Playapalooza Continues Through 2016!!

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Playapalooza Continues Through 2016!!

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Hotel Playa Mazatlán Beach Hotel’s ongoing Playapalooza music and comedy festival is in full swing and set to party on through 2016. The Venados showroom has been rocking. Incredible music and comedy performances have been delighting hotel guests and residents of Mazatlán alike. The celebration is about to reach a whole new level. If you missed out on all of the amazing 2015 events, don’t feel too bad, there is plenty left to see! The calendar is loaded and the excitement is building. Get your tickets now before it is too late! Come enjoy a night of food, drinks, music, and comedy unlike any other.

Upcoming Musical Performances

You are probably wondering what upcoming musical performances are around the corner in 2016! Kicking off the calendar are The Headpins, performing in English and Spanish on Thursday, January 14th. These legends of rock n’ roll always put on a great show. Next up in the Joan Kennedy Band performing country music on February 12. Rounding out the calendar is Mazatlán’s very own Los Humans playing a best of U2 tribute performance on Friday, March 4. Tickets to each of these performances are still available, but don’t hesitate, they are going fast!

Upcoming Comedy Acts

Playapalooza isn’t just about amazing musical performances, it is about hilarious comedy as well! Tickets to each of these comedy show spectaculars also give you access to an open bar and all you can eat buffet from 6:00PM-9:00PM. On Sunday, January 10, Matt Falk and Leland Klassen will be performing. What a great way to kick off the year! Coming up next on February 14th are Cathy Ladman and Corny Remple who performs as Elvis! To wrap-up the Playapalooza calendar, Frances Dilorinzo and Michael Mancini will be putting on a show on March 13. We can’t wait to see everyone out there!

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Cast Mazatlan International Carnival 2016

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From 4 to 9 February the heavenly port of Mazatlan invites you to celebrate its maximum holiday, the International Carnival 2016 “Mazatlántida, the allegory that emerged from the waves”, which stands out for its beauty, color, music, joy and fun.

That is why the Director of the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, Raul Rico Gonzalez, unveiled the artistic cast that will be part of the history of the port, so we invite you to reserve with time your place and be part of one of the best carnivals of Mexico.

Friday, January 29 – Angela Peralta Theater – 20:00 hours

Evening of the Arts

World-class concert with the tenor Arturo Chacon, soprano Angelica Alejandre and the Sinaloa of the Arts Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda.

Thursday 4th February

Coronation King of Happiness

Musical presentation by Kevin Ortiz, Julio Preciado and Banda Divina.

Friday 5th February – “Teodoro Mariscal” Stadium

Coronation of the Floral Games Queen


Al McKay: Earth, Wind & Fire, Fela Dominguez, Maria del Sor and the Sinaloa of the Arts Symphony Orchestra will be responsible for presenting a magnanimous show created from iconic themes that gave fame and remain in the taste of the new generations seventies and eighties performers such as Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, The Bee Gees, Villege People, Laura Branigan, Irene Cara, Toto, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, ABBA, among other great figures of world class.

Saturday 6th February – “Teodoro Mariscal” Stadium – 18:30 hours

Coronation of the Carnaval Queen


Mexican pop group Kabah & OV7 profiled between clusters with more followers in recent years will be in charge of delighting the audience with the greatest hits that kept them at the top of popularity in the country.

Monday 8th February – “Teodoro Mariscal” Stadium – 18:30 hours

Coronation of the Children’s Queen


The Mexican rock-pop duo Ha Ash, composed of the sisters Hanna Nicole and Ashley Grace Perez Mosa, will be the stellar figures during the event.

Monday 8th February – Olas Altas – 23:00 hours

Musical performance by the Banda MS

Tuesday 9th February – Olas Altas – 22:00 hours

Musical performance by Pancho Barraza, Luis Antonio “El Mimoso”, Paola Preciado, Banda Playa Grande and Grupo Código FM.

