan for the year 2017; this was confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa, corroborating that its return has been agreed by the end of the season next year: on 11 and 18 October.

Undoubtedly this represents a great achievement for the port of Mazatlan because the cruise line promises to add more arrivals to the extent that the port keep peaceful and safe for tourists.

Let’s remember that in the 2011 Disney canceled its arrivals to the port by the wave of violence that afflicted some of the most representative places of Mexico, so it is very important to have regained its confidence and get it back.

It is as well as Mazatlan continues to strengthen and becoming as one of the safest and preferred tourist destinations in Mexico to enjoy as a family, friends or couple.

Live Mazatlan and enjoy the beauty of the Pearl of the Pacific!

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venados de mazatlanThe party continues in Mazatlan since after the magnificent performance that made the baseball team Venados de Mazatlan (Mazatlan Deers) in the last Caribbean Series 2016 where the team was crowned as undefeated Champion, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, announced that before the end of this year will be placed the first stone of the New Baseball Stadium of Mazatlan where it is expected an investment of close to 400 million pesos.

The area that is a property of the State Government is located near the Mazatlan’s Multipurpose Center and the investment to be deposited in it will be supported by the federal government, state, municipal and the Toledo family, current owners of the Venados de Mazatlan (Mazatlan Deers).

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Why Mazatlan

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Let yourself be pampered by the sun, beach and warmth that only Mazatlan offers you!

Because always we must take advantage of any time to rest and relax, here we tell you why Mazatlan is your best option.

mazatlan highwayClose to you by road.

Thanks to the Tepic-Mazatlan highway is already connected to the new Durango- Mazatlan highway, cities like Guadalajara, Tepic, Culiacan, Durango, Torreon, Saltillo and Monterrey are the most benefited by this great work, reducing road connection between the two cities.

Major air connection.

From December the Aeromar airline began operations with the Guadalajara-Los Mochis-Mazatlan route.

Beautiful Mexican Pacific port endowed with beaches, historical scenarios, nightlife and exquisite gastronomy.

Up in the morning, open your eyes and fell the sea breeze in your face is a great way to start your day. So one of our first advices is that if you are a person who likes to work out and take advantage of the first hours of the day, very early cross the Mazatlan’s Malecon (boardwalk).

maleconmazatlanMazatlan’s Malecon (boardwalk) with 13 miles long is considered one of the longest in the world. Sunsets, ocean views, monuments and unforgettable landscapes is what gives you this magnificent journey.

Historical Center.

The Historical Center of Mazatlan has buildings with more than 180 years old having as one of the most emblematic and visited places by many foreign and domestic tourists, the Plazuela Machado that has many restaurants and entertainment venues, right next to the emblematic Angela Peralta Theater where various plays and musicals are presented throughout the year.

During your tour you cannot miss the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, whose candelabras, facade of Gothic influence and baroque style will blow you away.

cathedralimmaculateconceptionThe Plazuela Zaragoza built in honor of General Ignacio Zaragoza was built in 1954 and where every afternoon older adults congregate to dance to the rhythm of salsa and danzon. It is also the preferred place for all regulars of eats healthily because every Saturday it gathers the Organic Market.


Whether in the Marina of Mazatlan, Golden Zone or Historical Center, Mazatlan offers a wide range of options for all tastes and ages.

Sport Fishing and golf.

If you love the Golf or sport fishing, Mazatlan offers several options for you to spend a sensational sports day.

mazatlanaquariumFor the Kids.

Not to be missed the Mazatlan Aquarium, a walk through the city in a ‘pulmonia’, shopping malls with centers game and such a rich dip in the swimming pool or in the Pacific Ocean.


And if you simply want to enjoy a delicious natural tan at the edge of the beach, reading your favorite book or taking a delicious drink, Mazatlan gives you several beaches that according to their characteristics you can enjoy with your family, friends or partner.

Escape to Mazatlan and be pampered by the Pearl of the Pacific!

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Playapalooza and Comedy Club

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 Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel proudly presents


Waiting list for Second Show!

Comedy Club: Corny Rempel & Cathy Ladman

February 11th

Contact Concierge for more Information

Chief Concierge

Elizabeth Regalado
Av. Playa Gaviotas 202, Apdo. Postal 207
Zona Dorada. Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico 82110
Tel: +52 (669) 989 0555 ext. 34
Direct Line: +52 (669) 913 5320

Toll Free
From Mexico: 01 800 716 9567
From USA: 1 800 762 5816
From Canada: 1 866 547 5447

Send your request to our Concierge using the form below.






