carnivalcasting2015On Saturday November 21 will be held at the Music Museum Great Casting for choosing the crew and members of the allegoric cars and comparsas of Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015.

The contagious rhythm of one of the great successes that popularized the singer Celia Cruz, “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” and against a team of experts formed by Carlos Lizarraga, Casting Coordinator, Monserrat Millan, Teacher and Director of the Center Danzario Vilanova, the teacher Linda Chang and Carnival Parade Coordinator, Gabriela Hernandez; hundreds of aspirants gathered to share their joy and dance ability to earn a place in the Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015.

Casting intent is to make the comparsas of competition and exhibition monumental and those participants in the comparsas and who will parade on board of the cars, ensure the happiness and achieve interpret the characters to give an artistic approach to the parades according to the theme of the next Carnival.

It is expected that during Mazatlan International Carnival Parade 2015 involved about 380 people as crew members of the allegoric cars and an average of 1,500 in the comparsas.

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pacificmarathonDozens of workers ready the final details of the great sports festival of the Great Marathon Pacific 2014 to be held next weekend in the beautiful port of Mazatlan.

With nearly 60 tons of material kicked off the assembly work for the Expo Sports, Medical and the Goal Area of the Pacific Marathon 2014, which, among barricades, podium, perimeter fence, etc., are invested five days of hard work.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa explained that for the Festival of Light there will be had 15 points launch fireworks and lights along 4 kilometers of Mazatlan’s levee, integrating the participation of 4 flight paragliders with LED lights and 4 flyboards illuminated in the water and supported by jet skis.

Mazatlan welcomes all athletes, tourists and citizens to join one of the most important sports festivals of the state.


Program – Saturday 29 November

5:00 pm Turtle Release

6:00 pm Waiters Race

6:30 pm Botargas Race

7:00 pm 5K Race Elite Men and Women

8:00 pm Festival of Light 2014

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elrecodoyveranosYesterday morning the President of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, unveiled two commemorative plaques recognizing the peoples “El Recodo” and “Veranos” as “patriotic sites” and “heroic peoples” for its participation in the Heroic Defense of the Port 150 years ago.

During the formal ceremony the Mayor told to the audience: “We are very proud of the courage of our ancestors, it is important to remember proudly those who defended our territory.”

Mazatlan Mayor informed that these peoples are part of a group of communities that have been declared “heroic” for its participation in the defense of Mazatlan, so that all citizens should be proud of their history and conduct in pursuit of good common and improving their environment.


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More investment in Mazatlan

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mazatlanplazasenderoOn thursday afternoon, with an estimated investment of $70 million dollars and with the presence of local and state authorities, was held the official opening of the “Plaza Sendero Mazatlan” that after seven months of hard work and construction opens its doors in the north of the city.

plazasenderoWith the presence of the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, the Mayor, Carlos Felton Gonzalez and accompanied by the Director General of Grupo Acosta Verde, Jesus Acosta Castellanos, performed the opening ceremony of “Plaza Sendero Mazatlan” that in its 40,000 square meters has 198 stores, 1,600 parking spaces and generating 2,500 direct employments.

plazasenderomazatlanJesus Acosta Castellanos took the opportunity to publicly thank the support given by the President of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, in the crystallization of the project, providing timely solution to all the problems that arose, “…hopefully in every city it could work as here.”

In the same way Governor of the State Mario Lopez Valdez said that with the arrival of Plaza Sendero Mazatlan increases economic supply port, attracting more investment and thus more opportunity for growth; “Is a great satisfaction to see that things change and improve, to see that people trust and that together we will grow and develop.”

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Training Ship Cuauhtemoc

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In recent days we had the visit in Mazatlan of the Training Ship “Cuauhtémoc” under the command of Captain Juan Carlos Vera Minjares.

If you did not have the opportunity to enjoy it, here we share a short documentary made by the Government of Mazatlan.

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carnivalmiracleAfter the past holiday weekend where there was the visit of thousands of domestic tourists, this morning arrived in Mazatlan Carnival Miracle cruise nearly 4,000 cruise passengers reviving the activity of tourism service providers and port business.