Tickets are available at the box office of the Angela Peralta Theater, at the Institute of Culture, Grand Plaza, Plaza Galerias and Plazuela Machado.
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Embracing Archeology in Mazatlán

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Here in Mazatlán, one of our largest points of pride is our rich and interesting history. The Mazatlán area has undergone a number of changes throughout the countless centuries. Before becoming the modern Mexico we know today, there was the long period of Spanish conquest. Looking back even further than the Spanish conquest, the Mazatlán area was inhabited by a wide range of indigenous peoples. The Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán features awesome exhibits exploring pre-Columbian Sinaloan culture and history.

About the Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán

The Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán is just a short four blocks away from the historic Plaza Machado in Mazatlán Centro Historico. The actual museum buildings is nearly 100 years old. It has been immaculately restored and is in fantastic condition. It is also conveniently located just across the street from the Museo de Arte. Tourist can spend the entire day immersing themselves in culture, history, and art. After they work up an appetite exploring, they can explore the city to find a bite to eat.

The exhibits of the museum

You may be wondering to yourself, what exactly am I going to find inside the Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán? The museum’s exhibits focus largely on the indigenous inhabitant of the Mazatlán area which include the Acaxee, Pacaxee, Tahue, Xixime, and Totorame. Archeologist have learned an immense amount about the cultures just from the artifacts that they have left behind. It is believe that most of these cultures were peaceful ones. They prioritized fishing, agriculture, and trading with the indigenous people on the inland areas.

Featured in the Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán are extensive displays of pottery, figurines, artifacts, and even human remains. This is all we have left to remember these ancient cultures. Walking through the exhibits of Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán is truly an experience unlike any other.

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Christmas in Mexico

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nativitysetChristmas decorations, lights, carols, piñatas, turkey and the warmth and joy that surround this celebration, Christmas in Mexico expresses its own personality where prehispanic culture and traditions remain.

To celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, thousands of families decorate their homes with the Nativity Set, which have their origin in the live Nativity Scene that Saint Francis of Assisi recreated nearly 800 years ago to illustrate the Jesus Christ’ birth.

Its elaboration awakens the creativity of every home since you can find Nativity Set made of porcelain, mud, paper, cardboard, plaster, straw, among others; and where the main characters are: the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and baby Jesus, accompanied by the The Magi (Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar), angels and farm animals.

poinsettiaflowerThe Poinsettia flower is responsible to decorate every home because it is representative of this date and is an authentic Mexican spice, before colonization was known as ‘Cuetlaxóchitl’.

pastorelaWhen the month of December starts you can’t miss the traditional “Posadas” where Christmas carols, sparklers, typical food and piñatas are the delight of children and adults; as well as the “Pastorelas” where elements of the Mexican Christmas parties and indigenous traditions of our people come together whose objective is to represent the Jesus Christ’ birth always permeating the mischief and Mexican touch.

ring_shapedcakeFinally Mexican families wave goodbye this beautiful time of the year with the celebration of Epiphany where everyone shares a slice of traditional ring-shaped cake (known as Rosca de Reyes) and the lucky one of find the baby Jesus in it shall invite the family to eat tamales and atole on February 2, Day of the ‘Candelaria’.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan shares with joy this time of celebration with all its visitors and invite you to celebrate the traditional Christmas Eve dinner with us!


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Mazatlán Venados Baseball

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Mexico and America share a number of passions, but maybe first on that long list is a love for the sport of Baseball. Baseball has been known as America’s pastime for over a hundred years, but did you know that is equally beloved here in Mexico? It is true! Especially in Mazatlán, where we have a true love for the sport. If you are a baseball fan visiting Mazatlán for vacation, you are in luck, because we are home to one of the most historic teams in the country, the Mazatlán Venados!

About Venados baseball

Considering the fact that the Mazatlán City Guide lists visiting Estadio Teodoro Marsical for a Venados home game as one of Mazatlán’s top tourist attractions, we would call this a can’t miss event. The Venados de Mazatlán participate in the                 Mexican Pacific League, which is Mexico’s largest winter baseball league. So, if you are a baseball fan visiting Mazatlán, you might want to consider scheduling you trip during the winter!

