cyclist_sinaloadeleyvaThis weekend officially launched the program “Know my Municipality” (Conoce mi Municipio) promoted by the Ministry of Tourism of the State in Sinaloa de Leyva where during two days of continuous activities was received the participation and visit by more than 1,500 people achieving a successful start of the program.

estrellasdesinaloa_germanlizarragaIn Sinaloa de Leyva visitors could participate in cross country cyclist over 45 kilometers route, which toured the rural area and surrounding towns like Opochi, Las Playas, Los Horcones, Porohui, among others.

Meanwhile lovers of the 4×4 vehicles had the opportunity to join extreme off-road routes through Baburia, Maripa, Maripita, between others.

For those who preferred the tranquility and beauty of the town, the gastronomic exhibition, handicrafts and productivity were of great interest activities which could not miss the rodeo fair that attracted a large number of visitors.

Later at nightfall the band “Estrellas de Sinaloa” of Don German Lizarraga was responsible for carrying out the great closing of this first day of activities, spreading its rhythm and joy to all present.


We look forward in the second edition of the program “Know my Municipality” this time visiting the beautiful city of Concordia!


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angelaperaltatheaterDuring 5 days 25 travel agents from 19 companies tour operators of Canada were visiting Mazatlan on a familiarization trip in order to know its natural beauty, tourist attractions, tours, culinary richness and culture of this beautiful port and consequently promote the destination in the Canadian market.

The group of specialists from the cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Kewlona were selected by the international airline Westjet, which headquarters is located in Canada and maintains flights to Mazatlan from the cities of Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

With the sponsorship and support of the tourism sector and the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa, travel agents maintained a busy schedule of activities, performing walks through the historic center, tours along the boardwalk, guided visits to the rural area of Mazatlan, tasting the gastronomic diversity of the port, knowing the nightlife, among others.

Undoubtedly this fam trip strengthens the bonds of friendship and businesses that Mazatlan has with the Canadian airline Westjet.


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mazatlanmaleconFor the second consecutive year the London newspaper “The Financial Times” confirmed the port of Mazatlan in the top ten of the “American Cities of the Future 2015-2016″ in the category: Mid-sized city with greater economic expectation and profitability in “Cost Effectiveness”, achieving the 2nd position in Mexico and 6th position in Latin America.

The Financial Times is an international business newspaper that enjoys great prestige and that in recent years has become the best-selling quality newspaper in the world. This, in a publication issued by the FDI Intelligence division, identifies what are the major, large, medium, small and micro cities with greater economic future of all America (including the United States and Canada), evaluating 5 categories:

  • Economic Potential.
  • Facilities to do Business.
  • Human Capital and Lifestyle.
  • Cost Effectiveness.
  • Connectivity.

plazuelamachadomazatlanIt is as well as in the segment “Cost Effectiveness” for medium-sized cities across America, Mazatlan achieved to be placed in the 2nd position in Mexico, for which FDI Intelligence evaluated: average wages and income of its residents, the cost to rent spaces office and industry spaces, electricity price, location 4 & 5 star hotels in the downtown area, oil costs, minimum wage, import and export costs, costs for establishing business, corporate tax rates and exchange rates.

Undoubtedly the results of this publication positioned to Mazatlan on the world stage, where not only get to see the recovery and growth that is having the destination in the tourist area, but its competitiveness and the real opportunity that exists for the new business opening and investment.

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For the seventh time and for nearly two and a half years, the U.S. Department of State exempted the beautiful port of Mazatlan from its travel warnings and ratified the Pearl of the Pacific as a safe destination for American tourists and their nationals who visit for any reason and for residents who live in the city permanently.

This ratification comes to put the “cherry on the cake” for Mazatlan, warm port who’s natural and cultural richness welcome to all our visitors.

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Visit my Municipality

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With the aim to foster the flow of visitors and promote domestic tourism, yesterday morning the Secretariat of Tourism of Sinaloa through its Secretary Francisco Cordova Celaya and with the assistance of Kenia Lizarraga, Programme Coordinator and Mayors and representatives of the participating municipalities; was officially presented the program ‘Conoce mi Municipio’ (Visit my Municipality) through which will be available to all local community and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the culture, cuisine, music and folklore of the municipalities that integrate the program with fair prices and a series of established events.

“Visit my Municipality” is an extension and a way to improve the ‘Conoce Sinaloa’ program that also the intention is to generate jobs and produce greater economic benefit to the participating municipalities, which are: Escuinapa, Concordia, San Ignacio, Navolato, Elota, Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Choix, Angostura, Salvador Alvarado and Mocorito.