Alberto Plasencia, Secretary of the Merchants Association of Crafts of the Golden Zone, said that these arrivals represent for Mazatlan’s economic activity the best tourism of purchase, because on average each passenger spends between $80 and $100. In addition, throughout November will be arriving two cruises weekly (Tuesday and Wednesday) and during December the number will increase to three per week.

Plasencia said that “to close 2014 there will be 35 arrivals, while for the 2015 be expected 70″.


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We are now presenting the Official Program of the Great Pacific Marathon 2014 to be held in Mazatlan on 29 and 30 November.

Saturday 29 November 2014
6:30 AMWheelchair, Crutches and Blind People 10k.
6:40 AMGeneral 5k and 10k.
6:40 AMRecreative race 3k.
6:40 AM5k Race Media.
8:40 AMHappiness Race.
9:00 AMChild Race 50 meters (4 and 5 years old).
9:10 AMChild Race 70 meters (6 and 7 years old).
9:20 AMChild Race 100 meters (8 and 9 years old).
9:30 AMChild Race 1km (10 and 11 years old).
9:45 AMChild Race 2km (12 to 14 years old).
12:00 PMChristmas Party for children of the Happiness Race.
5:00 PMLet turtles free to the sea in Sea Avenue, beach area close to sea lion monument.
5:00 - 11:00 PMCarbohydrate dinner beside expo zone.
5:00 - 8:00 PMEconomic Awards.
6:00 PMWaiters Race.
6:30 PMMotleys Race.
7:00 PMFemale Elite Invitation 5K (this invitation is directly by the Organizer Committee).
7:30 PMMale Elite Invitation 5k (this invitation is directly by the Organizer Committee).
7:50 PMElite awards.
8:00 PMLight Festival in the Malecon.
Sunday 30 November 2014
6:15 AM21 km: Wheelchairs, crutches and blind people.
6:30 AM21km and 42 km: General.
6:30 AMHappiness Race.
6:00 PMEconomic Award & Closing Concert.

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vamoentertainmentDeed Hall Films and Vamo Entertainment in conjunction with the associated production: Up Close and Moka Productions started filming last November 3 at Hotel Playa Mazatlan a series of shorts that will be part of the interactive show “The sinister mind of Oliver King.”

shortfilmAlan Vamte, actor, director and executive producer of the project, performed different takes of certain scenes from Mazatlan, such as: Hotel Playa Mazatlan, the Levee, Forest City, among others; through which weaves the story when the main characters arriving from Mexico City to the Pacific Pearl for fun.

Supported by Lance T. Vient, Operations and Marketing Manager at Hotel Playa Mazatlan, production of Oliver King enjoyed the amazing places in the hotel, food, and the beautiful sunsets of the port.

This work was attended by Alan Vamte, Valeria Humbert, Bolena Guevara, Andrew Dali, Luis Sotelo, Sebastian Torres, Anahi Juarez, among others, and who also has the support of ISIC, Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art Mazatlan and Conaculta.

Is expected in early 2015, the show “The sinister mind of Oliver King” is released in Mazatlan.

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With an investment of 30 million pesos, members of the Association Historical Center Project filed a meeting with the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, to define the details which would start the remodeling and recovery project of the Historic Center of Mazatlan.

The President of the Association, Alfredo Gomez Rubio Lemmen Meyer, said the project includes parking areas, rehabilitation of sidewalks, landscaping, benches, cobble modification, underground cabling and improving the Plazuela Machado.

At the end of the meeting in a press release, the City of Mazatlan announced that local authorities will participate with 70% of the required investment, which is expected to begin with the works in the coming days to be completed later this year.

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Under the 4th Anniversary Trade Show: Training Seminar “Mexico on your Mind” held at Hotel Marina del Rey in Los Angeles, California, the destination of Mazatlan presented its tourist offer before more than 250 travel agents and media communication.

The Training Seminar “Mexico on your Mind” aims to provide travel agents, wholesalers and tour operators in the state of California an update of tourist port, in order to position it in a more effective and dynamic way.

Notably, during the event included the participation of Alaska Airlines, one of the most important trading partners of destiny; and representatives of the Ministries of Tourism of Baja California Sur, Colima, Distrito Federal, Jalisco and Sonora.

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