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humpbackwhalesFrom December 15 to April 15, Mazatlan receives the wonderful visit of humpback whales who perform a journey of thousands of miles to breed in tropical waters of the Mexican Pacific and then return to the cold waters of the United States, Canada and Alaska.

These marine mammals are a natural spectacle since are characterized for being acrobatic and active, are famous for their submarine singings, playful behavior and because they are jumping and slapping their fins on the surface.

Oscar Guzon Zatarain, Director General of Onca Explorations, said that the abundance of whales in Mazatlan has increased in the last seven years, and the number of groups and pups that are seen. Each journey that makes the company Onca Explorations is exploited to investigate, photograph and analyze the behavior of the species, for which numerous conservation efforts are made.

If you are visiting Mazatlan, whale watching is an attraction you have to live it!

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libramientomazatlanFriday afternoon was open to the traffic the ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ Highway that connects the community of Villa Union with the Pacific Highway Mazatlan-Culiacan and vice versa, resulting in a saving of time of about 30 minutes for those who do not need to go through the urban area of Mazatlan.

In a press release, the Director General of the Center for the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, Hector Raul Garcia Fox, said the ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ Highway required an investment of 1,623 million pesos and during its construction were generated more than 545 direct jobs and 1,363 indirect.

‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ is a four-lane highway of hydraulic concrete, equipped with sixteen emergency telephones. Its access will be located by the Mazatlan-Culiacan Highway at Km 2+500 and the Mazatlan-Culiacan Free Road at kilometer 5+000.

If you’re just going to go through Mazatlan and you need to save time, the ‘Libramiento Mazatlan’ Highway is an excellent choice for you, so use it and respects the road signs.

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firstannualreportgovernmentmazatlanOn Monday December 15th the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, gave his First Annual Report in the Center of Multiple Uses with the aim to inform to the society and the public opinion the actions and programs that were carried out in Mazatlan during 2014 and the projects are contemplated for 2015.

In the presence of more than 7,000 people where was outlined the participation in the official ceremony of the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, the State Tourism Secretary, Francisco Cordova Celaya, the President of DIF Mazatlan, Sylvia Treviño de Felton, body councilors, former governors, businessmen and Mazatlan society, the Mayor spoke about the three guiding principles of his government: human, urban and economic development, among which are:

  • Investment of over 10 million pesos to improve educational infrastructure.
  • 113 rooms were built with bathroom for low-income families.
  • 1’559,400 school breakfasts and 16,649 scholarships were awarded.
  • Through the ‘Traslada-T’ program 38,400 trips were made to users in wheelchairs.
  • Investment of 40 million pesos HABITAT 2 community centers and 179 physical and social works.
  • 3 million pesos investment for Temporary Employment Program.
  • Construction of 24 new sports facilities in poor neighborhoods and the construction of the Linear Park Oscar Perez Escobosa.
  • Thanks to the federal incentives, big chains and malls have decided to invest in Mazatlan, between others.

Thus, the Mayor sends a message to all citizens of Mazatlan, businessmen and tourists where without distinction for the same objective working, steadily building the future of Mazatlan.

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Because we care what you think of Mazatlan and we want you back, the Association of Hotels ‘Tres Islas’ start in this winter season, a satisfaction survey of international market that is visiting the port, to get their opinion and what is requests be improved in favor of tourism and directing effective and forceful advocacy the efforts of Mazatlán’s promotion abroad.

As has been done in the domestic market during holiday periods considered high season, the President of the Association of Hotels ‘Tres Islas’, Jose Ramon Manguart Sanchez, reported that the same methodology as used the ‘Ideas Frescas’ Company will be used in the international tourists, to obtain in this way the weaknesses and strengths that they find in the destination and thus better way to focus the tourism strategy.

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Remember! If you drink do not drive

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As part of the operation “For a Mazatlan sure we build the future” that the State Government launched last June 4, application of the breathalyzer in Mazatlan will be permanent, intensifying its review during the holidays already under way in the port, was announced by the Commander of the Municipal Transit Police, Aaron Aguilar Iñiguez.

