In the framework of the II Tourism Macro-Round of the Pacific Alliance held in recent days in the beautiful port of Mazatlan, representatives of Chile, Colombia and Peru considered Mazatlan as an amazing tourist destination, recommended to tourists and offers a range of attractions that make it unique in the Mexican Pacific.

Pleasantly surprised not only by its gastronomy, historic center, natural beauties and boardwalk, participants of the II Tourism Macro-Round widely highlighted the hospitality of the people, a distinction that makes it a more attractive and desirable destination.

During the II Tourism Macro-Round of the Alliance Pacific were recorded 1,700 business appointments between emissive and receptive tour operators from China, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, where it is expected to produce business for $4.5 million dollars and a flow of 275,000 visitors.


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Yesterday afternoon gave the flag start of the two new units of taxis-safaris that will give its transportation service in Mazatlan, whose comfort, modernity and security will give a renewed image to the port.

The Director of Roads and Transport of the State Government, Domingo Ramirez Armenta, said that the new model of safaris is something extraordinary to Mazatlan and provides an important advance before the tourism.

This new modernization project began with two units and the goal is 118, which is based on a new model of the Nissan brand, Tida recent model, with no windows and with doors and belts for the comfort and safety of the users.

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communityelqueliteYesterday afternoon before municipal and state authorities the community of El Quelite party dressed in the open of two tourist infrastructure works that came to reinforce its traditional provincial architecture that distinguishes it as rural village.

With the presence of the Governor of the State, Mario Lopez Valdez, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, Dr. Marcos Gabriel Osuna Tirado, owner of the renowned restaurant “El Meson de los Laureanos” and resident of El Quelite with a recognized participative and tourist vocation, special guests and local community, was held the opening ceremony in the town square.

As part of the tourist renewal, the hundreds of tourists that visit daily to El Quelite will find cobbled streets, sidewalks and the beautification of the facades of the houses.

For his part, Dr. Marcos Osuna stressed the tourist vocation that practises the residents of the community because they “are convinced that tourism is one of the best alternatives that have knocked on the doors of this population.”



Visit El Quelite and let yourself fall in love with one of the jewels of Sinaloa!

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circuitzacatecasdurangomazatlanIn order to integrate the Tourist Circuit between states Zacatecas, Durango and Mazatlan, representatives of the three Secretaries of Tourism established working meetings where will be defined the products and tourist routes, links with tour operators, the market potential and the regions to be promoted.

The Tourist Circuit Zacatecas-Durango-Mazatlan will include different options for the tourists have the opportunity to choose the places of greatest interest in each of the entities.

The first operational meeting it was agreed that the first stage of the circuit will be directed to regional tourist groups, students and adults as well as internationally in the Canadian market. The national promotion campaign will be held in the regions center-north and center of the country. It is also pointed out the tourism products that could provide each state, as for example:

Zacatecas – City Tours aboard the Maxi bus, the cable car ride, visit to the Museums, cities of Jerez, Plateros and Guadalupe.

Durango – Tour Sierra Madre, Western Peoples, Otinapa, the Movie Ride, Route Mezcal and a tour of the historic center of the capital.

Mazatlan – City Tours by the city, the Levee, Historical Center and major attraction sites, visit to Las Labradas, El Quelite, the Vinata de los Osuna, the Huanacoa, Aquatic excursion and recreational activities on the beach and islands, as well as visits communities located around the port.

Circuit Zacatecas-Durango-Mazatlan. Three Destinations, One adventure!

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Last night in the hall where was held the Grand Prize 3543 of the National Lottery of Mexico, Sinaloa since was present at the sound of the band and with a small sample of the culture and joy that characterizes our state since the tickets of lottery were printed with the image of Sinaloa Museum of Art to commemorate the International Museum Day.

With the presence of the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, Maria Luisa Miranda, Director of the Sinaloa Institute of Culture (ISIC), Mayor of Culiacan, Sergio Torres Felix, Secretary of Public Education, Francisco Frias Castro, Congresswoman Yudit del Rincon, Director of Promotion of National Lottery, Olga Velasco Barcelo, the Congressman Heriberto Galindo and other special guests the event was held and was thanked the distinctive for a jewel of the state.


