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mazatlansportscityThe Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, accompanied by municipal authorities and the Director of the Municipal Institute of Mazatlan’s Sport (IMDEM), Monica Coppel Tirado, officially presented the project of the Mazatlan’s Sports City, which convert to what is currently is the SAHOP Unit in a sports complex with first class facilities, public use and also will serve to host international competitions.


olympicpoolThe “Mazatlan’s Sports City” project will have olympic pool, professional football stadium with bleachers for 8,000 fans, a square of the sport, sports centre, skating rink, 4 multipurpose courts, 3 volleyball courts, 1 racquetball court; also in the Mazatlan’s sports City will be built new offices of the IMDEM and 420 parking spaces.


Thus the mayor of Mazatlan is committed to continue opening and improving sports facilities to continue Building Future for Mazatlan!


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In order to capitalize programs and investment cooperation with states that are part of the corridor Mazatlan-Tamaulipas, the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods in Sinaloa announced the participation of the gastronomy of Sinaloa in the twinning in gastronomic matter that will take place on Tuesday 17 March in the city of Hermosillo, which will feature more than 40 participants.

The twinning is consolidating between the northwestern states of the country is allowing the crystallization of projects which together are being extremely beneficial for those involved.

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Road Pair and Bandodromo for Holy Week

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mazatlanbeachdestinationMazatlan authorities reported that after the good results obtained last year by the program “Road Pair” and “Bandodromo” in Olas Altas, in 2015 these strategies will be implemented again, making certain improvements, for both circulation and entertainment areas for residents and visitors of the port flow and safe.

bandodromoolasaltasAfter a private meeting between the Mayor of Mazatlan Carlos Felton Gonzalez and the Secretary of Municipal Public Security Department, Juan Antonio Murillo Rojo, it was determined that for Holy Week will install the “Road Pair” to communicate the Rafael Buelna Avenue in four lanes to Paseo del Atlantico (Marina Mazatlan) only from south to north and the “Bandodromo” in Olas Altas, in order that all tourists and residents of Mazatlan could enjoy the beauty of the port, with live music, safely and completely free.

Also checkpoints for the breathalyzer where authorities shall ensure not only that the driver not to drive drunk but will review any suspicious situation that arises will increase.

Thus Mazatlan is prepared to give you a safe beach and cultural destination for you and your family!

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certificateofenvironmentaltouristqualityCommitted to continue being distinguished as a socially responsible company is honored to announce that the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) has awarded the Certificate of Environmental Tourist Quality with effect until August 2016 at Hotel Playa Mazatlan who has decided to voluntarily participate in the National Environmental Audit Program to improve performance and lead a productive life in harmony with the environment and society.

The National Environmental Audit Program (PNAA) was founded in 1992 under the initiative of PROFEPA which is a voluntary environmental management mechanism that contributes significantly to the identification, evaluation and control of production processes that may be operating under conditions of risk, causing pollution or some other type of adverse impact to the environment. For it use the environmental audit that consist in the systematic and exhaustive review of an organization, in their procedures and practices, in order to check the compliance of both aspects regulated and non-regulated in environmental matters in order to develop preventive and corrective recommendations for better environmental performance of companies.

The Certification Environmental Tourist Quality results in a significant reduction of waste discharges, emissions and energy consumption, fuel and water, with a consequent reduction in pressure on natural resources and ecosystems, as well as improving the quality environmental.

To achieve the Certification in Environmental Tourist Quality the Environmental Auditors verified the following areas:

  • Water.
  • Waste.
  • Energy.
  • Environmental Emergencies.
  • Soil and subsoil.
  • Air and Noise.
  • Natural and Forest Resources and Wildlife.
  • Risk and Environmental Management.
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We share a copy of the report published by the newspaper ‘The Reporter’ where the Operations Manager of the Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel, Lance Vient, talks about the Schwartzes & Dillinger Families during their visit in Mazatlan.

My name is Lance T. Vient. I am the operations manager for the Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel, as well as, the fourth generation of family members to the owners that is operating the hotel.

Over the last several years the hotel has had the opportunity to host wonderful guests; four years ago when I came on board for this position I had the opportunity and honor to meet some of these guests, and in most cases have been able to make friends. Very few though have made me feel as honored as the Schwartz family (Steve, Lori and Eddie).

After meeting them a few years back I feel like they are family to me, as well as, the Dillingers (Steve, Rene, Shelly and Tom).

After many experiences together we have built a genuine relationship and even have fun on a daily basis with banter amongst us. As I am sure you know, Steve Dillinger is quite the personality, not only for the State of Indiana, but as well for the hotel and hotel guests, he and Steve Schwartz, have provided me with unforgettable memories and experiences that I can only share with them while in Mazatlan, and particularly at the hotel.