A whole society it is recommended to have a designated driver or use the taxi service because the person, who was surprised driving in condition of drunkenness, shall be submitted to the cells getting before a fine of 25 minimum wages (about $ 1,600) and your vehicle will be sent to the pension of Valles del Ejido.

The aim with this program is to create a road conscience where the society abstains from driving in condition of drunkenness, respect speed limits and road signs.

In addition to implementing the breathalyzer, the program “For a Mazatlan Sure, build the Future” contemplates the use of motorcycle safety helmet and the prohibition of carrying more than two people in them, the use of seat belts, respect for speed limits, signs, among others.

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The winter holidays are already about to start so the Paradise port of Mazatlan opens its doors to receive the hundreds of tourists who move away from the cold to spend winter holidays in the favorite beach destination in the Mexican Pacific.

Every year during the winter season the beaches of Mazatlan look filled by all tourists from Canada, United States and North of Mexico, which move away from the cold to enjoy the warmth, culture and beauty that only Mazatlan can offer them, since the warm weather that is maintained throughout the day, is perfect for those who live in cold cities or extreme climates.

Thus already beginning to distinguish the arrival of neighbors of Chihuahua, Durango and abroad so only remains for us to give you the welcome and wish you Happy Holidays.

Welcome to Mazatlan!

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islaclarionshipOn board of the ‘Isla Clarion’ ship tourists of Sinaloa, Durango and the United States inaugurated the first trip of the winter season of Whale Watching in Mazatlan.

Oscar Guzon Zatarain explained that the purpose of these trips is the integration of tourists with humpback whales, promoting their conservation and study to it passes through the port of Mazatlan.

As data, each year thousands of humpback whales undertake an epic journey of over 5,000 km from the cold waters of Alaska, Oregon and Canada. In tropical waters, in the harbor and the Pacific Coast of Mexico, reproduce and give birth to their babies.

In Mazatlan last year only 836 whales were sighted and this week up to 11 species together in the winter season from November to April.

If you live in Mazatlan or you plan to visit, do not miss this incredible natural experience.

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celsopinaOn Saturday 13 at about 20:00 hours, the Mazatlan Cultural Festival opened one of its star performers, “The Rebel of the Accordion” Celso Piña, who made dance and sing to the hundreds of people who had arrived at Olas Altas.

Celso Piña and his Ronda Bogota made vibrate the audience with his accordion and Colombian cumbia, playing hits like Cumbia de la Vida, El Son de las Heridas, The Absent, Yolanda, Cumbia del Rio, among others.

The concert that lasted an hour and a half was definitely a real entertainment of good music and excellent atmosphere, taking the beautiful boardwalk of Mazatlan as a scene.

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The Director General of PINSA Group, Leovigildo Carranza, presented in conjunction with the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fishing, the facilities of the Shipyard “Mazatlan’s Naval Services” whose technology and equipment makes it the first of its kind at national level.


The Shipyard “Mazatlan’s Naval Services” is the result of an investment of 20 million dollars, whose infrastructure and draft allow it to upload 5 ships up to 3,000 tons each. High quality technology, the shipyard has become the first of its kind at national level, which will provide repair services at 20 tuna vessels and 15 sardines owned by the company, allowing boats ready in time and form to supply the processing plant PINSA Group, which is the best in Latin America.

Mario Aguilar Sanchez, head of Conapesca, confirmed the importance of the existence of a shipyard of its kind in Mexico and especially in Mazatlan, where tuna vessels will be maintained to continue fishing. “When there is investment is because there is trust, industrialists, fishermen, cooperatives, do not act, do not invest, and do not stick to their business if they don’t have confidence. Now there is a president who will bet the fisheries sector and that’s good news”.

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importing and exportingThe Government of Sinaloa and Motor Company Nissan agreed to use the port of Mazatlan as a logistics platform for importing and exporting an approximate figure of 45,000 vehicles, both luxury cars and SUVs, which will be distributed in the markets of the US, Mexico and Latin America; resulting in the reactivation and dynamism of the port in its business platform for the import and export.

The agreement was signed by the Governor, Mario Lopez Valdez, and President and CEO of Nissan, Airton Cousseau, who said that this type of strategic alliances strengthen markets and drive economic development.

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