History of the team

The Venados de Mazatlán are one of Mexico’s oldest professional baseball teams, founded way back in 1945. You might be wondering, are they also one of Mexico’s most successful baseball teams? Well, the answer is yes! They have won eight Pacific League Championships, the first one coming in 1974, and the most recent in 2009. The success of the Venados has spanned nearly four decades! And that isn’t all, in 2005 the Venados won the Caribbean World Series!

The Estadio Teodoro Marsical Stadium

Not only will you get a chance to watch one of Mexico’s greatest teams, you will get to watch them in one of Mexico’s finest baseball stadiums. Estadio Teodoro Mariscal was originally built in 1962, but it has since undergone full renovations. It seats 14,000 individuals in incredible comfort. If you have a night free in Mazatlán, what better way to spend it than at Estadio Teodoro Marsical watching the Venados?

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Whew, we have spent a lot of time this month talking about essential Mazatlán experiences. The list keeps growing. Now, we don’t want to give you the idea that this list is comprehensive in any way. This is just a brief overview of a few of the activities you can find yourself engaged in when visiting Mazatlán and staying in Hotel Playa Mazatlán Beach Hotel. Let’s add a few more experiences to the list! It looks like you are going to have some busy days ahead of you.

The beautiful Baluarte Bridge

This is an attraction you might not find on most lists of essential Mazatlán activities, but we think visiting the Baluarte Bridge is unique and incredible experience. The Baluarte Bridge is a wonder on modern engineering which spans the length of a massive gorge between Mazatlán and Durango. It is not exactly close – approximately a few hour’s drive outside the heart of Mazatlan, which is actually one of the bridges appeals. The drive gives you time to observe and become immersed in Mexico’s natural beauty. After taking in Mexico’s splendor by car, you arrive at the tallest cable stayed bridge in the entire world. A day enjoying nature and taking in the wonder of man’s engineering capabilities? Sounds like a great day to us!

And don’t let us forget….

It probably shouldn’t have taken us three blog posts to get here, but we wanted to save the best for last. The number one, most important thing to do when visiting Mazatlán should be obvious –you must spend time at the beach. Our beautiful, legendary beaches are what Mazatlán is really know for. The problem is, if you visit our beaches first, you might never be able to tear yourself away from them to enjoy the rest of the sites!

If you have any other questions about things to do in Mazatlán, please don’t hesitate to ask! We love talking with people about our fantastic city. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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The Love Boat is visiting Mazatlan

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loveboatDid you know that the legendary “The Love Boat” that starred the famous American television series broadcast by the ABC between 1977 and 1986 arrived today in Mazatlan in a commemorative trip for the 50th anniversary of the shipping company Princess Cruise Line?

638 international passengers will have the honor to make this journey through the Mexican Pacific, the first route that made this boat in the 70′s in Mexico; therefore, the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa, the Port Authority (API) in Mazatlan and the Town Hall prepared a great reception for this emblematic ship.


Cultural shows, folk dances, joy, music and fun is what will be offered to the visitors where the participation of the Band of Music of the Third Military Region and the assistance of municipal authorities, of the State and API Mazatlan is also confirmed.

Likewise, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya; Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez and the Director of API Mazatlan, Alfonso Gil Diaz, will exchange plates with the ship’s crew.

Finally, it is contemplated that the vessel will sail at 23:59 pm, at which time a show it will offer a spectacle of fireworks as a farewell.


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Just like it is impossible to experience everything Mazatlán has to offer in one brief trip, it is just as impossible to discuss all the essential Mazatlán experiences in one blog, which is why we are going over additional experiences today! We may even end up needing a third post (there really is a lot to do)! Last time we talking about visiting the Mazatlan market to immerse yourself in our culture and then going zip lining for a shot of adrenaline. Today we will stop by the Immaculate Conception Cathedral and take a tour of a tequila distillery.

