At the request of tourists traveling aboard the Celebrity Cruise of the Celebrity Cruise Line, the U.S. consular agent in Mazatlan announced the arrival of this vessel with 2,725 passengers, who mostly of American origin.

Although the Celebrity cruise was not included in the cruise schedule, the insistence of its crew allow the visit.

Note that these visitors are tourists with high purchasing power who wish to spend a day in the beautiful port of Mazatlan.


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Mazatlan is ready to welcome the 20,000 riders who arrive in this beautiful port to enjoy the Mazatlan International Motorcycle Week 2014 for the first time provides tours of the Magic Towns and Stately of Sinaloa as well as the famous Baluarte Bridge in Concordia.

Being a successful event, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, called authorities to remain vigilant on the issue of security, since one of the priorities will be to take care of the destination for the massive arrival of visitors.

As you know, the Mazatlan International Motorcycle Week 2014 will offer attendees a comprehensive program of activities to enjoy on the beach, Plaza de la Moto, Racetrack of Mazatlan and Regional Tour, without stopping mention the expected rock concerts where will have a special presentation of the ‘El Tri’ and the Great Parade along Mazatlan’s levee.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan welcomes all lovers of the Biker Culture, hoping that this event once again exceeded expectations.

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Mazatlan Sunset Paradise 2014

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mazatlansunsetparadise2014For the fourth consecutive year, Sunset Paradise 2014 brought together the best of House, Deep House and Electropop Music, in an atmosphere of sun, beach and fashion shows in Mazatlan.

From early in the afternoon for four days, hundreds of young people gathered at the Sunset Paradise 2014 got to enjoy beauty pageants, fashion shows and presentations of artists under the blazing sun and wearing colorful bathing suits and bikinis.

During the Festival was attended by DJs Iraq Soria, Cheke, Sexy Devil, Naza Garcia, Karma T, among others, and where the program TeleHit made special recordings of what was experienced during the Mazatlan Sunset Paradise 2014.

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bandodromomazatlanWith a show of fireworks, Mazatlán’s sky was illuminated to close the ‘Bandodromo’, a new attraction that came to Mazatlan to stay.

Led by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, Saturday night took place the official closing of ‘Bandodromo’ on ‘Paseo Olas Altas’, who despite having generated some suspicion in its conception, can meet its goal, be a family space of fun for visitors and local community.

bandodromocarlosfeltonMr. Carlos Felton emphasized that Mazatlan as the importance that represents as tourist destination in Mexico has the obligation to continually reinvent itself, so much as the ‘Par Vial’ (double line) and ‘Bandodromo’ were two initiatives because of its success is likely to improve and implement next year.

“What surprised us is seeing families in the ‘Bandodromo’, as initially thought was going to be for young people, but adults and families won the space, as you could see how children walking or on their tricycles and bicycles enjoyed music and fun alongside their parents. Also presented was the influx of people in wheelchairs so this became what we really wanted, a family destination.”


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mazatlanholyweekThe beautiful port of Mazatlan year after year continues to consolidate as one of the Mexico’s most prized tourist destinations, fulfilled the expectations predicted for this first Holiday period of Holy Week, recording historical figures with an estimated growth of 30% compared to last year.

According to information provided by the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, Mazatlan was visited by 700,000 visitors, an increase of between 200 and 250 thousand more than 2013, which came mostly from El Bajio, Durango, Jalisco and Monterrey.

He explained that until yesterday, hotel occupancy was at 90%, due to the number of outputs that were presented, but from tomorrow on Tuesday the increase is expected for the next start of the International Motorcycle Week Mazatlan 2014, with the arrival of more than 20,000 motorcyclists.

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In order to have an x-ray of what happens every day in the holiday season of Easter and the end of it, the Federal Ministry of Tourism realizes for the first time an evaluation to 5 tourist destinations in Mexico where it is included for its national relevancy the beautiful port of Mazatlan.

