International Congress of Medicine Lobos 2015The Autonomous University of Durango Campus Mazatlan starred its first International Congress of Medicine Lobos 2015 in which managed to bring nearly 3,000 students from the nine campus that the university has in the country.

With the presence of the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, the Rector of the Autonomous University of Durango, Mariano Soriana Sariñana and the most recognized doctors of health-care institutions of Sinaloa, where the student medical community actively participated during the opening ceremony.

During the International Congress of Medicine Lobos 2015 participants will attend 12 conferences with leading edge topics, 3 lectures, 18 workshops with international certifications by “The American Heart Association” and 3 academic competitions, as well as the intervention of the renowned Dr. Roy Perez Tamayo, author of books like “The medical nutrition in Mexico in the XXI Century” and “Medical ethics in the Mexican health system.”

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swellMaritime authorities have issued a new warning to the entire Mexican Pacific for Tuesday May 12, where it is expected to register again the phenomenon Swell from the state of Chiapas to Sinaloa, for which we exhort the whole community of Mazatlan and tourists who are visiting the port to take precautions body obeying the signs of life and avoiding entering the sea.

Swell Phenomenon is a long and continuous waves generated by ocean storms accompanied by strong winds. While it is true that it does not constitute a danger as it would be a tsunami, the wave of Swell up not with great force but with the impetus to put in risk the buildings built on the sea shore and even cause injury to persons that are close to the collision of the sea with the surface.

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Concordia Nature Tourism

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With the aim to promote and stimulate the nature tourism and adventure that is practiced in the Sierra of Concordia, tour operators and travel agencies from the city of Culiacan will integrate the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa to stimulate the supply of travel packages to the ecotourism cabins in El Paraiso in “El Nacaral” located in the community of Santa Lucia, Concordia where visitors can enjoy pleasant stays in direct contact with nature, flora and fauna of the region.

Approximately 60 minutes from the beautiful port of Mazatlan and just 15 minutes from the Baluarte Bridge the cabins “El Nacaral” are equipped with comfortable facilities for overnight and offers its visitors attractions such as hiking, bird watching, petroglyphs, sawmills, Alcatraz flower plantations, gastronomy and camping areas.

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From 7 to 10 May seven national media will realize a familiarization trip (fam trip) in the southern Sinaloa to know the crafts of Sinaloa and promote it as a tourist attraction, offering spaces that allow to our artisans disseminate their work and creations.


This “fam trip” promoted by the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan includes the visit to:

  • Shell Museum in Mazatlan.
  • Onilikan Factory.
  • Vinata of Los Osuna.
  • Manufacturing process of “Suaves” (regional candy produced from coconut marshmallow).
  • Making crafts in bule in “El Tablon Viejo” and “Las Barcinas” (El Rosario and Escuinapa).
  • Leather Goods (La Noria).
  • Manufacture of tiles by hand (Malpica, Concordia).
  • Elaboration of canned papaya (El Rodeo, Cosala).

On this familiarization trip the media that have confirmed are: México Desconocido, Newspaper Reforma (suplemento De Viaje), El Universal (suplemento Destinos), Magazine Conceptos Turísticos, Traveler Guide to Mexico, Viaja Bonito y Reportour 98.5 FM and the Magazine Tiempo Libre.

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On May 5, 1900 opens its doors for the first time in Mazatlan Manuel Romero Rubio Market, also called the “iron palace” and known today as Pino Suarez Market, name decreed on February 14, 1915 in honor of Vice President of Mexico Jose Maria Pino Suarez, who was killed along with Francisco I. Madero one year after having visited Mazatlan in 1913.

The Municipal Market of Mazatlan “Pino Suarez” was designed and built by Mr. Alejandro Loubet, constructed in iron and steel and based on the Art Nouveau style, using the same techniques that were used seven years before in the construction of the Eiffel Tower. This new building work marked the history of Mazatlan placing it as the center of trade and industry more progressive of the country.

Over time, the Pino Suarez Market has undergone major changes that have been placed as a historic bridge between the past and present. Today it remains one of the main centers of trade in Mazatlan and one of the most visited by tourists thanks to its splendid location in the heart of the city.

The Pino Suarez Market is an architectural gem not only for Mazatlan, but nationally where it is placed as one of the signs of history and culture, considering the type of structure of the property and the time that has remained with the doors open to the service of society.

If you are visiting the port, we invite you to discover a jewel of culture and history of Mazatlan.

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Remodeling of the Carpa Olivera

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carpaoliveraoldIn order to rescue the emblematic and iconic places of Mazatlan, municipal authorities perform the remodeling of the Carpa Olivera nestled in the Paseo Olas Altas and dating from 1914; for which it has done over 4 million pesos investment.

