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governorsinaloa_arizonaWith the aim to integrate the state of Sinaloa to the Arizona-Mexico Commission and strengthen the bonds of community unity, the State Governor, Mario Lopez Valdez, made a working visit in the state of Arizona, United States, accompanied by the Secretaries of Administration and Finance, Armando Villarreal Ibarra, Economic Development, Aaron Rivas, Tourism, Francisco Cordova Celaya, among other public officials.

arizonamexicocommisionThe Arizona-Mexico Commission is a decentralized agency of the Government of Arizona that has 13 binational committees that act as defenders of the industry and the community in collaboration, thereby facilitating trade, business networking, strengthening the border community and the exchange of binational information.

The interest shown by Governor Mario Lopez Valdez to be part of this Commission is because Sinaloa has much to offer not only in trade but in strengthening and design strategies for priority issues such as health status, safety, education, transport and regional economic development; since the Commission brings together experts in the above topics.

Besides meeting with State Congressmen, Governor of Sinaloa was a special guest in the State Senate headed by its president Andy Biggs.

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marlinmazatlanIn the fame of the Expo Educative 2015 “Educating for Success” organized by ‘EL DEBATE’ in Mazatlan, national record was achieved by the company Marlin and Smoked Tuna ‘Doña Jovita’ in preparing the “Biggest Pickled of Mexico” to the hundreds of attendees who gathered at the Mazatlan International Center.

The event was attended by the President of DIF Mazatlan, Sylvia Trevino de Felton and other municipal authorities.

Notably, one of the jewels of Mazatlan is its cuisine where the marlin plays a key role not only for its abundance on the coasts of the port but by its nobility for its preparation and that you can make various dishes that are a delight for the palate.


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carnivalparadeSpectacularity, innovation and many surprises is what predicts the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan for the 117 edition of Mazatlan’s International Carnival.

During the parade attendees will admire the beauty of 32 allegoric cars, a thematic car and 4 royal carriages, where the above mentioned will have a change in its aesthetics:

brazilrhythmsCarnival Queen Float – based Phoenix mythology that goes back to that everything has a life cycle.

Queen of the Floral Games Float – dedicated to dance and Firebird.

King of Joy Float – is the thunderbird, where Native American culture come alive through the rain, harvest and joy.

navalcombatQueen Infantile Float – dedicated to music, will play “The Magic Flute” by Mozart, children’s story where papageno (Birdman) and giant organ will tell the love story of Prince Tamino.

Furthermore dancers from Cuba and Brazil infect of joy to the present through their rhythms.

Meanwhile, the Naval Combat will have the principal innovations where the Pacific Ocean “will spit fire”; music, smart lighting, flames and fireworks illuminate for 30 minutes the Mazatlan’s levee.

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Just a few days to begin the greatest festival of the port, the Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015 “Dreams of Momo” already has its new sovereign:


Rocio UribeCarnival QueenMarcela SotoFloral Games Queen


Danna GuevaraQueen Children & Francisco GarayKing of Joy

Amid a great show and with the participation and fondness that all the assistants transmitted, Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015 joyfully announces its new sovereign who will be part of the history of the port.


Come to enjoy with us the coronations of Kings of Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015!

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libramientomazatlanOn Monday 26 January the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, as part of its fifth tour of activities that will be carried through the port of Mazatlan, formally inaugurated the Mazatlan Beltway which reduces the distance between the south and the north of the city; since vehicles that don’t need to enter to the city, will take this alternate route and save approximately 30 minutes.

Likewise, the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, said this Friday night come on stream the Pacific Avenue, so all drivers who take the Mazatlan Beltway and wishing to address one of the most beautiful zones of the port (La Marina) may do so using this new avenue.

As such Mazatlan opens new avenues of communication for your stay or passing through the port, be the best of your experiences.

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distinguishedcitizen_franciscocordovacelayaDuring the visit of the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, in the state of Texas as part of a tour to promote tourism; County Mayor of Pharr, Texas, Leopoldo Palacios Jr., presented the recognition ‘Distinguished Citizen’ for his valuable cooperation for the benefit of the state of Sinaloa and the brotherhood which recently made between the cities of Pharr and Mazatlan.

Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel external its sincerest congratulations to the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, for so deserved recognition which should be a motivation to continue working for the future of Sinaloa and Mexico.

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As part of the promotional tour that made representatives of the Ministries of Tourism of Sinaloa and Durango with Federal Tourism Ministry in southern Texas, tourism promotion strategies that seek to detonate the flow of tourists from Texas to the northwestern region of Mexico were implemented especially in the states that integrate the Northern Economic Corridor.

Within the agreements are able to establish the joint undertaking campaigns familiarization trips involving tour operators, travel agents, journalists and communicators of South Texas. In addition, holders of Durango and Sinaloa Tourism Ministry agreed to co-sponsor and work collaboratively to promote both states at fairs, festivals, campaigns and seminars that the Consulate organized throughout the year in southern Texas.


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giantmazatlancarnivalFrom this monday the Mazatlan’s Malecon gave way to “Momo’s Dreams” with impressive giant sculptures who will be responsible for welcoming the hundreds of people expected during the maximum holiday of the port to celebrate from 12 to 17 February.

Color, beauty and art is showing the giant works of sculptor and designer, Jorge Gonzalez Neri, who through his eleven sculptures: Papageno, the Kingdom of Alicia, Papagena, Born a Muse, Night Elf, Heaven Carnival, Grace of Harlequin, Reverence to Momo, Moonlight, Light in the Ocean and Fairy Forest; give life to “Momo’s Dreams”.

malecon_mazatlancarnivalLikewise Administrative Office announced that for the convenience of attendees during Carnival parades, the City of Mazatlan equip the bench area overlooking the sea (from Valentinos to the Monument to the Fisherman) with bleachers freely available to families of Mazatlan and tourists, projecting a capacity for approximately 13,000 citizens at no cost.

Undoubtedly Mazatlan’s International Carnival 2015 “Momo’s Dreams” will mark a historic precedent for the port, so do not hesitate and plan your stay with us.

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With the aim of further progress in ecology, Mazatlan undertakes the Sustainable Hotel Program, unique in the northwest of Mexico, with which it seeks to improve current practices for better and cleaner beaches, achieve environmental certifications, use mechanisms savers of energy and water, separate garbage, among others; placing sustainability as the main focus of this effort.

The agreement was signed by the Ministry of Tourism, Development Council in Sinaloa, Municipal Government, Hoteliers and Civil Organization Conselva where Mazatlan is committed to sustainable development in the hotel industry.

“It’s historic what is happening in Mazatlan” said Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, who together with Secretary of Tourism of the State, Francisco Cordova Celaya, agree that this is a requirement in order to grow and move forward as a destination.


Congratulations to all who work for a Mazatlan and Mexico cleaner and better!

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espinozapaz_mazatlancarnivalThe Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan announced the special participation of the singer-songwriter Espinoza Paz in Mazatlan’s Carnival 2015, on Monday February 16 in Olas Altas.

No doubt this will be an unforgettable spectacle for everyone since for the first time Espinoza Paz will be presented at the port of Mazatlan to delight his audience with all his successes, such as: I tried, Put yourself in my place, Next Friday, To not miss, If tomorrow you don’t see me and his recent theme song If you love God, who has made arrangements with Emilio Estefan.

Raul Rico Gonzalez, Director of the Institute, said that it was decided to invite the songwriter Espinoza Paz for being a prominent Sinaloense that in recent years has achieved international fame and be recognized thanks to his compositions.

From February 12 to February 17, escape from Mazatlán and enjoy us the International Carnival 2015 “Momo’s Dreams”!

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