Visiting Immaculate Conception Cathedral

When you think about touring incredible, picturesque cathedrals, you probably think about vacationing in Europe. Europe isn’t the only place with rich history and amazing architecture. We have all of that right here in Mazatlan, just miles away from the beach. The Immaculate Conception Cathedral was built in the 1800s in traditional gothic style. Its beauty has been described as breathtaking, overwhelming, and humbling. Whether you are interested in Catholicism, architecture, or history, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. We guarantee visiting it is an experience unlike any other.

Taking the Los Osuna tequila tour

Tequila isn’t just fun and delicious, it actually possess some historical significant to the Mazatlán area as well. Tequila, which is distilled from agave, has been produced in the Mazatlan area for hundreds of years. The Los Osuna distillery itself is over 130 years old. Visitors can tour the grounds and take in the beautiful acres of blue agave plants just waiting to be turned into tequila. But don’t forget the most important part of the tour – sampling the legendary product of the Los Osuna distillery. That is right, you get to see where the tequila come from, than you get to sample it for yourself. We are going to be jealous we don’t get to join you on the tour!

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Essential Mazatlán Experiences

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It is almost impossible to visit Mazatlán and not find yourself swept up by fun and adventure. In fact, one vacation to Mazatlán usually isn’t enough. You can hardly scrape the surface of our incredible culture in just a few days. We will help you make the most of your time in our beautiful city by guiding to you a few essential Mazatlán experiences.

Visit the market at Mazatlán

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture, to really learn about what a city is all about, is through food. And the best way to learn about food? Well, go to where it comes from. Visit the Mazatlán market. Centro is a traditional market in Mazatlán, and it terms of things to see and taste to experience, it cannot be beat. If prices are not set on items, feel free to barter to the best of your abilities. Don’t forget to check out Fishermen’s Beach Market as well, where local fisherman will sell their catches from earlier in the morning. It is some of the most fresh and delicious seafood you can find anywhere in Mexico.

Zip lining trough the Mazatlán canopy

Are you looking for a little more excitement than you could find in the Mazatlán markets? That is okay! Bartering is a great rush for some people, but it sounds like you are looking for a little more of an adrenaline shot. How about flying through the forest canopy by a zip line. Speed, heights, sites, and adventure, sounds like a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. To our guests looking for adventure, we almost always recommend a zip lining canopy adventure which can arranged through a number of local companies right here in Mazatlán! Make sure you digest your meal from the market first though, we don’t want you making a mess!

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Monument to the Baseball Player

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Thanks to its privileged geographical location the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa offers to its residents and visitors a wide variety of sports and recreation but…

Do you know what is the king of sports in our state?

Effectively, the Baseball.

monument_baseballplayerThe story takes us back to the era of the businessman Don Teodoro Mariscal Ahumada who in a taxi toured the coast of Mexico from Mazatlan to Hermosillo promoting the initiative to consolidate a circuit of professional baseball in the Pacific Coast. Thus was born the Professional Baseball League of the Pacific Coast that managed to show for the first time the King of Sports in its professional nature.

On November 20, 1942 was inaugurated Mazatlan baseball stadium which was later named “Teodoro Mariscal” in honor of who was a fundamental part in the history of the baseball of the port.

The Teodoro Mariscal Stadium is the stage of the ‘Venados de Mazatlan’ (Mazatlan Deers), professional baseball team of first class that participates in the Mexican Pacific League, where the highest level championship is played during the winter in Mexico and whose champion represents the country in Caribbean Series.

Thus, in a tribute to the baseball club, Mazatlan Deers, their fans and history, was placed in front of the Hotel Olas Altas Inn the Monument to the Baseball Player by the artist Antonio Lopez Sainz for tourists and Mazatlan community have the opportunity to appreciate and take a photo with one of the symbols representative of the port.

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