The Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan makes a cordial invitation to all interested in becoming the new faces of the Mazatlan’s International Carnival Parade 2015 to participate in the Great Casting that will take place on Saturday November 22 from 9:00 to 18:00 pm in the Municipal Arts Center located in front of the Plazuela Machado.

Those interested in participating should have minimum age of 15 years, have passion for the greatest festival of the port, dancing skills, submit two photographs (face and full body colored) and fill out the registration form in place of casting.

Meanwhile, children can participate in child block without making screening test.

Raul Rico, Director General of the Institute and organizer of the Mazatlan’s Carnival stressed that in 2015 it is intended that the carnival groups of competition and exhibition its participants are monumental and catching joy and achieving interpret the characters give life to give an artistic approach to the parade of 2015.

mazatlancarnivalfaces newfacesmazatlancarnival

For more information we invite you to visit the official website Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015 or through its social networks.
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World Breast Cancer Day

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On Sunday October 19th we celebrate the World Breast Cancer Day, so Hotel Playa Mazatlan joins campaign for prevention and early diagnosis because if it is true that breast cancer is a serious disease, is curable if it is detected in time.

According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), each year 1.38 million cases of breast cancer worldwide are detected and 450 thousand people die because of it. For its part, Mexico recorded the disease as the fourth leading cause of death from malignant tumors in over 20 years and the second among women over 25 years.

Furthermore the Mexican Official Standard for the Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Control and Epidemiological Monitoring of Breast Cancer regarded as the preventive measures: Self-examination, Clinical examination of the Breasts and Mammography.

Breast Cancer TOUCH us all, so remember that if it is detected early, can be cured!

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travelwarningusLast October 10 the American Government through its website excluded (for the fifth time in the last 23 months) at the port of Mazatlan of the travel warnings and reports American citizens that Mazatlan has safe areas that are recommended to visit, such as the historic center, golden zone, route to the international airport, between others.

In the statement, the United States government recognizes the efforts made by the Government of Mexico to protect visitors to major tourist destinations and the proof is the hard work that has been developing in Mazatlan where shipping companies such as Disney Cruises and Royal Caribbean made the commitment to the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa to start their assessment processes in order to schedule their itineraries in the return of its tourist harbor boats.

This achievement would add to the confidence that certain shipping as Norwegian and Holland America have placed in the Pearl of the Pacific to be already present in the official program of 2014-2015 Cruise Season of Mazatlan.

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baseballseason2014-2015teodoromariscalstadiumOn Saturday October 11 began in Mazatlan baseball the season 2014-2015 of the Mexican Pacific League with the game ‘Venados de Mazatlan vs Tomateros de Culiacan’ in the Stadium Teodoro Mariscal; where the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, accompanied by the Governor of the State of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, threw out the first pitch to match.

An inaugural event filled with joy, excitement, music, dancing and partying is what the participants lived in a stadium that looked full to the thousands of fans who gathered, which under the slogan “Red is Back” and presence of the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Cordova Celaya and Venados Club President, Ismael Barros, was launched the winter season that promises to be a success.


We invite you to consult the Official Calendar of the Baseball Season 2014-2015 and support your favorite team.

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With the aim of encouraging the continuous preparation of public safety officers and transit of Mazatlan seeking excellence in treatment and community service, elements of these institutions carry out a training program by qualified personnel in the issue regarding the care, service and treat to the tourists.

The training workshop began today at the premises of the Police Academy where issues of Human Development and Good Treatment Tourist, Tourists Personal Coexistence, Legal Rules and Sanctions with regard to excesses that could commit the preventive elements shall be developed.

For a more secure and reliable Mazatlan… We continue working!

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royalcaribbeanThe Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa through a statement said after the meeting that the Secretary of Tourism, Francisco Cordova Celaya, held at the XXI International Convention FCCA Cruise with the executives international shipping lines and Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), have promised to analyze the products, services and tourism and port infrastructure of Mazatlan, in order to include in the itineraries of their boats to the port as a destination in the Mexican Pacific.

On the first day of convention activities, Russell Daya, Global Operations Director, Development and Planning Itinerary Disney Cruise Line, said after meeting with Secretary Francisco Cordova Celaya; “It’s time to come back to Mazatlan” and this expression reflects the same sentiment from other executives.

Meanwhile, Cordova Celaya said that in the coming days will be receiving technical visits to the destination by executives from both companies.

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The Polytechnic University of Sinaloa announced that the rector of the UPSIN, German Gandarilla, confirmed Mazatlan host the sporting and cultural event that will bring together representatives of all polytechnics in the country.

It is as well as the preparations begin for the Seventh National Games Inter-polytechnics of Sport and Culture that will be realized from 18 to 21 March, 2015 by the presence of around 2,000 participants.

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The Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan officially launched Calls for the 2015 edition of the greatest festival of the port: The Mazatlan International Carnival that will be celebrated from 12 to 17 February.

Calls of the Mazatlan International Carnival 2015 are:

  • Queen Children.
  • Great Children’s Dance.
  • Carnival Queen.
  • King of Joy.
  • LXXXI Floral Games Clemencia Isaura Poetry Award.
  • Contest Comparsa Carnival.

All interested we invite you to consult the rules on the official website Mazatlan Carnival or personally go to the offices of the Institute.

Be part of the history of the greatest festival of Mazatlan. We wait for you!

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magictowncosalaOn Saturday October 4 Cosala Magic Town of Sinaloa will hold a celebration for its Ninth Anniversary distinguished in Mexico as “Magic Town,” a title earned by its tradition, beauty and great historical, religious and cultural value.

cosalaFor this great celebration, the Director of Tourism of Cosala, Emmanuel Delgado Avendaño, announced that they have prepared a series of tourist, cultural, gastronomic and sporting activities to exalt all the attractions and beauty that has this beautiful Magical Town of Sinaloa.

“Magical Towns” is a program of the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico by which are recognized those towns who cherish a peculiar beauty, reflecting between symbols, legends, traditions and histories of ancient Mexico, having a great importance in the national tradition.


Among the activities that are planned include:

  • Cycling race “Magic Town Cosala Cup”.
  • Parade with the candidates and queens of the town.
  • Typical Dish Competition.
  • Special participation of Child Ballet House of Culture and Ballet of the municipalities of Elota and Concordia.
  • Coronation of the Ambassador of Tourism and Queen of Magic Town 2014.
  • Popular dance by the group “Triple Dynasty”.
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mazatlancruisesOn Sunday September 28 the cruise Norwegian Jewel arrived for the first time in Mazatlan, which used the port as an alternate destination for contingency raised in Baja California Sur by Hurricane Odile.

This extraordinary visit was fruitful for Mazatlan since according to figures provided by the Undersecretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rafael Lizarraga, an economic impact of more than 2 and a half million pesos was recorded.

Approximately of 2,322 visitors 50% rented tours through the city while the other preferred rate themselves on a tour of the main attractions of the port supported by the group of guides “Blue Shirts”.

With this arrival there went forward the Season of Mazatlan’s Cruises 2014-2015 where the arrival of more than 100 ships, waiting for the next cruise on Monday, October 6.

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