For it there is in Mazatlan the deputy director of the Direction of Tourism Destinations of SECTUR, Arturo Morales Maldonado, who coordinates the multidisciplinary work tables that every 24 hours make it a cut of what happens in this season.

Currently the authorities of the three levels work in coordination on three areas:

  • Security and Protection to the Tourist (since it go out of their house until it come to the destination and vice versa).
  • Transit Facilitation (in any vehicle, even walking).
  • Consumer Protection (ensuring that contracts between service providers and consumers are respected).

Mr. Morales Maldonado explained that the work done by the Direction of Tourism Destinations will allow to SECTUR work more closely with the destinations of Mexico and identify needs and areas of opportunity, in order to work on them in favor of Tourism Mexico.

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Between colors, smells and tastes began the 28th edition of the Fish Festival 2014 which opening ceremony was led by the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton.

fishfestival2014The Fish Festival offers to visitors a variety of typical dishes of our region and at very affordable prices.

This edition will have 14 stands located across the Mazatlan Aquarium and whose attention to the public will prolong until Sunday April 20.

Access to Fish Festival is free, so do not miss the opportunity to spend some time in Family enjoying delicious dishes of the port.


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bipoNext week the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, is visiting Mazatlan for flagging the Vessel for Fishery and Oceanographic Research for Deepwater (BIPO), which this port will take as a headquarters.

With an investment of 410 million pesos and built in Vigo, Spain by the company Astilleros Armon Vigo, BIPO has seven laboratories with modern instruments for the analysis of organisms and is equipped with the best gear depth and scientific equipment last generation, which scientific information of great value for the best use of resources will be obtained.

Together with the Federal President’s, there is contemplated the visit of the holders of SAGARPA, Enrique Martinez, and of INAPESCA, Raul Adan Romo Trujillo.

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In order to avoid congestion and closing roads, Mazatlan authorities put up the ‘Double Lane’ in Camaron Sabalo Avenue and ‘Bandodromo’ in Olas Altas from today until Sunday April 20.

The ‘Double Lane’ contemplates the use of four-lane of the Camaron Sabalo Avenue, from Valentino to Petroplaza, only to travel to the north. Simultaneously be opened to vehicular traffic Julio Berdegue Circuit (entering from hotels El Cid to La Marina Avenue), Tiburon Avenue (in order to lift the Sabalo Country to the North and La Marina Avenue) and La Marina Avenue (to circulate from Sabalo Cerritos Avenue to Doctor Carlos Canseco Avenue). It is important to emphasize that the Lomas de Mazatlan Avenue will have normal circulation.


To access to Del Mar Avenue is allowed exclusive use of Gutierrez Najera, University, Insurgentes and Rafael Buelna, leaving the other roads to go down.

For ‘Bandodromo’ the ‘Paseo Olas Altas’ will clear after 16:00 hours and traffic circulation will close from Zaragoza to Rigoberto Lewis st, and the party starts at 20:00 hours to finish at 04:00 hours.

Some of the recommendations for this season are:

  • Use alternate routes.
  • No driving while intoxicated or exceeding speed limits.
  • Respect signs.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle.
  • Yield to pedestrians.

If you have any doubt, approach to transit authorities that will be to help you.

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digitaltouristguideIn the kiosk of the ‘Plazuela Machado’ the Mayor of the city, Carlos Felton, opened the Digital Tourist Guide with which the user will be able to go to 18 historic sites with a code to be scanned screened at its mobile information in image, audio and text about the place.

In this way Mazatlan becomes the first municipality in Sinaloa implement this technology platform will provide the local community and visitors to have information of the sights of the harbor in an agile and dynamic way.

Currently some of the sites that are enabled with this system are the Angela Peralta Theater, the Cathedral, Haas House, Muralla Club, the Diver and Fisherman’s Monument, staring extended to 32 points.

That is how Mazatlan remains at the forefront to offer its visitors an experience of quality.

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