Carpa Olivera was opened in 1914 by the Chilean chef Antonio Olivera, who as a result of his many trips to Portugal had the idea to create a recreational space in front of the sea, which had a saltwater pool, a spa and restaurant, however in 1975 due to the impact of Hurricane Olivia was completely destroyed, taking a small restoration in 2000.

remodelingcarpaoliveraCurrently the remodeling work includes the lining of ramps and walkways, regeneration of the pool floor and bathrooms, placing an interactive fountain, a slide, street furniture and benches.

Also there are plans to restore railings of stainless steel, the placement of an electrical installation of the first generation, a cistern to recycle the water chlorinated of the pool, landscape architecture and signage.

As it was expressed by the Mayor of Mazatlán, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, what is looked with this remodeling is a comprehensive rescue of Mazatlan’s Historical Center making the Carpa Olivera back to what it was in the past: an attractive place to contribute to the meeting of the Families.

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Yesterday morning the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, accompanied by the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, the holder of the Ministry of Communications and Transport, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, municipal, federal authorities and entrepreneurs; officially opened the ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ highway, construction of 31 kilometers of length that will allow for better connection of the Mexico 15 highway with the Tepic-Mazatlan and Mazatlan-Durango.

The ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ is a work that was built by Ideal Group, owned by businessman Carlos Slim, whose investment was 1,800 million pesos. One of its advantages is in reducing travel time between the port of Mazatlan and the city of Matamoros, opening more opportunities for growth and development for the municipality. Also it comes to promoting logistics connectivity to connect the Mazatlan-Culiacan, Tepic-Villa Union and Mazatlan-Durango highway, which will favor the road flow, tourism, trade and productivity.

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cyclist_sinaloadeleyvaThis weekend officially launched the program “Know my Municipality” (Conoce mi Municipio) promoted by the Ministry of Tourism of the State in Sinaloa de Leyva where during two days of continuous activities was received the participation and visit by more than 1,500 people achieving a successful start of the program.

estrellasdesinaloa_germanlizarragaIn Sinaloa de Leyva visitors could participate in cross country cyclist over 45 kilometers route, which toured the rural area and surrounding towns like Opochi, Las Playas, Los Horcones, Porohui, among others.

Meanwhile lovers of the 4×4 vehicles had the opportunity to join extreme off-road routes through Baburia, Maripa, Maripita, between others.

For those who preferred the tranquility and beauty of the town, the gastronomic exhibition, handicrafts and productivity were of great interest activities which could not miss the rodeo fair that attracted a large number of visitors.

Later at nightfall the band “Estrellas de Sinaloa” of Don German Lizarraga was responsible for carrying out the great closing of this first day of activities, spreading its rhythm and joy to all present.


We look forward in the second edition of the program “Know my Municipality” this time visiting the beautiful city of Concordia!


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angelaperaltatheaterDuring 5 days 25 travel agents from 19 companies tour operators of Canada were visiting Mazatlan on a familiarization trip in order to know its natural beauty, tourist attractions, tours, culinary richness and culture of this beautiful port and consequently promote the destination in the Canadian market.

The group of specialists from the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Kewlona were selected by the international airline Westjet, which headquarters is located in Canada and maintains flights to Mazatlan from the cities of Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

With the sponsorship and support of the tourism sector and the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa, travel agents maintained a busy schedule of activities, performing walks through the historic center, tours along the boardwalk, guided visits to the rural area of Mazatlan, tasting the gastronomic diversity of the port, knowing the nightlife, among others.

Undoubtedly this fam trip strengthens the bonds of friendship and businesses that Mazatlan has with the Canadian airline Westjet.


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mazatlanmaleconFor the second consecutive year the London newspaper “The Financial Times” confirmed the port of Mazatlan in the top ten of the “American Cities of the Future 2015-2016″ in the category: Mid-sized city with greater economic expectation and profitability in “Cost Effectiveness”, achieving the 2nd position in Mexico and 6th position in Latin America.

The Financial Times is an international business newspaper that enjoys great prestige and that in recent years has become the best-selling quality newspaper in the world. This, in a publication issued by the FDI Intelligence division, identifies what are the major, large, medium, small and micro cities with greater economic future of all America (including the United States and Canada), evaluating 5 categories:

  • Economic Potential.
  • Facilities to do Business.
  • Human Capital and Lifestyle.
  • Cost Effectiveness.
  • Connectivity.

plazuelamachadomazatlanIt is as well as in the segment “Cost Effectiveness” for medium-sized cities across America, Mazatlan achieved to be placed in the 2nd position in Mexico, for which FDI Intelligence evaluated: average wages and income of its residents, the cost to rent spaces office and industry spaces, electricity price, location 4 & 5 star hotels in the downtown area, oil costs, minimum wage, import and export costs, costs for establishing business, corporate tax rates and exchange rates.

Undoubtedly the results of this publication positioned to Mazatlan on the world stage, where not only get to see the recovery and growth that is having the destination in the tourist area, but its competitiveness and the real opportunity that exists for the new business opening and investment.

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