Each municipality will comprise a series of events to publicize its wealth and tourist offer, such as: folk dances, cultural exhibitions, gastronomy, popular dances, exhibition of the main productive activities in the region, among others. Also the organization of horseback riding, rodeo shows, cycling races and a spectacular closing enlivened by a musical group is contemplated.

Know Sinaloa through its municipalities and let yourself be conquered by our traditions!

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motorcycleweek2015Last night with the roar of “iron horses” and with the presence of the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, (who was representing the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez), Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez held the official opening of the twentieth edition of the Legendary Motorcycle Week Mazatlan 2015, where a shower of fireworks and the stellar presentation of the rock band “La Cuca” were part of the celebrations.

motorcyclyweekmazatlanThe Mayor Carlos Felton told to the organizers minutes before the opening ceremony which is a real pride that they have done in Mazatlan, the vision that they had 20 years ago to organize an event for motorcycle lovers and be a witness today of how year-on-year this event has been consolidating becoming international.


Welcome Motorcyclists and today don’t miss the presentation of “Enanitos Verdes” in the Plaza de la Moto!

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During the past holiday period of Holy Week, Sinaloa exceeded the target of visitors receiving in its 250 recreation centers, spas, beaches, ceremonial centers and Magical Towns 1 million 500 thousand tourists leaving an economic benefit approximately 700 million pesos.

mazatlanAccording to the information provided by tourism authorities Mazatlan was the port where concentrated the greater flow of tourists saturating the beaches: Gaviotas, Camaron, Los Pinitos, Cerritos and Brujas as well as areas of Del Mar Avenue and Stone Island.

ahomeIn the northern zone of the state vacationers were concentrated in the beaches of Topolobampo and El Maviri that have new works of tourist infrastructure.

nuevoaltataIn the Magical Town El Fuerte the main attraction was the new park of La Galera and their ceremonial centers, such as were those of San Miguel Zapotitlan in Ahome and Baymena, San Javier and Baca of Choix. For its part, the Magical Town of Cosala recorded a 100% hotel occupancy where tourists participated in religious activities in the county seat and visited the river of Las Habitas, waterfalls Vado Hondo, Circuit of Tesoro and Charco Azul.

In the north-central area of the state the favourite tourist destinations were Las Glorias, Bellavista, El Perihuete, El Tambor, Altata, Nuevo Altata and Ponce. For the south-central region the spas Playa Ceuta and Celestino Gazca, ending in the south with Escuinapa and the beaches of Las Cabras, Las Lupitas, El Caimanero and La Campana.

Remember… Sinaloa is for everyone!

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From 1 to 4 April Mazatlan vibrated to the rhythm of ‘Bandodromo 2015’ where in 4 scenarios various musical groups infected with joy and fun to all who gathered at Olas Altas, where the insertion of parades and show of fireworks were cherry on the cake.

We share in pictures what was experienced during these days of celebrations in Mazatlan!


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plazuelamachado_mazatlanThanks to the impetus provided by the Board of the Historic Center and the support of the authorities of Mazatlan, the Plazuela Machado now has a new face to welcome the entire local community and tourists who like to enjoy the corners and beauties that shelters the Historic Center of Mazatlan.

With an investment of 1.5 million pesos the Plazuela Machado has today a modern garden based on four different plant species that shines in its entire splendor thanks to its automatic irrigation system and the elimination of the guardrails, guarded also by beautiful palms that have artificial lighting.

Also, around the Plazuela beautiful artistic benches were donated by entrepreneurs of Mazatlan, modern garbage collectors and the infrastructure was modernized with underground cabling.


We invite you to visit and enjoy this place full of history in the heart of Mazatlan!

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Yesterday morning Mazatlan authorities headed by the Mayor Carlos Felton Gonzalez, President of DIF Mazatlan, Sylvia Treviño de Felton and the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, the opening ceremony of the XXIX Fish Festival Mazatlan 2015 where tourists and locals can enjoy in a spirit of celebration the delights of the local cuisine.

From 1 to 5 April on the esplanade located in front of the Mazatlan Aquarium you will find 14 shops offering various dishes based on fish and seafood at affordable prices, and it will have activities for the little ones of the home as face painting and bouncy, entertaining the holiday with band ‘sinaloense’.


We wait for you in the Fish Festival Mazatlan 2015!

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