In a magical night with the beauty that permeates the most important cultural precinct of the port of Mazatlan, the Angela Peralta Theater, began the Mazatlan International Carnival 2016 with the presentation of the candidates who will compete for the crown of the maximum holiday of the Pearl of the Pacific and is entitled: “Mazatlántida, the allegory that emerged from the waves.”


A world of fantasy among maidens, gods, emblems and pyramids was what enjoyed all that gathered to know the characters and coming kings who will mark the history of “Mazatlántida, the allegory that emerged from the waves”.

Mazatlántida born here, a land of splendor that holds infinite mysteries that will be disclosed from 4 to 9 February 2016, when the immortal spirit of the Carnival wake up to the “mazatlantes” (The Woman Mazatleca, The Mermaid, The Monument to the Fisherman, The Monument of the Continuity of Life, The Monument to the Family and The Diver).

It was then time to present the goddesses and candidates who will represent the four reigns of the Mazatlan International Carnival 2016:

“Chara” Atlantean goddess of Joy represents the King of Joy and “Fysia” Atlantean goddess of Nature represents the Queen Children played by:


“Apollymi” Atlantean goddess of Life and Wisdom represents the Queen of the Floral Games and “Agapa” the goddess of the Love who represents the Queen of Carnival and will be embodied by:


Follow up the Mazatlan International Carnival 2016 and book your place with time. Remember from 4 to 9 February we will wait for you!

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Today, Hotel Playa Mazatlán is an institution. It is a shining jewel set against the picturesque beaches of Mazatlán. Hotel Playa Mazatlán delivers incredible modern conveniences and amenities to travelers from all over the world. It is recognized as one of the finest establishments in the state of Sinaloa. It wasn’t always like this! In fact, when Hotel Playa Mazatlán was founded, some people thought that the founding of Hotel Playa was a rather crazy venture indeed.

Our ‘Crazy’ Founder

People thought Ulysses Solomon George was mad. It was hard to argue with them.He came down from California in the winter of 1952 with a glint in his eye and enthusiasm in his heart. The moment he took in the beauty of Mazatlán and idea started forming in his mind. He walked the warm sandy beaches, swam in cool lagoons, watch waterfowl and deer drink from cool streams, and was filled with wonder. He wanted to share this feeling with everyone else in the world.

What better way to accomplish this than building a hotel on the exotic beaches of Mazatlán. A building nestled into the natural beauty of the land. The conditions were primitive, but for Solomon George, this was ideal. He wanted his hotel to be exceptional. A departure from box resorts or cookie cutter motels.

Hotel Playa Mazatlán was truly built from scratch. When ground broke, there wasn’t so much as a paved road leading to the hotel. It would be a year before the first sewer line was dug. Reaching the construction site was a logistical nightmare. Lagoons, rivers, and wetlands had to be navigated. Bridges were not built which further complicated issues! The ingenious early pioneers of Mazatlán created a system in which they wove sturdy wooden bridges and drove their cars over bodies of water using canoes!

In the fall of 1955, Hotel Playa held its grand opening, and the rest has become history!

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The Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa reported that thanks to the excellent experience that have had the shipping lines to visit the port of Mazatlan, some of them have decided to multiply its frequency to the target in 2016, while others will continue with the same as they had in 2015, having already confirmed 95 cruise ship arrivals to Mazatlan.

The tourist vessels that are visiting the port come from California, United States bringing between 2,000 and 4,000 tourists generating a significant economic impact in the port.

In recent statements, Francisco Cordova Celaya, Secretary of Tourism of the State, reported that after recovery cruise one of its main objectives is to attract shipping lines that have not returned to the port as the Disney Cruise Line.

For this week is contemplated the arrival of 15,000 tourists in 6 cruise ships so only remains for us to extend a warm welcome hoping that your stay meets and exceeds your expectations.

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The climate here in Mazatlán is nothing short of ideal. Our average temperature, is 80 degrees! The sun is warm, the breeze is cool, and the air is invigorating. In this perfect weather, is it easy to get lost in time, spending hours and hours enjoying the beauty of our beaches. When it feels this great out, it is easy to forget the importance of protecting your skin when you are enjoying your fun in the sun. Protect yourself by following our easy sun safety tips.

Apply Plenty of Sunscreen

There is no better way to fight the negative effects of sun exposure than by liberally applying sunscreen. It is recommended to use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Since you are probably going to be spending most of your time at the beach, you should also consider purchasing a sunscreen that is rated as water-resistant. Don’t forget to reapply! We recommend sunscreen reapplication every 2 hours or so. If you are doing a lot of swimming and toweling off, you may consider reapplying even more frequently.

Covering Up                                                                              

Okay, we may have lied to you a little. An even better way of protecting yourself from the sun is covering up entirely. That just isn’t as much fun. No one wants to be bundled head to toe when they are out on the beach. What you can do, is opt for light, sensible protection. Large brimmed hats are great for keeping your head, face, and eyes out of the sun. Light outer garments make for perfect beachwear. Men can toss on a tank top or women can wrap up in a sarong. Toss on some sunglass too! You will look cool and protect your sensitive eyes from harsh UV rays.


