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mazatlancruisesOn Sunday September 28 the cruise Norwegian Jewel arrived for the first time in Mazatlan, which used the port as an alternate destination for contingency raised in Baja California Sur by Hurricane Odile.

This extraordinary visit was fruitful for Mazatlan since according to figures provided by the Undersecretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rafael Lizarraga, an economic impact of more than 2 and a half million pesos was recorded.

Approximately of 2,322 visitors 50% rented tours through the city while the other preferred rate themselves on a tour of the main attractions of the port supported by the group of guides “Blue Shirts”.

With this arrival there went forward the Season of Mazatlan’s Cruises 2014-2015 where the arrival of more than 100 ships, waiting for the next cruise on Monday, October 6.

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Relaunch Magic Towns Program

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magictownsAs part of the celebration of 2014 World Tourism Day, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, announced the relaunch of the Federal Magic Towns Program as this is an effective tool joint tourism development to community development.

This is expected to exceed 500 million investments that will benefit the 80 magical towns of the country, because what is sought is to ensure its competitiveness, sustainability and long-term development.

Among the improvements are covered include:

  • Installation of underground cables for electricity supply by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to modernize, change and improve the city’s image.
  • The Ministry of Tourism and Transport and Communications will provide Internet access free of charge to all public squares of the towns.

Undoubtedly Mexico is positioned increasingly as a world class tourist destination and proof of this was the year 2013 where a record of 24.2 million international tourists visiting our country was recorded.

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Mazatlan’s Golden Zone is embellished

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The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, announced that soon the Golden Zone of Mazatlan embellish to give a new face to welcome all visitors.

Thanks to the resources destined for Sinaloa for the Federation, the Golden Zone of Mazatlan is one of the places to be benefiting for being one of the most popular places in Mazatlan for tourists.

Within the works finds the renovation in several blocks, paving laying, new sidewalks and an entrance arch welcome to be placed on one side of Valentinos.

Mazatlan is renewed in order that you and your family enjoy your stay with us!

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By sharing interest in increasing trade relations and bilateral exchange that promotes cultural, academic and social development between the cities of Matamoros and Mazatlan, signing twinning was made by Mayor Mazatlan, Carlos Felton and Mayor of Matamoros, Leticia Salazar Vazquez, with which there is established the formality and commitment of the above mentioned agreement.

At that meeting both mayors stressed the importance of coordinated efforts to increase the benefits of being a gateway to northern economic corridor, which will be reflected in a better quality of life for citizens.


Mazatlan welcomes the crystallization agreements potentializing strengths of municipalities under a coordinated collaboration of efforts.

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norwegianjewelDue to the impact suffered the Baja California Sur peninsula by Hurricane Odile, the Norwegian Jewel cruise ship arrive for the first time to Mazatlan on Sunday September 28 with 2,876 passengers and a crew of 1,100 people, so the cruise ship season of Mazatlan 2014-2015 goes forward.

Authorities of the Integral Port Administration System of Mazatlan (API), the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa and Mazatlan City Council, been planning a special welcome for this vessel covering the route from Los Cabos and temporarily taken Mazatlan as alternate destination, this being the first time that dock at the port.

We extend a warm welcome to all our visitors waiting that the beauty and warmth of Mazatlan conquer their hearts.

To our target brother Los Cabos, our sincere sympathy and support, in full confidence that soon again stand with open arms to the world.

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We invite you to know the Official Calendar Season Banorte 2014-2015 of the Mexican Pacific League that will start in full force and passion on Friday October 10 and whose title will be disputed by the following clubs:


  • Águilas de Mexicali
  • Naranjeros de Hermosillo
  • Yaquis de Obregón
  • Mayos de Navojoa
  • Cañeros de Los Mochis
  • Charros de Jalisco
  • Tomateros de Culiacán
  • Venados de Mazatlán

Visit the Official Website of the Mexican Pacific League




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Under the Third Meeting of Municipal Institutions of the Northern Economic Corridor, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, signed a collaboration agreement with the intensification of joint efforts is formalized to promote the exchange of experiences and implementation of projects between the municipalities of the Northern Economic Corridor.

Accompanied by Secretary of Economic Development, Hilda Inukai, Carlos Felton strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation between neighboring entities which will trigger an increase in the social, cultural and economic development of the north.

Also during his speech, the Mayor outlined the strengths of Mazatlan and the actions that are being taken to promote local and foreign trade, attract more tourism and strengthen the field of culture and arts, which manages to bring to port the accomplishment of the Fourth Meeting of the Northern Economic Corridor.

With these actions, the Government of Mazatlan promotes cooperation as fundamental piece for the growth and development of the town and the country.

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weddingsonthebeachThe Subsecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation of SECTUR Sinaloa, Celia Jauregui Ibarra, reported that Mazatlan was designated as the first pilot destination for Certifying Industry Professionals Tourist Romance of Sinaloa and across the country, which will compete internationally in quality and service excellence.

This certificate program is intended for all professionals in the tourism industry Romance specifically the segment of Destination Weddings and is supported by the international organization Association for Wedding Professionals (AFWPI), supported by the Association of Coordinators Independent Weddings and Events professionals (ACIBEP) Chapter Mexico and supported by the Federal Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board of Mexico (CPTM).

To attend this course, applicants must meet certain requirements to be integrated into a file that has to be delivered to the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa later than Tuesday September 23.

The course will be held on October 21 at the Mazatlan International Center where they cover topics such as:

  • Defining Destination Wedding.
  • Current Markets Destination Weddings.
  • Assertive Communication.
  • Identification of Customers and Suppliers.
  • Quality Standards, among others.

Read the rules and be part of the Certified Specialists in Destination Weddings!

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Release of Sea Turtles in Mazatlan

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Mazatlan Aquarium is celebrating and as part of the activities being done to commemorate its 34th Anniversary, yesterday afternoon there was realized the sea turtle release in Mazatlan beaches where families and port authorities involved.

With the presence of the Director of Mazatlan Aquarium, biologist Jorge del Rincon Jarero; the architect Salvador Reynosa Garzon, Mayor Official; Aquarium staff and local families or who are visiting Mazatlan, the event of release of sea turtles with that Mazatlan Aquarium sum 7,600 nests collection and release of just over half a million turtles.

With this type of action Sinaloa is distinguished as one of the states with the greatest tradition in the conservation and recovery of sea turtles, Mazatlan Aquarium being a pillar in this program.

Congratulations Mazatlan Aquarium!

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The tourism service providers engaged in a work meeting with officials of Mazatlan to define the strategies to be followed to attend the next start of 2014-2015 Cruise Season opening this Monday October 6.

During the meeting which was headed by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Rafael Lizarraga Favela were present the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez; API Mazatlan Director, Alfonso Gil Diaz and tourism service providers, who latter raised the Mayor of Mazatlan address some needs identified in some areas of the harbor as the seafront, golden zone, ‘Sanchez Taboada’, among others. It also made ​​the commitment to implement a comprehensive improvement in Stone Island because it is a popular tourist attraction visited by foreigners.

In this way, Mazatlan is prepared to offer its visitors a safe destination, warm, with a wide gastronomic variety and important natural beauty and attractive tourist destination for the whole family spend a memorable stay in our harbor.

Welcome to Mazatlan!

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