Steve and Lori Schwartz mentioned that they would like to submit a picture while in Mazatlan as to “peeve” Dillinger, and I was the first to jump on the band wagon to accomplish this goal. There is not much I like more than keeping Steve Dillinger on his toes, as well, the group he recently brought down to us.

I feel honored that we can host such a repertoire of political personalities from your city and state, and feel blessed to be able to count on them as friends as they work with us, to spread the world about our little known paradise.


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The maximum holiday of the port came to its end and hundreds of local population and tourists could enjoy one of the most successful carnivals in history where the recovery of public roads, increasing numbers of affluence and white balance in the Mazatlan’s carnival festivities are highlighted.

Undoubtedly the Mazatlan’s International Carnival continues being consolidated in Mexico and in the world within the spoiled, not only for their great performances but also for the happiness of its people that infects visitors, a full calendar of cultural events, majestic parades, innovation and creativity of its allegoric cars and the beauty of its queens.


The Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, grateful for the response of the people, released official figures Mazatlan Carnival 2015 highlighting:

White Balance on Security – Thanks to the coordinated actions between the State Government, Army and Navy, with the support of 1,500 elements.

Record Attendance – About 100,000 tourists.

Economic Benefits – Around 486 million pesos, which represented the reactivation of the local economy.

Events – The expectations for assistance were exceeded with figures ranging from 15,000 to 60,000 attendees in Olas Altas and 14,000 to 16,000 at coronations.

Parades – Participation nourished with 300,000 viewers on Sunday and 250,000 on Tuesday.

Recovery of Public Roads – Hiring of chairs was forbidden by private companies and bleachers were placed along the boardwalk so families could appreciate the shows for free.

“Momo’s Dreams” say goodbye and give thanks to all who took part in the history of Mazatlan’s Carnivals.

See you in Mazatlan’s Carnival 2016!

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aquariumOne of the new attractions that Mazatlan Aquarium will give the welcome to all visitors during Holy Week is the spectacle of Aranza and Gogo, two sea lions of 3 and 4 years old who were born in this hall, daughters of the sea lions Ely and Sisi.

The Director of Mazatlan Aquarium, Jorge del Rincon Jarero, announced that together with this new show are preparing new exhibits of birds, flight with macaws, swimming with sharks and the immersion of acrylic capsule.

The entry price is:

Adults – $100 MXN*

Children (from age 12) – $70 MXN *

Box Office Hours: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

For more information we invite you to visit the official website of Mazatlan Aquarium or follow it through its social networks.

* Prices subject to change without notice.
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espinozapazBefore almost 35,000 persons minutes after 23:00, the “Poet of the People” Espinoza Paz took the stage for a concert of just over two hours where the romance touched the hearts of those present who never tired of chanting and sing each of his melodies.

espinozapazinconcertWith his unique charisma, Espinoza Paz was able to quickly conquer the audience through his hits “El próximo viernes”, “Lo intentamos”, “¿Qué voy a hacer?”, “La suela de tus zapatos”, “Al diablo lo nuestro”, among others.

After starring in one of the most romantic concerts that have been presented in Olas Altas, songwriter Espinoza Paz was dismissed with a long round of applause and screaming, through which the public thanked him for his dedication and talent.

Do not miss the last day of Mazatlan’s Carnival in Olas Altas. See you there!

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sylviatrevinofelton“Papageno” the bird that represents the hopes and dreams, was released yesterday afternoon to be part of the joy of Danna I who was crowned the Queen Children of Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015, in a show where music, magic and imagination brightened the scene of Teodoro Mariscal Stadium.

queenchildrenmazatlanIt was in the hands of our President DIF Mazatlan System, Sylvia Treviño de Felton, who Luciana I and Danna I received their crowns; the first crowned as the Queen of Children’s Poetry and Danna I as the Children Queen of the Carnival.

rioromaOnce the “King Momo” appeared to close the book of dreams, gave way to the main musical performance, the stellar presentation of the duet: Rio Roma, whose hits like “Al fin te encontré”, “Cómo fui a enamorarme así de ti”, “Por eso te amo”, “Tú me cambiaste la vida”, among others, made the public is fully surrender to the talent of these two brothers.

Today do not miss the Second Mazatlan’s International Carnival Parade 2015 from 16:30. See you there!

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The US News & World Report placed Mazatlan in the fifth best destination for visiting and vacationing in Mexico, and classifying its beaches among the top seven in Mexican Republic.

These results were obtained through the evaluation of the following factors trip to US News & World Report considers essential when choosing a vacation destination:

  • Beautiful Beaches.
  • Nightlife.
  • Cultural attractions.
  • Vision of Experts and Users Feedback.

Notably, US News & World Report was for many years the leading weekly magazine with Time & Newsweek and is now recognized for its annual reporting system of universities and US hospitals.


So if you are planning your next vacation, do not hesitate and escape to the Pacific Pearl that is waiting for you with open arms.

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