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Last weekend the program “Know My Municipality” came to the picturesque city of Concordia where there was an excellent participation by cycling groups, Club Maz 4×4, Local Livestock Association and the visitors and residents of the municipality.

A great popular festival where the riches and attractive that protects this municipality located on the banks of the Presidio river were highlighted was so enjoyed for dozens of families who participated in each of the activities planned by the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa, where without a doubts horseback riding, 4×4 and cycling routes, rodeo, popular dance, gastronomy and exhibitions were those that stole the taste of the audience.

Here we leave a small taste of what was lived in Concordia and remember that we wait for you in the next edition of “Know My Municipality” visiting on this occasion to San Ignacio.



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Yesterday afternoon was carried out the inauguration of Mazatlan Cup Soccer 2015 which became a great celebration of soccer by bringing together 180 teams from 17 states of the Mexican Republic and a selective of Colombia.

The event was attended by municipal and sports authorities, as well as the body of viewers of the football mexican teams: Tigres, Atlas, Monterrey, Santos and Chivas.

The Mazatlan Cup Soccer 2015 organized by D’portenis is a large gathering that comes to revive the economy of the port with the visit of more than 4,000 families and the involvement of children and youth from different entities, including the participation of a women’s team from Colombia.


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Congratulations Teacher!

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Today May 15 is celebrated in Mexico one of the noblest work of man, Teacher’s Day, whose vocation mark so the life of the people who manages to become an inspiration in the professional life of human beings.

In 1918 by decree of then President of Mexico Venustiano Carranza was commemorated for the first time the Teacher’s Day, but for many other nations the day varies; according to UNESCO the day instituted for such celebration is the October 5.

We extend a warm congratulations and appreciation to all those teachers whose effort, patience, dedication, commitment and responsibility to education are the main driver, wishing that their labor should be revalued in the society as cultural trainers.

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cruiseships_securityAt the request of the shipping company Carnival and for the recent events of violence in the state of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta will adopt the Tourist Safety and Security Protocol of the Cruise ships which has been implemented in Mazatlan by state, federal, municipal authorities and tour operators; in order to strengthen security in the Mexican Pacific route.

That is why the Secretary of Tourism of Puerto Vallarta, Jose Estrada Virgen, the Director General of API, Miguel Garcia Beltran and the Commander of the Federal Police and Head of the Airport station of Vallarta, Victor Salinas Loya; invited their counterparts from Sinaloa to expose the security protocol and adopt new strategies of operation.

During exposure of the protocol the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, emphasized the modernization of the port, the creation of the Tourist Police, the Water Rescue Squad, Surveillance Program, Training by the OEA and the network tourist assistance of foreign volunteers (Blue Shirt). He also attributed the success to the work of prevention patrol and instant communication systems and the participation of society and local entrepreneurs to recover public and tourist areas.

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northzonesinaloaThe Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa along with representatives of the tourism sector of the northern Sinaloa, Ahome City Council and the Council for the Development of Sinaloa (Codesin) has begun the works to establish the basis where it will integrate an agenda of actions and tourism products development in the northern state of Sinaloa, in order to generate greater flow of visitors and benefit all communities surrounding the towns of El Fuerte, Ahome and northern area of the state.

franciscocordovaSinaloa has three tourist areas (north, center and south), each of which with its own attractions and places of interest. The North Zone in currently being negotiated development and promotion work is integrated by the municipalities of Ahome, El Fuerte, Choix, Guasave and Sinaloa, which is known for its indigenous people and natural beauty.

Today this area of the state offers to its visitors three tourist circuits:

Mochis – Mochicahui – El Fuerte – Choix: you can admire colonial buildings, purchase handicrafts of the region, bathing in thermal waters and enjoy fishing and hunting.

Los Mochis – Topolobampo – Maviri: it has beautiful beaches where sport fishing is practiced and sailing.

Los Mochis – El Carrizo: an important part of the circuit Sea of Cortez – Copper Canyon where you can also go fishing and hunting.

Know Sinaloa and let yourself fall in love with its charms!

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