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mitsubishiThe Japanese company Mitsubishi chose the majestic and cultural icon of Mazatlan, Sinaloa the Angela Peralta Theater as a case of global success in the implementation of new air conditioning systems and by what it will be a model in its next international campaign that will be deployed in prestigious magazines and websites of Mexico, United States and Japan.

mitsubishi_angelaperaltatheaterThat was announced by the team of advertising of the company headed by Miwako Kimura, Shuei Sato of the agency iPlanet Inc. and Gina Larrea, International Marketing Director of Mitsubishi Electric of United States, who explained that the international publicity will be launched between January and February of next year where will include the magazines Forbes, Expansion, Mexican Leaders and websites of the company.

The campaign will focus on the air conditioning system Mitsubishi that has the Angela Peralta Theater, catalogued as Historical Heritage of the Nation, which has proved a success for being appropriate to the specific characteristics that required this historic enclosure.

Congratulations for this excellent news that will exhibit one of the jewels of the beautiful port of Mazatlan!

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The Great Pacific Marathon Mazatlan 2015 is increasingly close so the atmosphere of this spectacular sporting event is already beginning to feel in the beautiful port of Mazatlan where more than 12,000 competitors will gather to run just over 42 kilometers that make up this competition.

Being catalogued within the top 50 marathons in the world, the organizing committee confirmed the participation of Kenyan athletes who are achieved year after year into the top sites.

Now, if you like the competitions but do not want to run the full marathon participates in the walk of 3 kilometers or 10 kilometers race and be part of the Great Pacific Marathon’s history.

Also as attractions will feature with the band music during the whole competition, the Festival of Lights, the race “Lend me your legs” where an athlete with different abilities can run 5 km in a cart pulled by a team of 5 and up to 25 athletes, releasing turtles and many more surprises.

Remember, the appointment is on 28 and 29 November in the beautiful port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

We will wait for you!

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mapa_acuariomazatlanThe Director of Mazatlan Aquarium, Jorge Armando Gomez Llanos Chavarin, announced four new works for 2016 that will come to revitalize the Mazatlan Aquarium and will be related to sea lions, aviary and improvement of facilities (Jellyfish and Shark tank).

This announcement is without doubt excellent news since the Mazatlan Aquarium is one of the enclosures with greater flow of tourists and it is important not only to maintain in excellent condition the facilities and habitat of the animals that there are housed, but is also significant that year after year create new attractions for the public that visit this tourist attraction.

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Who, at some point in their life, hasn’t dreamed about having an incredible destination wedding? A destination wedding doesn’t have to be a dream. If you are planning your nuptials and a boring wedding in your home town just doesn’t feel special enough, consider moving your wedding to the picturesque beaches of Mazatlán.

Overwhelmed by Planning

The process of planning for a wedding can seem overwhelming even if you are just holding a domestic event. Most people assume the difficulty is compounded even further for destinations wedding. That may be true for some people. They must not be getting married at Hotel Playa Mazatlán Beach Hotel!

Hotel Playa Mazatlán offers an incredible Romance Wedding Package which takes the stress of planning for a wedding off of your shoulders. Every detail of your wedding will be taken care of by Hotel Playa Mazatlán, leaving you to enjoy your special day to the fullest. Your wedding can be held in the beautiful Hotel Playa wedding venue, out in the immaculate garden, or on the sun soaked sands of the beach, the choice is yours. Additionally, Hotel Playa can supply an officiant for your wedding if you do not already have one.

Don’t forget the reception! This is where the real fun begins. How does a three course wedding menu sound? What about 5 hours of an open bar? The professional wait staff at Hotel Playa Mazatlán will ensure that your every desire is met. What about the day after your wedding? Enjoy discounts on tours and spa services.

Benefits for Newlyweds

Hotel Playa Mazatlán offers some incredible complimentary benefits for newlyweds. You will enjoy a deluxe ocean view room for two memorable, romantic nights. The first time you open the doors to your honeymoon suite, you will be greeted by immaculate decorations and a chilled bottle of our house champagne. Enjoy your stay!

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vueltamexicomazatlanFor the first time in the history of cycling Mazatlan will be part of “Vuelta a Mexico 2016″ which will count on the presence of European teams that have participated in the “Giro d’Italia” and the “Tour de France” as well as continental teams and Pro Tour; this was announced by the municipal authorities after a meeting with Edgardo Hernandez, leader of the federal cycling.

“Vuelta a Mexico 2016″ is the most important event of cycling in the country supported by the Mexican Cycling Federation and will have as its starting point the beautiful port of Mazatlan next February 14, 2016 and arrive to Mexico City on the “Paseo de la Reforma”.

“Vuelta a Mexico 2016″ will mark a precedent in the history of cycling in Mazatlan as they taking advantage of the participation of cyclists from countries like Italy, Guatemala, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, among others.

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Golden Deer Awards 2015

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gala_goldendeerIn the framework of the Fiesta Amigos Mazatlan organized by the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan and a gala evening attended by the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, the State Tourism Secretary, Francisco Cordova Celaya, Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez and other personalities was the presentation of the “Golden Deer 2015″ Awards to the best of the tourism industry.

The “Golden Deer” award is a recognition that is given to the trading partners, journalists and people linked to the tourism industry and that have highlighted in the promotion and support for the national and international positioning of Mazatlan in the last year.

In this year the winners were Delta Airlines, Sun Country Vacations, BestDay, Expedia, Tourism and Conventions, as well as the journalist Jorge Garralda of TV Azteca.

Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel extends warm congratulations to all the winners and recognizes the hard work that have been built to contribute in the positioning of Mazatlan as one of the best beach destinations of Mexico.


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