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libramientomazatlanThe young Sinaloense Roberto Veliz Rojo was the winner of the National Photography Contest “Mexico through the Works” promoted by the Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT) with a picture of one of the most recent works in the ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’.

robertovelizrojoThe winning image should reflect the dimension, beauty, harmony with the environment and the benefits to the community.

After an arduous work of selection, the image of ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ captured by the young Sinaloense Roberto Veliz Rojo was the winner, it will be part of a group exhibition that will be presented at the mezzanine of the SCT, in the SCT Center of each state of the Mexican Republic and in the official twitter account of the Secretariat.


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The heavenly port of Mazatlan has been elected as the tourist destination that will be the image of the National Campaign Spring-Summer 2016 of the department store chain Sears, for which recording and photographic sessions were realized in different locations where will highlight the beauty of its beaches, urban architecture and historical center.

For the Campaign Spring-Summer 2016 of Sears two production teams realized an arduous days of work in locations such as the Ocean Breeze hotel, Historic Center, Angela Peralta Theater, Plazuela Machado, Malecon, the Monument to the Shield of Sinaloa, the Monument to the Life, Olas Altas, Angel Flores street and Marina Mazatlan.

Thus Mazatlan with its beauties reappears as the perfect setting to promote clothing trends for spring-summer season, a privilege that was previously received by other destinations such as Acapulco, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

The marketing strategy for the campaign include spots to be broadcast on television, print catalog and social networks covering each of the 91 stores that Sears has in Mexico.


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kingofjoy mazatlanOn Friday January 15 in a tight competition were presented the new sovereigns of the Mazatlan Carnival International 2016 “Mazatlantida the allegory that emerged from the waves” where the little Ana Emilia Contreras Valdes won the Children’s Reign and the doctor Bernardo Camacho received the title of King of Joy.

princeofjoy_mazatlanAfter months of arduous preparation and before an audience that filled the Plazuela Republica, on Friday afternoon the long-awaited final count was realized where the batons of all candidates were the cherry on the cake.

The event was attended by eleven beautiful women that would compete a day later by the maximum crown of the Mazatlan Carnival, the event authority and Grupo Fussion, who was in charge of entertaining the event.

Meanwhile the girl Diseret Berenice Villa Canizalez obtained the second place becoming the Queen of Poetry of Mazatlantida and Saul Ignacio Miranda was invested as Prince of Joy of Mazatlan’s Carnival.

childrenqueenFrom 4 to 9 February the beautiful port of Mazatlan will vibrate with the celebration of its maximum holiday, the Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2016 that will go for motto: “Mazatlantida, the allegory that emerged from the waves,” which is recognized as one of the best carnivals of Mexico not just for its beauty but also by its colorful, quality, music, art, fun and happiness that permeates in each of its events.

Congratulations to the new Queen and King, Princes and Princesses of the Mazatlan Carnival 2016!

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carnavalmazatlanqueens2016In a vibrant night full of color, beauty and joy, Mazatlan discovered the new sovereign of the Carnaval “Mazatlantida, the allegory that emerged from the waves” where Daniela Tostado Farriols won the title of the Carnaval Queen and Blanca Herrera Corona obtained Reign of the Floral Games.

queenmazatlancarnivalTaking as a perfect frame the majestic Angela Peralta Theater, 11 candidates showed her beauty and personality in a competition that tested their charisma and confidence.

Under Lorena Lizarraga conduction, Mazatlan Carnival Queen 2014 and the actor Pablo Lyle, who later would receive from Mayor Carlos Felton the Prophet in his Earth Award, the event flowed smoothly in a show that brought together the social classes, cultural and economic aspects of Mazatlan society.

After two rounds of qualifying criterion, beauty and stage control, the results favored to Daniela and Blanca who received their royal bands with the rhythm of Banda La Mazatleca.

From 4 to 9 February the beautiful port of Mazatlan will vibrate with the celebration of its maximum holiday, the Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2016 that will go for motto: “Mazatlantida, the allegory that emerged from the waves,” which is recognized as one of the best carnivals of Mexico not just for its beauty but also by its colorful, quality, music, art, fun and happiness that permeates in each of its events.

Congratulations to the new Queens of Mazatlan Carnival 2016!

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